Should there be single sexed schools for students?

Asked by: kmorris
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  • Good Discrimination is okay

    To discriminate the school to have just boy or girl inside the school is the authority of the school owner.
    If the owner think that his school should just be a boy school, so be it.
    It would have some reason behind it.
    If i am the owner that think that my school should be a boy school, my reason is,
    1. It's my military school that would train students to be a good military officer and or having some military skills. It needs to be boy, because it would be easy to handled than girl. (maybe you would think about a special girl like a tomboy, but, i don't think it can be so many, in fact it's my own decision, hehe..)
    2. Etc,.. Hahaha..

  • Go sex segregation!

    Studies actually show that boys and girls learn better in a school that only contains their sex. This is likely because boys get kinda distracted with the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing going, which I, by the way, think is stupid.

    Besides, there is something special about something being boy-only. Boys can concentrate on good relationships between each other, and there's no peer pressure to engage in irresponsible behavior towards girls.
    If I ever had to go to a traditional school, I would want a boy-only school. I've never had a girlfriend so far, and I have no intention of changing that anytime soon.

  • No, there should not be single sexed schools.

    When you're in a learning environment you like to learn with different people. Learning with the same sex could cause problems and altercation. Students may not get along with each other because they might know each other weaknesses and strengths. Learning in and environment with the same sex is discrimination. Students should be able to learn with different sex and different varieties.

  • Bad idea for schools

    I believe its a horrible idea. Yeah you could pick out the pros and cons but in that case you could for every debt. I think it's a bad idea because it's going to create social issues with kids once they get into compaines that one day will deal with one another and it's going to be awkward rather having the ability to communicate. Also dealing with same people is going to get old quickly.

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