Should they put cameras in bathrooms at schools?

Asked by: racer9976
  • Would decrease bullying and drug problems

    My school had 3 public bathrooms for girls. One for 1st & 2nd years, one for 3rd & 4th years, and one for seniors. The one for 1st & 2nd years was burned down. The one for seniors was up 4 flights of stairs in the art department, and the art teachers got fed up of giggling seniors in the corridors. That left one 8 stall bathroom for 1300 girls. The back 4 stalls were unusable, as this is where the drugs were sold and cigarettes smoked. You first of all had to run the gauntlet past all the troublemakers to get a stall, and then have your friend outside trying to avoid catching anyones eye while she held the door shut for you, since the locks had all been broken off. There were fights daily. The female janitor would be dispatched to 'do the rounds' - she would stand at the back smoking with them (and to be fair she probably didn't get paid enough to put up with that crap).

    So yes, cameras in the bathrooms would have solved so many problems, and led to a decrease in bullying, smoking and drug use.

  • This is a tricky one

    It must be said that there is no real reason why bathrooms shouldn't be supervised. After all they are rooms like any other rooms, so it seems fair and safe to have some cameras.
    However, i don't think I or anyone would be happy if there were any. It would be quite off-putting and embarrassing! But i guess that it isn't a real valid reason.
    As i said, this is a tricky one.

  • They are not monitored any other way...

    School violence occurs in bathrooms because it is known that they are not monitored. If they are not in the stall but overlooking the sinks for safeties sake it could prevent tragic deaths like a very recent one. The students could be made aware that they are being put in so that they could protect their privacy if they are getting changed and make arrangements accordingly.

  • Honestly, nobody cares

    OMG! You're doing such embarrassing stuff in the bathroom! Get over it. They're not interested in the fact that you're applying your make up or going to the bathroom. The people who are monitoring are looking for serious offenses. Why is going to the bathroom so private? Is your body something others should fear? What does this have to say about our society? After all, the monitoring staff isn't learning anything that needs to be hidden. (Unless it's a punishable offense, in which bathrooms are a perfect place to do such activities) There really isn't a reason not to other than money, but if there are security cameras elsewhere on campus, then there is not reason for cameras not to be in bathrooms. After all, bathrooms are the most exploitable place on campus.

  • That is disgusting.

    No one should ever be able to put a camera in a bathroom. That's disgusting, inappropriate, and just plain not okay. Going to the bathroom is a very private thing and no one should take that away. The students will not trust the staff. Why on earth does anyone need to see in the bathroom? You can figure out what happened other ways.

  • This Isn't Right!

    - My first reason of why we shouldn't have cameras in the bathroom is because its an invasion of privacy.

    - My second reason is, It is a waste of money and a waste of funds.

    - My third reason is that people could vandalize it, break it, cut the wires.

  • They should not put cameras in bathrooms

    They should not put cameras in bathrooms! That TOTALLY invades privacy and is not ok to do! People put on makeup, get stuff off of there face, and pull up there pants while they are walking out of the stall and while they are in the bathroom. It is not ok to invade someone's privacy by going and putting cameras in a very, very personal place.

  • Violation of privacy!!

    Teenagers have every right to privacy as adults! Installing cameras in schools would be violating one's privacy. That's just plain gross first of all. I wouldn't want some camera to be video taping my son or daughter while using the bathroom. Anyone that agrees with putting cameras in bathrooms must not understand "PRIVACY LAWS".

  • No I disagree

    I think that they should not put cameras in washrooms only because I mean who would want to go the washroom and there is a camera pointed right at you? Also I think that when you go to the washroom its supposed to be private except when your in there with other people. I think it would be totally inappropriate to do that especially if your not comfortable with your body. I mean like it might help in some cases but not in this one!

  • No its disgusting

    My school just put cameras in the men's bathroom and now I refuse to use them. They already took the doors off all of the bathrooms and now they feel the need to put cameras in them. Our school said that they did it because of vandalism and drugs but where every other bathroom except for our school has doors and no cameras.

  • Privacy! Disgusting People...

    In my school (and many other schools) people use the bathrooms as changing rooms (ex: changing into a costume for a theater rehearsal). If someone were to view that, and/or any other private parts of any kid/teen's body, it would be considered Child Pornography and would likely be illegal. Why would anyone ever even think of doing this?!

  • Respect my privavy

    First of all I don't want any teacher to see any of my private parts that is an invasion of privacy. If I found out there was a security camera in the bathroom I swear would sue. Also if it gets hacked people coukd see nudes so boi plz dont

  • Respect my privavy

    First of all I don't want any teacher to see any of my private parts that is an invasion of privacy. If I found out there was a security camera in the bathroom I swear would sue. Also if it gets hacked people coukd see nudes so boi plz dont

  • Its an invasion of privacy

    People shouldn't be allowed to spy on me and watch me use the bathroom for some people it causes insecurities. It is just wrong we are minors we shouldn't have adults watch us shit and piss and if the camera caught anything sexual it wouldmost likely be considered child pornography.. So NO

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