• Point of quotas is so women are equal to men

    Currently, women are vastly under represented in government compared to men. By having quotas, they will ensure there are more women in government, not limiting them in any way. Even with quotas there will still be more men but it will be a start. Many other countries have quotas and as a result more women are in government due to them seeing they can run.

  • Swift, Effective Change Requires Radical Action

    To combat the current gender disparity among many governmental bodies, in the short term, a female quota for governmental roles could be the spark to more rapid social change.

    Current gender disparities could lead to discouragement of the female population to strive for these careers. A quota would however ensure them positions within this field, eliminating current gender related stigmas.

    One could argue that such a quota would work to the detriment of a democratic governmental system as candidates should surely be selected based on their policies, rather than their outward presentation. Recognising this, it is important to note that such a quota should only be implemented as long as there is a lack of female representation. Upon the fulfillment of such a quota, governmental positions could return to being allocated purely on the base of individual policies as gender stigmatisation wold likely have been reduced or eliminated in this area.

  • No More Quotas

    No more quotas. We don't need quotas. Quotas give people jobs they don't deserve.

    Especially in government. It's bad enough SJW's force businesses into this. But being in the government is a very important service, not to be doled out to any random person on the street. Especially based on something as insignificant as sex!

  • Be the change you want to see.

    If we are really equal then women do not need special laws designed to discriminate better qualified men. If you complain that there are not enough women in office, and you are a women then go to college, and run for office. Be the change you want to see, not what you want to see.

  • No Quotas for Women

    No quotas should determine the minimum or maximum number of women permitted in government. This type of thinking is as unequal as feminism. Women should be respected equally and have equal opportunity to represent society as men. They are no more or less deserving than men. Quotas are affirmative action taken too far.

  • No, I don't think that there should be quotas for women in government

    I don't think having quotas for women in government would go on to have a positive effect. I think if limits were actually set in regards to the amount of women in government this would go on to rub certain organizations the wrong way and actually do more harm than good.

  • Gov't shouldn't support sexist policy

    Having quotas on women in Government is completely wrong because it is sexist and will lead to lower quality services from the government. I personally believe that everyone, regardless of their genitalia, should be treated equal, and that government should not try to tip the scales in the favour of men OR women. If quotas are put in place, we would have the Jim Crow laws again, with men becoming the discriminate group instead of black people.

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