Should Tilly Smith be hailed a s hero for saving tourists form a tsunami?

  • Yes, Tilly Smith should be hailed as a hero for saving tourists from the tsunami that hit Phuket, Thailand.

    Yes, Tilly Smith deserves recognition as a hero for her alerting tourists on the beach of the impending tsunami that hit Phuket, Thailand in 2004. Because of her yelling about how the water was receding and about tsunamis that she had learned about in school, more than 100 tourists who were on the beach were able to make it to safety.

  • She saved hundreds of lives

    Tilly Smith reacted swiftly and smartly and helped to save the lives of hundreds of tourists, people who would have perished in the tsunami had it not been for her. She should certainly be considered a hero for what she did, and it is especially great that she was such a young girl when she did this.

  • Yes, the compassion and courage of children should always be rewarded

    Yes, Tilly Smith should be rewarded for her part in saving hundreds from potential death. Juvenile delinquency seems to be the order of the day. We are constantly bombarded by the media with images of minors, especially celebrities, getting in trouble with the law or having a night out with their latest prospective love interest. It's good for kids to read stories about children putting others ahead of their own interests.

  • She applied what she knew

    Using knowledge in a real-world, life and death situation to save others and give them a chance to survive a catastrophic event is not something everybody does. When the moment came, she kept her head and communicated what she knew. That makes her a hero, regardless of the actual number of lives saved.

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