Should Theresa May become Prime Minister without a leadership contest?

  • She is the only one left.

    The United Kingdom needs someone. It doesn't matter who it is or wether their race for ministry was uncontested. Someone with the experience to run a country needs to take the office. Leadership is a necessity. It's essentially as if you were asking for the president of the United States.

  • What is the meaning of DEMOCRACY?

    The British government system is corrupt. In the General Election we voted in a majority Conservative Government with the Leader David Cameron. Part of this agreement was to have Cameron's ideology running our country. I believe that David Cameron should remain as Prime Minister until we can hold a new General Election. If Theresa May then gets elected as Prime Minister I will then accept the decision. However, I will be petitioning for a General Election, along with many of my peers to ensure democracy is carried out.

  • Theresa May Crowned Britain's Prime Minister

    Nobody should be handed the reins of power without going though the appropriate democratic processes, but it's currently happening in Britain. Tony Blair is passing on the office of Prime Minister to his successor Theresa May and not a single vote has been cast for her, much to the outrage of opposition parties. They are rightfully demanding a general election and I hope they get it.

  • No, she should be voted in.

    In a democratic country people gain office by being elected no by being appointed or by merit. Theresa May should be held to the same standards no matter her accomplishments or the circumstances under which a Prime Minister needs to be chosen. To do any differently would make the country less democratic.

  • No, there should be a contest.

    There May should not become the prime minister without being subjected to a leader contest. The people should be given an opportunity to elect the prime minister. This is an easy landing for her despite being unpopular with majority of conservatives. I for see a very strained leadership under her tenure.

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