Should transgender individuals be forced to use a particular bathroom?

  • Traditional family values still rule the roost.

    Imagine an adult female exiting a bathroom stall, and running into a full grown male standing in the women's bathroom with his penis exposed. Will she be raped? Is it a transgender with special rights? Who knows! But this is what a new California law wants to expose are school age children too. Not to mention transgender lockers, sports teams and the likes.
    The many times that I have accompanied my children to a public restroom this has never been a concern. Men went into the men's restroom, women went into the women's. I abhore the thought of my 9 year daughter using the restroom (at her school of all places) and a boy enter the facility. This should not have to be a concern for the 99.99% of the parents who are certain of the gender of their child. This is such a common sense issue. We as parents live to protect the innocence of our children. Not to expose them to the LGBT agenda which works in direct contrast to traditional family values. Think of the innocence of our children first.

  • It's simple biology!

    Going to the bathroom is a biological function and should there for be governed by a persons biological sex not what gender they want to be!

    The other persons in the public that also use these facilities have the right to privacy, to not be exposed to the opposite sex while using said facility, why should everyone's rights be trampled on for a person with a psychological disorder (gender identity disorder/dysphoria)?

  • Yes they should

    I think they should because they were born with what they have and they need to accept it cant change it now. If they chose the opposite gender than they naturally born with they might get made fun of or worse. So that is why they should be forced to use a particular bathroom.

  • Use What You're Dressed For

    I prefer the simplest answer for transgender people using public bathrooms. If the transgender person is dressed more as male then they should only use men's restrooms. If the transgender individual is dressed more as a woman, then they should use the women's restrooms. I don't think this is something should make a bug deal out of, just something for common sense.

  • Not an issue of rights, but more of fighting for special privileges that aren't deserved.

    There's nothing special about transgenders that warrants the allowance of bathroom selection. If they are born male, use the men's restroom. If born a women, use the women's room. Don't like the idea? I say use your own bathroom. There's a big difference between a right and a special privilege. This is clearly the latter. Not to mention, this is a law that can be easily abused by sexual predators.

  • Yes and No, but mostly yes.

    I'm all for offering a co-ed alternative in addition to single sex bathrooms—and if that's the solution, it should be done everywhere—But I think it should be optional; No one should be forced to use it. There are just SO many red flags when it comes to putting genders together in the same restroom, and I think to ignore those is to completely throw caution to the wind.

  • NO they should not!

    A person should be able to use the bathroom they are most comfortable in. If necessary, also have a family bathroom which anyone can use when it is available. Circumstances can vary and establishments should make provisions to offer their patrons facilities which are safe and convenient for everyone. Boo to anyone who thinks otherwise.

  • Interesting question, but I think they should be able to use whichever one they want.

    Transgenders are in a tough spot in society today. People just don't accept them yet. One aspect that is controversial is the bathroom thing. I personally think they should be able to use whichever bathroom they identify with the most. If they think of themselves as male, then they should use the men's bathroom.

  • This has to stop

    The unease that transgender individuals will cause being in a particular bathroom is absurdly overstated. For starters, keep your eyes on your own paper and in almost all cases you're going to have absolutely no idea that somebody else in the bathroom is transgender. Add on to that the fact that the way they're born doesn't make them subhuman so telling them that how they identify doesn't matter to you is ridiculously bigoted.

  • No, they should use the bathroom they associate their gender with.

    People who are transgender should choose the bathroom that they associate their gender with rather than which bathroom someone assigns them to use. This recently has been a major issue for individuals who are transgender for years, as other people feel the need, as well as the right, to tell someone what sex they are.

  • No, they should use whichever bathroom they feel comfortable using.

    Transgender people should use whichever bathroom they feel comfortable using. Any person has the right to go to the bathroom without feeling threatened, and I can understand how a transgender person might feel threatened using the bathroom of the sex of which s/he is oppositely portraying. People who don't like a transgender using "their" bathroom can wait until the person leaves if they don't like it, or they can hold it.

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