• Give equal opportunities

    As in the olden days, lower castes were badly harassed and discriminated. To uplift the lower castes and give them equal opportunities reservations are must. Not even today u can find people in village getting enough food due to lack of education opportunities. To prove their their talent reservations are must.

  • Yes reservation should be there...

    Since India is a democratic country therefore, there should be equality among all and through reservation equality is maintained in our country as it gives chance to backward classes...And according to our constitution we all have same fundamental rights and one of fundamental right is right against exploitation and since these classes are unaware of it then how will they fight against it? Then anyone can exploit them...So, reservation should be there..

  • Yes Reservation should be there for few more years

    Upper casts has ruined SC/STs families over 2000 years , giving reservation for just 3 generations are not enough to conquer the loss they have faced over the years. They are still poor in majority and deserve chance to get educated. Reservation should be still given to them for few more generations to let them come on same social status as Brahmins.

  • It started well but rules needs to be amended

    I am sure most of us don't even know why reservation came into picture in the first place. We start questioning/cursing the system just because we are not directly getting benefited out of it. Was it given to the people randomly or on lottery basis, NO! It was given to those backward community who had no education, money, awareness etc.The country was not treating the backward community as equal. Unfortunately reservation was based on the caste system (and not on the economic conditions of the people) .It was easy at that point of time to recognize under privileged based on their castes(as most of these under privileged people belonged to some specific castes). In today's relevance one could question or argue over the caste as the sole factor to identify these people who are given reservations, but no one can deny that it has actually helped India in getting only better. Every system/ rule has its pros and cons, so has reservation system and it needs to updated to match the current scenario/perspective/needs.
    If a nation has to develop/prosper then it will have to take all of citizens forward, leaving a group of people behind wont help.

  • There must be reservation.

    There are still people in the backward community who have no education. The country is not treating the backward community as equally as we think it does. We must give them enough facilities so that they can develop and become equal to the forward class. After everyone is equal, reservation can be stopped, which would take at least 50 more years.

  • Reservations a Positive discrimination

    Reservations a considered a Positive discrimination. When there are two parties which are not equal then it is not fare to treat them equaly. The existing situation of inequality has to be removed first. How to do it? The most disadvantaged among the two has to be provided with a positively discriminated treatment so that they can make use of the opportunity to become equals. Hence Reservations in case of Sc/St and Women are inevitable for a rapidly developing nation like ours. Reservations reflect the principle of " EQUALITY" enshrined in the Constitution.
    When special coaching is provided for children who face difficulties in coping with fellow companions, why not reservations for the disadvantaged sections (SC/ST, Women) who have been deprived of opportunities for decades together?

  • Yes Reservation should be there for few more years

    Upper casts has ruined SC/STs families over 2000 years , giving reservation for just 3 generations are not enough to conquer the loss they have faced over the years. They are still poor in majority and deserve chance to get educated. Reservation should be still given to them for few more generations to let them come on same social status as Brahmins.

  • There should be reservation for sc st

    Most of the sc st (about 97%) who seems to be rich do not have any assets because there fathers belong to a very poor family and don't have any land house asset provided by there Grandfather. The only support they have is the job of there father. They always try to help there relatives because they can't see them in poor condition and send them money from there own salary. They never try to build there own asset in order to secure the future of there own children and they even don't have any savings in banks too. When these children grow up then they realise that if they didn't get any job then they have no other option to earn money. This makes a necessity of getting a job. This is the reason why all sc st whether from rich family or poor family should get reservation in order to secure there future. A candidate of sc or st only gets education and nothing else from his family. He/she is on his own to secure there own future. On the other hand a general candidate seems to be poor but they have lots of assets that are given by there forefathers.
    So please don't debate on this topic again.

  • Eradication of backwardness, poverty and living standard of tribes.

    Reservation helps to protect their rights which were lost in the history since Aryan invasion. By the help of reservation people of backward tribe will get equal status in the society. Reservation also helps in the development of the lower strata of the society, so it greatly influences the overall development of the country.

  • Yes, it should be.

    The base of reservation is not economic but socially, educationally backwardness. It clears the structure of hierarchy in the society which is so ridge that it can't be easily break even through economic status. So the purpose is clear to equalize the society.
    Second, you can't compare two unequal things with the same parameters. So before for fair competition equal merit should be there and these merits or talent also require some amount of cultural capital which comes through an inheritance. So economic status can' t be appropriate parameter until this huge gap is not fulfilled.
    It is not an overtake of 'meritorious' student, if they are really 'meritorious' they would be surely selected. Equality should be based on equal parameters, not one sided.

  • No it should be stopped .

    In todays modern world many rich and capable people are taking profit of reservation in a very wrong manner . They are earning money in good amount and still they need reservation . I am unable to understand why ? If they are capable then why they need it. It should be stopped right now.HOWEVER I will support it if some cHANGES will be taken in this manner. Like reservation should be given to a particular family which are below BPL i.e. below poverty line . Some people are saying that reservation are necessary for the development of a country. I am fully disagrees with this statement. A country is said to be rightly developed if their respresentatives are high educated and fully knowledged not by any other matter. In our day to day life we came across to know many incidents of carelessness in our country. It is only due to the lack of knowledge. A less knowlege doctor can bring a lots of problem in a patient's life . A less educated engineer can be a great trouble for a country.

  • What about other countries?

    Only a few Asian countries support reservation of seats and why should we support reservation or quota system. This is 2018 and now in India more facilities are there for many fields such as education. Every person in India should be treated equally but since the independence of India or since India was declared a republic country this is not followed. Since 1950 Jan 26 SCs and STs are exceeding the level of equality and people who are not SCs and STs are below them. Why? It's all because of reservation of seats. OBC, SCs and STs just need commonsense, logical skills and stuffs like that to adapt in this little overpopulated country. As in conclusion, reservation in India should be banned and it shouldn't be continued further. Lower communities are exceeding their limits of power. We just need ban these kinds of systems rather than continuing, just like other countries. India should ban reservation of seats.

  • Mindless caste-based reservation is ruining the academics and society

    Imagine a 90% holder cannot get a seat in the college of his choice while a 60% holder can make it. Similarly a hard working brilliant candicate will remain unemployed while in some cases barely qualifying candidate might be offered a crucial job. The point here is not that those belonging to sc/st/obc should be prevented fom their rights to education and employment, but the fact than it leaves some of the brilliant and worthy brains and talents into the peril which is loss of the nation. Arguing that higher caste has mistreated the lower caste for centuries is not a strong argument when we need to strengthen our future as an equal society. If social discrimination exists today it is a criminal offense and must be treated likewise. The treatment of social inequality is to provide fundamental rights (education, healthcare, nutrition in highest standards) rather than providing reservations. Even if the government chooses to keep caste-based reservation without justification, it must be limited to financial assistance not in jobs and seats. I am a scientific researcher at one of the world's leading institute but I struggle to get a job in India while my other friends belonging to reserved classes are enjoying highly paid jobs without much experience. For me, it is easy to compete internationally because there is no reservation and only quality and merit matters. I feel that my country is unable to recognise my enthusiasm and talent, so let it be. I have now decided to serve where my talent is valued. But looking at Indian education and intellectual growth, I clearly see that political interest of caste-based reservation is causing irrecoverable loss to lives and soiety.

  • Reservation should be given but not on the basis of caste

    Money doesn't come seeing caste of individual.In today's time we can easily find poor uppar caste who earns on daily basis and sometime they don't have anything to eat.But when it comes to fill the form or get free education all opportunity goes to lower caste without seeing economical status. It is discrimination and everyone supporting it.So reservation shouldn't be given on the basis of caste of individual.

  • I think Reservation create space between open caste ander lower caste

    We all know that Reservation was most Important to bring beacause of past centuries record .I am not opposing Reservation.Reservation came to bring the equality . I accept that we need Reservation But don't U think that this is the time to end this Reaservation System ? Because Equality brings us together.Don't U think that this Reservation brings more Space between CASTES ? Now a days every OPEN caste student think that Under Caste students are their Enemy in every field (Education,work). Don't U think that their are some students(Economically Backward) who really needs Reservation but they are in Open caste ?There are many middle class and poor ppl in other caste who are unable to provide fees, rent and basic amenities.See to it that a deserving candidate gets merit based seat in colleges and deserving job in offices.

    SORRY if U are hurt by any of my line..@@

  • The purpose is over now treat on merit basis

    There are many middle class and poor ppl in other caste who are unable to provide fees, rent and basic amenities. Just by giving shelter to the rich backward classes will never serve our country. We people of this generation should stand against it and see to it that a deserving candidate gets merit based seat in colleges and deserving job in offices. Only then the corruption, exploitation, etc. can be surpassed and we get real independence

  • Cheating with other people

    God has given everyone same brains just difference between weak and expert is how they use their brain.
    In earlier times after the division of society now SCs and St's are taking advantage of it and getting good jobs by not doing handwork.
    It is a great cheating with other people.

  • Should be based on merit

    Monetary assistance should be on based on Needs
    Education, Sports, Jobs and especially Medical education and jobs should be based on Merit and Merit alone. We have seen the lives of people at the mercy of poorly educated doctors. Let each one work hard for what their heart truly desires.

  • Reservation is killing the growth of India internationally

    Reservation is a noble step towards upliftment of the backward class of the society which is in existence since last 70 years. Practically reservation is not benefiting the deserving but the one who is non eligible in most grounds resulting to non eligible holding crucial posts in PSU/ government agencies. Most PSUs are needing government support for survival. The contribution towards the national development is diminishing.
    I suggest reservation should be made available to the deserving poor candidate and should not be based on caste creed or religion.

  • Stop Reservations immediately

    We need to stop all forms of reservations including caste, religion, gender. Reservations don't work as they are supposed to. Weust remember that before independence we had communal reservations in elections and it only helped in dividing hindu and muslim communities. All the reservations and caste names should be banned immediately.

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