• This is how you'll lower abortions.

    Seriously! I'm not kidding!

    Combine comprehensive, honest, and factual safe-sex education with easy (or even free!) access to birth control and yes, abortion, and I'd be willing to bet everything I have that the rate of abortions will drop a stone within only a few generations at MOST.

    There is nothing wrong with sex, and abstinence-only education is a complete failure, anyways.

  • Yes, as a modern society we have a responsibility to our youth to provide it.

    We have a responsibility to educate our youth in all areas of the human anatomy, health, and hygiene including sexual reproduction and anatomy, birth control, and safe sex. It is not a school's job to teach morality or mold a student's judgement regarding ANY of these topics. It is there job to educate. The parents job is to teach their child morality and pass along whatever they wish their beliefs to be.

  • The option needs to be there

    Sex education is essential. Not all students will be ready for it by the time it's presented to them, but without it many will go through high school never getting a serious talk about the subject. Students need to have this information made available to them and many parents are unwilling or unable to do so. Sex education needs to be there as a backup.

  • Yes

    Children need to be informed about sex. If they are not informed by means such as a classroom environment, they will learn from other sources, such as television and pornography. These forms do not teach the reality of sex, that there are consequences that come from using it improperly. A class room, however, can make children informed and perhaps dissuade them from starting at too early of an age.

  • Sex ed is too important to ignore!

    Sexual Education is absolutely necessary in schools. Too many parents are either uncomfortable having the discussions themselves, or leave it at 'Just don't have sex!' Children need to know the consequences of sex, and how to protect themselves. It's naive to think all these conversations are happening in the home, therefore, the schools must fill the void to protect the students.

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  • Sex Education in Schools is Essential

    Sex education in schools isn't teaching kids how to "play dirty", it's about teaching them how to stay healthy and take care of themselves. Sex education in schools basically just tells kids what's going on with their bodies, how to take care of their bodies and what to do if they do decide to have sex so that they, again, can remain healthy. It's taught IN HEALTH CLASS. IT'S FOR YOUR HEALTH.
    And I'm not just talking about abstinence only. Treating girls who have sex like a chewed piece of gum just makes them feel insecure in their own bodies and as if they're owned by society. No. You can't do that. Proper sex education is key.

  • If it's gonna happen, might as well be safe

    Because teenagers are gonna have sex anyways, so we might as well teach them how to be safe and smart about it. A comprehensive knowledge of stds and other sexual health issues is incredibly important. And it is a human right to know how to take care of your body and know your risks and options.

  • Yes, but it depends on how it is taught!

    My 9th grade (2009) sexual education consisted of being told about the available contraceptives and where to go if you get pregnant and/or need an abortion. And guess what? By my senior year, at least half of the girls in my class had an abortion or a baby and I live in a small New England town. Sexual education needs to be more about educating teens on sex, STDs, consequences, the benefits of waiting to have sex until you are old enough to understand such consequences, and how to properly use contraceptives and how they can fail and any health issues that may result from using them (blood clots, stroke, etc from the pill). Teaching sex ed to 14/15 year olds also is basically a waste of time. By having adults hand out condoms or telling them where to get them, is like telling them it's ok and no big deal to have sex. Including facts and information about abortions and how easily they can be avoided (through safe sex or abstinence until they're older) would also be beneficial in my opinion. So many don't learn about abortions or how they're performed and the statistics until they're scared and at the abortion clinic. The harsh reality of what abortions actually are and how they're done might encourage teens to take contraceptives more seriously or put off sex until they're ready to.

  • There should be no sex education in schools

    There should be no sex education in schools. Sex education only encourages young people to pursue and get involved with other partners sexually. For example, I skipped sex education when I was young and as a result of it, I have practiced abstinence since and have never even though about having sex outside of marriage.

  • There should not be sex education in schools

    Schools should be for academics. Parents should be teaching their own kids about life lessons, sex ed, respect, and common sense. It's parents responsibility to make sure their kids grow up with a good character

    dad: 1 says cant date until 15
    dad: 2 says u can date at any age
    dad: 1 says cant have sex till marriage
    dad: 2 says doesn't matter
    how is it fair for dad 1 that the school is breaking his rules it is his child his rules not the school
    schools making it seems fine to girls to have sex. Girls will disobey dad 1 cause it doesn't seems so different than kissing a guy at the age of 13 when dad says no boyfriends until 15

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