Should there be restrictions on junk food in schools?

  • There should be restrictions on junk food in schools.

    There should be restrictions on junk food in schools. The parents send their children to school to get a good education and a nutritious lunch at lunchtime. If the parents want their children to have junk food then it should be supplied to them at home where it can be monitored by the parents.

  • Yes there should be

    When I was in high school, you could go up to the counter and order a double order of french fries and they would happily give it to you. A giant, heaping pile of french fries for lunch. There were ice cream vending machines in the cafeteria. I can only imagine how bad it is now, and obesity is even worse so it needs to be squashed.

  • Yes there should

    Funk food should not be sold in schools because we should only be providing them with healthy options. If parents want to allow their students to eat a lot of junk food, then that is their right, but it does not mean that the schools should be providing them for them.

  • To A Certain Point

    There is nothing wrong with restrictions as long as people do not go overboard. What is wrong with letting kids have a special treat every now and then? It puts people in a better mood. Sometimes I wish these studies would show that aspect of our health. If your miserable all the time, your health will suffer too.

  • Restrictions yes but not bans

    Restrictions are good in schools because it will help students from taking advantage of things. If you want to limit how much junk food a student can buy that is fine. The issue is banning the junk food because this serves no good purpose for life and will only make them want it more.

  • Yes, it distracts from learning.

    Yes, there should be restrictions on junk food in schools, because students need healthy food to learn. Junk food is a competitive food. I remember as a child having a candy machine outside where I had choir practice. Even though I loved to sing, I cared far more about the candy than about the singing. The same is true with students who have access to junk food in school.

  • Yes there should be

    Children aren't mature enough to worry about their own health. If they did not have parental and school involvement they would be eating the junk food because it tastes better. The children need to be healthier because I see that there are too many overweight children these days. Healthy food should be in schools.

  • No there should not be

    Here in Canada we are a free country. That's one of the biggest things people think of when they think of Canada. If we say we have food restrictions to foods like unhealthy food, not so free anymore, and to something we all need to live and survive we are talking away that freedom of what we can eat? That doesn't really sound free.

  • No, there should not be restrictions on junk food in schools.

    Schools should not have the right to place restrictions on the food that students eat inside of schools. The students should be free to bring the food that they enjoy and to eat the food that they enjoy. It is despicable to see school districts trying to regulate what a child eats.

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