• Cigarettes are clearly a risk to our health

    We ban the abuse of far less dangerous substances under the premise of risk to an individuals health. Cigarettes are clearly poisonous, posing massive risk in nearly every area to the physical body. Should people be allowed to DECIDE to kill themselves? I'd argue no. There is nothing wrong with banning something that is essentially a death sentence to those who choose to smoke it.

  • Yes to be certain

    Tobacco has killed more than all illegal drugs combined. I recently lost my grandfather to a lifetime of smoking. I don't want anyone to have to go through what I did over the past few years. It has been a long and painful ride through his rapidly declining health. I miss him more than anything in the world and no one should have to go through this ever with anyone.

  • It's just wrong!

    Tobacco has harmful, fatal effects to mankind. Even if everyone has a choice in whether or not they want to smoke, secondhand smoke is a serious issue of smoking. The first cigarette you would try wouldn't be your last, as you would get addicted, and continue to harm yourself, and others around you. Quit smoking now!

  • Tobacco should be illegal for purchase or use

    Cigarettes kill more people than cocaine, heroin, meth and all other illegal drugs combined. Imagine if they were illegal. Over 800,000 people are arrested and charged for possession of marijuana and other drugs, it has been proven that tobacco is more harmful than marijuana yet it is illegal to have marijuana but we can have tobacco, shouldn’t we outlaw the leading killer?

  • It is bad for you

    5 Ways to Stay Smokefree
    It takes determination to quit smoking and stay smokefree. You should feel great about yourself for how far you've come. Now that you've quit smoking, it's time to focus on staying smokefree long-term.
    Here are 5 tips to help you maintain your smokefree status:
    1. Keep Your Guard Up
    Your body has changed since you began to smoke. Your brain has learned to crave nicotine. So certain people, places, things, and situations can trigger a strong urge to smoke‚ even years after quitting. That's why you should never take a puff again‚ no matter how long it has been since you quit.
    After you've quit‚ the urge to smoke often hits at the same times. For many people‚ the hardest place to resist the urge is at home. And many urges hit when someone else is smoking nearby. Identify your smoking triggers so you can be prepared for a temptation. If a craving hits, use the skills you've learned.
    2. Fight the Urge
    It might be tempting to give in a smoke when a craving hits, but the longer you go without smoking the more these urges will fade. Resist the urge to smoke. Having one or two go-to coping skills you can turn to is helpful (like taking a walk or practicing deep breathing).
    3. Stay Upbeat
    As you go through the first days and weeks without smoking‚ keep a positive outlook. Don't blame or punish yourself if you do have a cigarette. Don't think of smoking as “all or none.” Instead‚ take it one day at a time. Remember that quitting is a learning process.
    4. Reward Yourself for Staying Smokefree
    It's tough to quit smoking; staying smokefree is a major accomplishment. Make sure you're rewarding yourself. Now that you're not buying cigarettes anymore, you might have extra money to buy a small treat. But your reward doesn't have to cost anything! Enjoy a nice hike now that you can breathe easier, or invite a friend over for movie night.
    5. Lean on Someone for Support
    Even after you've been smokefree for a while, you can still be triggered to smoke. When this happens, don't be afraid to turn to someone that supported you when you first quit smoking. This it totally normal, and doesn't mean you're weak. Often times talking about a craving with someone can help you identify what's really going on while the craving passes.
    Remember, quitting smoking happens one day at a time. Celebrate your quit milestones (big and small); you deserve it!

  • Supplements can be used

    For people who smoke or chew tobacco, there are plenty of supplements that are healthier that smoking and tobacco. You can use an electronic cigarette instead of an actual cigarette. Or you can take zonnic instead of chewing actual tobacco. Smoking and chewing tobacco should definitely banned. It kills too many people.

  • It should be banned

    I mean its killing our younger kids and adults . Also its is a lot of money that you can put to things you need and not spend it on something that is killing your body every day. If you don't smoke you have longer days to live . Smoking kills 2000 people a day imagine a year.

  • Uh of course

    It's just as addictive and harmful as these other drugs they have banned, why keep only the drugs that are lining government pocket, alchol should also be banned while we are at it how many people are killed by drunk drivers , it causes liver problems , I mean they ban steroids and pro hormones for no reason so why not tabacco and alcohol

  • Yes you morons!

    I've made choices in my life that I'm not proud of, but have given me experiences most of you would never have, some good, some bad. Taking drugs was one of these bad choices I had made. I regularly used many drugs including ice but didn't get addicted. I used and was heavily addicted to cocaine. All habits broken and been clean for a number of years. All except cigarettes. Quitting smoking is not as easy as changing a group of friends or social activities etc etc etc... It is too ready and available, making it harder for many of us to quit. I don't believe any smoker who says he actually doesn't want to quit. Many may say they still enjoy smoking, but all would rather not smoke. Make it easier for us.

  • Please read this!!

    Smoking tobacco kills 400,000 people in the US a year and it kills 2000 people a day! That's 60000 a month! It kills more people than drinking, car accidents, suicide, Ebola, aids, and illegal drugs combined all together! People that smoke tobacco after reading this has problems! STOP SMOKING NOW!!!

  • No no and no

    No and no. No more banning natural products. Ban the human made chemicals in cigarettes but not tobacco. Tobacco has been with humanity for a long long time, it has a right to be part of our society, regardless of what this "moral majority" thinks. There are far worse things for people in our world, and sugar is far worse than tobacco. Stop trying to ban stuff, and instead teach proper safety and usage to our youth.

  • No it shouldn't be

    Smoking and chewing tobacco is a personal choice, plain and simple. If I wish to smoke a cigarette or cigar, or to chew tobacco, then I should be allowed to do so without some big brother entity looking over my shoulder, telling me I am wrong, taxing the absolute hell out of it, and ultimately trying to ban it. This is absolutely ridiculous. I cannot believe that this is actually being discussed in America. Tobacco, alcohol, mary jane, all of it, should be legal and left up to the people to choose whether or not to consume it. Some rich, stuck up, do gooder politician should have no say in my personal life.

  • I am 14

    I am only 14 years old and i can't believe that people are arguing about this, yes tobacco and cigarettes should be banned!
    They cause so many deaths and so much sickness. And if they can't be banned the government needs to controle their usage more closely or replace the ingredients in cigarettes with healthier alternatives.

  • Read This Argument

    It shouldn't because it can be used to reduce stress and also be used for medical purposes asdfnsad fas df s f asdf sa fsa df asd fas df asdf asd f asdf asd fasd f asdf asdf asd fas df asdf asd f adsf adsf ads sadf asd fa sdf

  • Limiting our rights

    Choosing to smoke tobacco is individual chose. If the government is a "big fan" in protecting our rights, then banning smoking tobacco is crossing the boundaries or our rights and freedoms. ALSO, if the government are going to ban tobacco because it's not good for you, does it mean that the government should ban other stuff that's bad for you too?? Like alcohol, junk food and stuff that are bad for you, should government ban that too? I don't support smoking tobacco, but I don't think it's necessary to just let the government BAN tobacco completely meanly the reason of that smoking IS OUR INDIVIDUAL CHOSE !!!!!!

  • This is the most fucking dangerous element in our society.

    What good is it doing? It kills us from inside. It harms the non-smokers nearby. We can live a far healthy life without it. If we are to seek refuge from anything that is troubling our mental balance, do so in your family and friends, who will keep you happy. We do not smoke the cigarette ,the cigarette smokes the life out of us and then throws us away. I was myself a smoker once, but now I have chosen life, not smoke. Believe me, its the best.

  • This is the most fucking dangerous element in our society.

    What good is it doing? It kills us from inside. It harms the non-smokers nearby. We can live a far healthy life without it. If we are to seek refuge from anything that is troubling our mental balance, do so in your family and friends, who will keep you happy. We do not smoke the cigarette ,the cigarette smokes the life out of us and then throws us away. I was myself a smoker once, but now I have chosen life, not smoke. Believe me, its the best.

  • Prohibition is fucking stupid and the US is becoming a communist fucking government. Let the people live and choose. Government bullshit.

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  • That is like throwing away a group of apples because of one worm

    Tobacco shouldn't be banned primarily due to the side-effects its ingredients has, such as nicotine. Instead of banning tobacco altogether, the unhealthy ingredients should be replaced with alternative healthier ones. For example you can replace nicotine with kava-kava. Kava-kava is a root-based medicinal herb which is proven to curb many addictions.

  • Ummm.......No that is completely stupid

    I think it is very stupid and ridiculous to ban a natural resource that our people founded years ago. Especially when our economy makes a lot of money from this product. Donaled Trump wouldn't be very happy to make these tobacco products illegal...Vote Donald Trump For United States President. Thanks

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LYSSMYSTIC says2013-07-10T09:19:15.153
I say yes but at the moment I am to lazy to add my argument.