Should transgender athletes be allowed to play in professional sports?

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  • Any gender should be allowed to play in professional sports.

    If you want to play a sport (that you're good at) professionally, gender should most definitely NOT matter. It's about physical ability, not about gender. If the person changed their gender, that's their deal. Things like being transgender should not be brought into sports. If things like that were ignored and it was just based on physical ability and talent, the world would be much happier.

  • Yes, transgender athletes should be allowed ot play in sports.

    Everyone has the right to their own sexuality, their beliefs, and their right to play professional sports. If they can play the game, they should not be deprived. I do, however, believe they should go to the locker room of their actual sex. If they are a woman, dressing as a man, they should go to the female locker room. The other players should be aware of their sexuality.

  • From a different perspective

    I believe anyone has the right to play higher level sports. To prevent this due to a belief that a person might commit suicide or might be stronger is no different than applying this to a person born of their gender. This would then violate the basic virtues of what the IOC stands for. On another note the 67% of 'no's' gives me an idea of the general population opinion of trans-sexuals. It's sad (being one myself) that I still need to keep my past identity a secret.

  • Gender is not a deciding factor.

    Gender does not matter in sports. Many people are worried about locker room situations and claim that transgender people are sexual predators and wish to only look at the opposite gender, which is not true even in the slightest. With sports, gender should not matter. Many sports need to be co-ed anyways. If you were a coach, and there was a transgender person who was a better athlete than someone else trying out for the team, you would rather have the better player than be worried about their biological gender.

  • Why all the cruelty?

    I'm not going to spout random facts into my opinion that could come from about anywhere and be interpreted in many ways. Instead I'm just going to say, yes sometimes transponder folks may have an advantage in the beginning but the question is against which sex. But as they progress in the time they spend taking hormones their body no longer has the ability to compete with the sex it once was. And its not a disadvantage or advantage for transponder female and males to play in sports. You may say its unfair when they win in the sport of their choosing and blame it on the drugs that they are taking. But they are not taking testosterone to become muscle monsters. They're taking limited forms of testosterone to match the testosterone levels in males, and transponder women are taking estrogen so that their testosterone levels go down and their estrogen matches that of a biological female which actually weakens and lessens the amount of muscle they have. If a transponder person wins in a match of a sport their its not due to the fact that they are on "drugs", its due to the fact that they are hard workers and wanted to prove that they could be just as good as the biological female or male that they go up against

  • The IOC Allows it

    The IOC and most of the rest of the world's governing bodies allow it, they are the ones who have done the scientific research on it and if they say that it is fine for transsexual athletes to compete in their chosen gender then I am not about to dispute it. Also it isn't fair for the transsexuals to compete against members of their former sex because they will either be at a serious advantage or disadvantage. This will also cause a lot of embarrassment for the athletes involved. If they can't play in their chosen gender and their former gender then they are being pushed out of sport and that isn't really fair on them.

  • Some sports should be co-ed anyway

    In the past 10 years we've seen a many girls playing with boys in high school football. There have even been a couple of female kickers at the NCAA ranks. Men and women aren't all that different when it comes to competition and the spirit of any game. In the case of a transgendered person, they are usually on so many hormones, that they are more like the member of the sex they have become anyway. It's not just what's between your legs that changes when you change sexes!

  • He or "she" is beating the crap out of actual women! Is that okay?

    Fallon Fox, you ever hear of him? No? Probably because now he identifies as a woman. This is a professional MMA fi ghter, but wait, he doesn't fight other men, he is in the woman's decision winning 5 out 6 of his official matches. To all who neglect to study the differences between the body of a male and female let me list a few biological advantages. High Testosterone, greater muscle mass, larger longer bones,

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  • Their feeling don't factor in biology and DNA.

    No matter how many times transgender people insist they are the other sex their DNA doesn't lie. Transgender men have all the testosterone, denser middle tone, better stamana etc. Now if a female is caught with just a little testosterone they get baned for doping and are kicked out. Now we have these transgender men that are walking bags of testosterone. Even if they take blockers it doesn't change their build. Even if they have surgery it doesn't change their bones and muscles. Even if they get those changed... Well at that point they will be so mulalated that competitive sports would be a impossibility. Bottom line there is a reason why men and women sports are separate, unfortunately men have a big advantage in the physical department. Transgender men should compete in their biological sex so they don't dominate women's sports.

  • The Operation That Can Ruin Your Life

    Whatever they were born as is how they should play. Born as a man, you play as a man; born as a woman, you play as a woman, too bad if you change your sex.
    There are few people born as simultaneous hermaphrodites. And, most like these people will not end up playing professional sports.
    People who actually have surgery to change their sex are totally messed up in the head. There is about a 40% suicide rate after a sex change operation, which is just more proof these folks are mentally ill.
    “A staggering 41 percent of transgender people in the United States have attempted to commit suicide, according to a new survey.”
    Anyway, few if any of these folks will make it to professional sports. This is a non-issue. And guys who think they are girls and girls who think they are guys are also totally mentally ill. They should not even be allowed to play sports. But, if they are that good, they would have to play as whatever sex they are based on what is down below the waist.
    But, for all sports from youth to professional, you play as the sex you were born.
    Anyway, for the most part this is a non-issue that will rarely come up.

  • Men and women are born different.

    There should be absolutely no reason that a Transgender woman should be aloud to compete against natural born women. It is completely unfair. Men are born with a more dense bone structure and more muscle mass. Men are stronger and faster then women. It is scientifically proven. Why do you think men and women compete separately in the Olympics and are judged different? It's not about anyone being sexist or anti trans. It's just not right.
    Say you have a baby girl and she grows up to be an amazing athlete ends up beating all the other women in her division and ends up going to the Olympics and her life dream is getting a gold medal in whatever Olympic sport she's in. Then all of the sudden here come JOHNita Johnson who just decided to become a female 12 months ago and only started taking hormones 12 months ago and was a full on MAN 12 months ago decides to compete in the same sport and destroys your daughter and destroys her dream because some guy who claims to be a girl completely overpowered the rest of the females. How is that at all fair?
    Okay let's use another example. How about with boxing and/or MMA. So you have this new fighter named Fallon Fox(MAN) who just turned into a woman is now fighting women. It is not only fighting these women but he is completely savagely beating these women. Knocking them out in the first couple minutes. And I'm talking top notch REAL WOMEN fighters that do not stand a chance.. How is this at all fair. Again Women and men are not created equal I don't care how much equality bull shit I get for this post but it's not only the truth it is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN!
    I used to be a leftist liberal but after hearing all this pogressive liberal sjw bullshit I'm leaning way far to the right now.

  • Feminized males are not women!

    Misogyny is never pretty. While a biological male can wear high heels, makeup, a dress, and have breast implants, doing so does not alter his biology. It does not decrease the size of his heart, lungs, or bone mass to those of a biological female. Also important is that such action does not reduce the connective tissues between the muscles that grants biological males greater upper-body strength nor does it magically add the extra layer fat that biological women have under their skin. So is having a biological male competitor fair to a biological female? Of course not.

  • Transgender girls will never have to deal with a monthly cycle

    Women have many things to overcome in sports. One is the monthly cycle. No matter how many hormones a man takes he will never have to deal with the peaks and valleys of a females hormonal cycle. Now men want to take our scholarships away just because they would like to be female! Women have worked too hard at equality to give it back like this.

  • They are men!!!

    The only argument should come from women. Allowing transgender men to play women's sport is not only wrong but extremely unfair. The future of women's sport is under attack and will eventually fail if left this way. If I were a woman I would be outraged. As a man, I don't think allowing a transgender woman to play men's sport is right, but they have no advantage. This is common sense to me and the obvious will eventually happen. As far as I am concerned, they are making a mockery of women's sports. Anyone that says they don't have an advantage is either fooling themselves or just a moron.

  • Unfair advantage to transgender women?

    And how exactly are women supposed to compete with someone who are for all intents and purposes a former man? Muscle doesn't go away, height doesn't go away. Can you imagine female wrestler fighting a transgender? Of course, he'll win! Men are physically stronger than women, and removing one's private parts does not make one weaker.

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