• It is necessary

    Year round education would work; rather than having more school days, the days would be far more spread out - either with several week long vacations throughout, or with shorter weeks or shorter hours. Summer causes children to get out of the swing of things, and, more importantly, makes them need to review the previous year's work before continuing on.

  • There Should Be Year Round Education

    Yes, there should be year round education for students. Too often, during the summer months students forget much of what has been taught during the school year. Having a year round schooling system would do away with the majority of this problem. Therefore, there should be year round education for students.

  • I think that there should be year-round education.

    I think that there should be year-round education. America is falling behind in education when
    compared to most other first world countries.
    Japan is running circles around us.
    An education in England is more respected than one in America. China and India are about to pass us by if we
    don’t do something soon.

  • Yes, students would learn more.

    Yes, there should be year-round education, because students would not forget the things that they learn in the summer. Students would have an easier time retaining knowledge. They could even progress through grades faster, and finish school earlier. That would allow them to earn more money in the working world. There would also be no child care issues for parents.

  • Students also need rest!

    It may seem "good" for children to go to school all year, but I don't think so. Firstly, I think they learn enough going to school for half and year, especially if they actually pay attention in class. Also, children need to spend more time with their family and relatives.

  • No year round education is bad

    There should not be year round education. This would take away a students freedom and ability to be a kid. If you take away their summer vacaiton they lose the fun that comes from it. They will no longer to have anything to look forward to during the school year.

  • Students need a break!

    Besides college, because students are given the option of taking Summer classes, I do not think year-round education is the best way to go about things. Like I have said before, students need and deserve a break in between school terms to refresh their "batteries" for the new years and more material.

  • No break is bad

    I think if school were to be year-round that lots of people would find it very hard to keep up because some students may require more time to acknowledge certain material than others would. Maybe vacations are healthy for the most part and perhaps contribute to a successful career and life in general.

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