Should thirteen-year-old children be able to have jobs?

  • Thirteen year olds should have jobs!

    Thirteen year olds need jobs because they need money. I know first hand that my mom HATES IT when I ask for money. The only way to get it is to babysit. The problem is we have school, homework, and family responsibilities. Then you have the weekend and there is nothing to do and no where to go. Thirteen year olds need jobs so that we can make money and still have time for school work and family responsibilities.

  • Kids need money,( Not from their parents

    I think that 13 year old should be able to have jobs because they should be able to get things they want without having to ask their parents for money. If a teen want to go to the movies and their parents say they have to work for it, it's not easy because the only job 13 year olds can get is baby sitting and that all relies on what days he/she can baby sit!

  • Yes they should because people think that thirteen year olds know no responsibity.

    With jobs the thirteen year old population would learn the responsibility they need for everyday life. They would also learn how the real world works and how to cope with it, which would give them more knowledge to know what to do with their money when they earn it. Also the young teens could help with their family rent or help their family when they need it most. But, they would also have a bit of spending money to use on whatever they desire as long as they stay in the lines of what they can afford and hang out with their friends while they're out of the house.

  • We need jobs

    I think that a thirteen year old should have a job because we need some mpney to start buying stuff that we need. Also to start helping are family with bills and stuff. It will also give us a little pocket money to go out and spend when we go with friends.

  • Yes they Should

    But there should be regulations on the type of work a thirteen year old can do. Like they can't drive a delivery truck, can't do a lot of a construction work, that type of stuff. It needs to be regulated, but allowed. Many 13 year olds are smart enough to stack cans in a local grocery store or something like that.

  • 13 year olds,Should have a job

    Well I think that kids that are 13 need a job because there needs for the money are getting greater. Also the job can be fun and relaxing for your child so he might have fun. I have 2 sons that are referring soccer so they are getting extra cash

  • I say yes for the following reasons...

    Children at 13 should have jobs because... One, parents hate it when their kids ask them for money. Two, children need a chance to show they can do things on their own. Three, parents might need more money due to minimum wage jobs. Four, what if a huge disaster happened and children would need to pay bills with no parents [orphans]. Five, it will help stimulate the brain on how the outside world works.

  • They need to become independent and they need money.

    They go to their parents all the time asking for money and they can only earn it through babysitting or cleaning the house. Yes, this will help them later in life, but it's not a job that pays well. How will they know what it's like to buy things that they need, instead of what they want if they can't earn the money to buy it? Aren't you tired of your kids constantly asking for money?

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