Should transgender individuals be forced to use a particular bathroom?

  • Lots of red flags

    If you have a penis, regardless of what you look like on the outside, then you need to use the men's room. If you have a vagina, regardless of what you look like on the outside, then you need to use the women's room. I have zero issues with transgender people - it's their life, not mine and it doesn't affect me, so dress and act however you want as long as it's not hurting anyone. But as a woman, I have a right to a penis-free bathroom. How many pervs will abuse this rule and go into the ladies' room to sexually assault someone or to get off seeing women in there? There are too many red flags. If you don't feel comfortable using the bathroom that matches your genitals, then use a family bathroom or single occupancy bathroom. Problem solved for everyone.

  • They should be able to.

    It is so fair and so very right to let them because it is America and this is the kind of thing on which our country was founded, well, not really, but in recent times, it is important to be equal. They are people too. Bathrooms are a human right.

  • Not an issue of rights, but more of fighting for special privileges that aren't deserved.

    There's nothing special about transgenders that warrants the allowance of bathroom selection. If they are born male, use the men's restroom. If born a women, use the women's room. Don't like the idea? I say use your own bathroom. There's a big difference between a right and a special privilege. This is clearly the latter. Not to mention, this is a law that can be easily abused by sexual predators.

  • Traditional family values still rule the roost.

    Imagine an adult female exiting a bathroom stall, and running into a full grown male standing in the women's bathroom with his penis exposed. Will she be raped? Is it a transgender with special rights? Who knows! But this is what a new California law wants to expose are school age children too. Not to mention transgender lockers, sports teams and the likes.
    The many times that I have accompanied my children to a public restroom this has never been a concern. Men went into the men's restroom, women went into the women's. I abhore the thought of my 9 year daughter using the restroom (at her school of all places) and a boy enter the facility. This should not have to be a concern for the 99.99% of the parents who are certain of the gender of their child. This is such a common sense issue. We as parents live to protect the innocence of our children. Not to expose them to the LGBT agenda which works in direct contrast to traditional family values. Think of the innocence of our children first.

  • As a trans boy: YES.

    I am a 12 year old trans boy. I am currently forced to use the girls' bathroom at school. It sounds weird, but it would be so much more comfortable to be able to use the bathroom that I choose. Everyone uses the bathroom to do the same thing: do their business and leave. Everyone else feels comfortable in the rest room, so why am I not allowed to feel the same?

  • Why the hell not?

    If a transgender wants to use the bathroom, they find one and use one like the rest of us. If they identify as a woman, they use the woman's room, if they identify as a male, they use the men's room. Why is that so hard to comprehend? I just don't know.

  • Yes they should

    I think they should because they were born with what they have and they need to accept it cant change it now. If they chose the opposite gender than they naturally born with they might get made fun of or worse. So that is why they should be forced to use a particular bathroom.

  • It's a matter of safety

    Of feeling safe in your own bathroom. I don't want to go into a public women's bathroom with anyone who has a penis. What if that person hasn't taken hormones or have surgery, but still claim to be transgender do we just take their word? It's a hard topic but I feel that you can always use a one room, unisex bathroom in most places like Starbucks.

  • Use What You're Dressed For

    I prefer the simplest answer for transgender people using public bathrooms. If the transgender person is dressed more as male then they should only use men's restrooms. If the transgender individual is dressed more as a woman, then they should use the women's restrooms. I don't think this is something should make a bug deal out of, just something for common sense.

  • What about natural females rights?

    I can't believe more women aren't offended and outraged about this, after all it is an intrusion on our rights! We aren't even allowed the privacy of the women's bathroom or facilities now! We have men, who still have their male brains encroaching on our private, most intimate places now and no one is upset? All mothers know and women know that the women's bathrooms, changing rooms, etc. are used to change our children if an issue arises and the same for our teen girls and us grown women. We expect that if we needed to change or if we had to undress it would be done in the company of some other woman and that would be acceptable to most of us. Now we will be made to do these things in front of men and any man that claims to be a woman and dress as a woman is allowed access! What's next installing urinals in women's bathrooms and allowing our teen and young daughters to see men's penis' on men dressed as women? My teen daughter and all her friends at thirteen already have a hard enough time in the locker rooms changing in front of their peers who are female, now we are going to screw with them even more by allowing boys in with them! I wonder how far we take this and allow teen girls who want to be boys into an adolescent boys locker room/ showers and it is going to be a matter of time before we make junior high and high school intolerable for kids! This may be seen as some great victory that these transmen think their winning but at who's expense? Since when did we start sacrificing the good of the whole and doing what's right for the whole for the few or for one. The thing is that we who oppose, we are called bigots and homophobes and racists and that is just not the case! You should be allowed to dress however you want, you should be allowed to be with whomever you want, but don't tell me to change my beliefs! Also, we are all suppose to get behind this LGBT movement, why would I do that if I love humanity? If your behind this movement you hate humanity because the perpetuation of the human race under this movement is stagnant! This is how we know the human race is doomed, by this discussions topic! Transgender men cannot ever be or understand being a woman and any woman who is not offended by them saying "what makes a woman" is nuts because I'm a woman and I cannot be copied, duplicated or created by adding makeup and or breasts! Women are so much more than vaginas and breasts and just how I as a woman can never ( nor would I want to) understand what being a man is about, no man, can understand womanhood unless you were born female!

  • We are not defined by our genitalia and we are not predators.

    Trans people should and need to use the bathrooms which their gender is associated with. A trans woman should not be forced to use the mens room where she at risk of being assaulted. She is a woman, and she deserves to be the ladies room where she is safest! As a trans man when I enter the mens room, I go in to pee and nothing else. Trans people are not there to be predators but to be comfortable and use the bathroom for its true purpose.

  • Transgender Women Face Extreme Risk of Sexual Assualt when Using Men's Restrooms.

    Everyone here seems to be of the mind that transgender women in particular are only concerned with being able to use women's restrooms so that they can prey upon unsuspecting cisgender women. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Transgender women tend to face incredibly high risks for sexual assault compared to really any other demographic. They are vastly more likely to be in danger using a men's room that cis women are when trans women are allowed to use the restroom of their choosing.

  • This Endangers Transgenders

    Forcing transgenders to use particular bathrooms is encouraging violence. Transgender PoC in particular are at a very high risk of sexual assault, rape, and hate crimes than any other group. Public venues are the second most common place where transgenders are attacked which includes bathrooms. They are just people trying to use a bathroom. Let them go in the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identification.

  • Its not right to have a Transgender Toilet. What has happened to Equality and Diversity in the UK

    A transgender person I believe doesn't feel they were born in the right body. A trans-man, believes he should have been born a woman, hence why he would go through the courageous process of having a sex change..The change procedure therefore makes the trans-man a woman and therefore should be have the right to access the woman's bathroom.

    In the not fair and does not promote equality when the person is treated as person without a sexual identity!!. A freedom to have a sex change= A freedom to Access facilities of current sex identity!

  • Be forced to, No they shouldn't, they should use the one that makes them feel more comfortable.

    No one seems to bring up the scenario: what if you are a female in the female bathroom and person looking like a male (with a beard, wearing male clothes, and has a deep voice) comes walking in, and heads into a stall. Would that female or you feel comfortable with that. Now what if I said that person who looked male was born a female. Now would that female or you feel more comfortable because you knew that or do you still feel uncomfortable because someone who looks completely male is in a female bathroom.

  • What's in your pants doesn't define who you are.

    I'm sorry, but it's true. Simply because you were born one gender, doesn't mean you should be forced to believe that's your only option for you to define who YOU are. If you think of yourself as a female, go use the female's restroom. No one should have tell you that you're not a woman, or you're not a man, simply because of the role you were assigned at birth. Many members of society today still have a problem with that. But what's so hard about accepting who you are inside AND out? If were born one gender, but see yourself as another, why do you have to be so unhappy to fit into the roles the world around you says what they THINK you'd fit best? What ever genitals you've got in your pants (or in your skirts!) shouldn't identify who YOU are as an individual. And it sure as hell shouldn't define what door you're allowed to walk into to relieve your bladder.

  • Having your own bathroom is a punishment not a privilege.

    Who is anyone but the person "in question" to decide what is "trans* enough"? Many people can't afford gender reassignment surgery but regardless transphobics are saying "If you have had gender reassignment surgery, then by all means use the ladies room" but this isn't fair. I've heard people use the term "bullying" to discuss how cis people are treated by trans people. It's not so, in fact, it's quite the opposite: it's bullying to not allow someone to use the bathroom of their choice simply because they feel they were born in the wrong body. It's bullying to threaten and beat someone who "looks feminine" but uses the "male" bathroom.

  • A Person's private area should not be hell'd against them.

    I have 2 cousins’ that are both girls and they are perfectly fine. They live a normal life the way they feel is right and they use the bathroom to their real gender not the chosen one. And then I know 2 transgender boys, and they are best friends even though they live in different cities. And they use the bathroom of their born gender as well. I think that it is ok. You see they are as normal as all of you and they are human’s just as you. I don’t see why people make fun of then just because they prefer a different style of clothing. If you’re confident with whatever you want to wear then wear it. Mostly ever transgender person out there they don’t what to go to school dance’s, public events, or even go swimming at the beach or public swimming pool because then everyone will stare an start talking. So that makes them feel horrible about themselves and not confident anymore. I’ll put it this way. Say that this was a baseball game and that confidence, and courage was the baseball, and the people where the bat. When that transgender shows up at a dance, a girl where a suit, and the boy show’s up wearing a dress and heals and everyone stops and starts because they know what your born gender really is and they start talking about you and saying stuff that should NOT be said and the person that is pitching that ball (transgender) the all the batter (the people) and the batter hits that ball so far that they can’t find it any more. That was that transgebder’s confidence, and courage they were building up just to dress up that way they thought they should. But now it’s gone that game is over. Now that transgender won’t go to any more dances, public event’s, or go swimming with friends, because those people were so rood to them because they think that it’s sick and wrong, and they’re not normal that they should be wearing clothes that they should be wearing.
    And if the the government does ever come up with a rule about transgender people using a particular bathroom then I sure hope that they make sure that they build a transgender bathroom for ONLY the transgender people out there. So that mean and Trans, bathroom in malls, hotels, restaurants, parks, swimming pools, and ECT.
    Because this isn’t right. People criticizing people because of their life choices.

  • They Need to Pee, Too

    When you go into a bathroom - unless you are male - you should not be seeing anyone's genitals. Even if you are a guy, you don't watch other men pee in urinals. If a person feels like a girl on the inside, but looks like a boy on the outside, they should be able to pee in any bathroom. You do not go to the bathroom to have sex, to walk around naked, or do anything else. You pee. You're behind a stall. No one sees you, you don't see anyone. There is really no reason why this should be an issue.

  • I don't think so.

    These people are men and women. A transgender women shouldn't be forced to use the men's restrooms. And a transgender man shouldn't be forced to use the women's restrooms. Transgedner peole aren't mentally unstable and they're not going to attack you or your children so that idea needs to stop.

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JustSomeGuy84 says2016-05-15T18:59:31.740
Both sides have misunderstood arguments to the reason why we feel how we do. Just because heterosexual males and females are opposed transgender individuals using the bathroom of their gender identity does not mean we don't care about their rights. I honestly believe that transgender people should be able to use the bathroom they feel the most comfortable using. Most people genuinely don't even care if it has happened or does happen. However, the truth of the matter on why we are opposed to it, is because it provides a platform for non transgender individuals to pose as a transgender person in order to prey on and violate the privacy of unsuspecting people in a public restroom/locker room . That's right my transgender people, you are NOT who we fear. We fear those who will "pretend" they are transgender in efforts to abuse the system to be perverts and violate privacy or even do harm to people in a public restroom. Yeah I know, "when has a person ever dressed as the opposite sex and actually committed such atrocities?" is the biggest argument. Well are we actually gonna wait until it happens before we do something? Or is it better to be proactive in our effort to prevent an imposter posing as an actual transgender person from committing such a crime? The fact is there are many cases of boys hiding in girls restrooms and locker rooms to sneak a peek or be perverted . There are also many documented incidents where people have snuck into restrooms placing recording devices in efforts to violate ones privacy in a public restroom/locker room. Let's not act as if perverts haven't posed as teachers, daycare workers, coaches, preachers, janitors, babysitters, and many other trusted persons in history with intention of executing their own perverse agenda. These are the same sick persons that would go to the extent of impersonating a transgender individual to violate people's rights to privacy in a restroom. They would most certainly at least explore the opportunity to exploit a non gender bias restroom or one that permits use based on gender identity. In actuality, our fear is not that a transgender person would do such a thing, but that a non transgender person would disguise their self as a transgender person and would commit these crimes. So LGBTQ community, please understand our concern, and stop interpreting our hesitation or opposition as an attack on transgender rights. Everyone has the right to be comfortable in a private setting like a restroom/locker room, transgender people included. Just understand that predators have taken more extreme measures to prey on individuals in restrooms and locker rooms than pretending to be transgender. Who's to say they wouldn't say they identify with a certain sex to get into a bathroom/locker room for perverse intentions? If we are saying "it's like a wolf in sheep's clothing", we mean that the truly transgender person is the sheep, and the person pretending to be transgender is the wolf.
Cowlamity says2016-05-22T01:40:40.923
I'll take the time to worry whether something like this should concern me after I stop seeing women bringing in their half grown sons while either not noticing or not caring said sons being very rude to the other females inside. A 12 year old boy who has not yet faced the consequences of this behavior is increasingly more likely to learn the hard way at the expense of another, frequently younger, little girl.