Should transgender individuals be forced to use a particular bathroom?

  • Not an issue of rights, but more of fighting for special privileges that aren't deserved.

    There's nothing special about transgenders that warrants the allowance of bathroom selection. If they are born male, use the men's restroom. If born a women, use the women's room. Don't like the idea? I say use your own bathroom. There's a big difference between a right and a special privilege. This is clearly the latter. Not to mention, this is a law that can be easily abused by sexual predators.

  • Traditional family values still rule the roost.

    Imagine an adult female exiting a bathroom stall, and running into a full grown male standing in the women's bathroom with his penis exposed. Will she be raped? Is it a transgender with special rights? Who knows! But this is what a new California law wants to expose are school age children too. Not to mention transgender lockers, sports teams and the likes.
    The many times that I have accompanied my children to a public restroom this has never been a concern. Men went into the men's restroom, women went into the women's. I abhore the thought of my 9 year daughter using the restroom (at her school of all places) and a boy enter the facility. This should not have to be a concern for the 99.99% of the parents who are certain of the gender of their child. This is such a common sense issue. We as parents live to protect the innocence of our children. Not to expose them to the LGBT agenda which works in direct contrast to traditional family values. Think of the innocence of our children first.

  • Lots of red flags

    If you have a penis, regardless of what you look like on the outside, then you need to use the men's room. If you have a vagina, regardless of what you look like on the outside, then you need to use the women's room. I have zero issues with transgender people - it's their life, not mine and it doesn't affect me, so dress and act however you want as long as it's not hurting anyone. But as a woman, I have a right to a penis-free bathroom. How many pervs will abuse this rule and go into the ladies' room to sexually assault someone or to get off seeing women in there? There are too many red flags. If you don't feel comfortable using the bathroom that matches your genitals, then use a family bathroom or single occupancy bathroom. Problem solved for everyone.

  • So Many Red Flags...

    I think that if you have a penis, regardless of what you look like on the outside then you should have to use the men's room. If you have a vagina, regardless of what you look like on the outside then you should have to use the ladies room. I don't understand transgender people, but I don't have a problem with their lifestyle. It doesn't affect me, so why should I make decisions about theirs? Where it gets sticky for me is in the bathroom. As a woman, I have the right to a penis-free bathroom. How many pervs will go into the women's room pretending to be trans just to sexually assault me or get off on seeing other women in there? If transgender people don't feel comfortable going into the bathroom that matches their genitals then use a family or single occupancy bathroom. Problem solved.

  • It's a matter of safety

    Of feeling safe in your own bathroom. I don't want to go into a public women's bathroom with anyone who has a penis. What if that person hasn't taken hormones or have surgery, but still claim to be transgender do we just take their word? It's a hard topic but I feel that you can always use a one room, unisex bathroom in most places like Starbucks.

  • This is an issue of special treatment for transgender people, not an issue of rights.

    Transgender people are usually a certain gender decided by their genitalia but associate with the opposite gender. Defined by law though they are defined by their genitalia. Unless they undergo the surgery to physically change their sex, there is no reason that they should have the special treatment to choose their own bathroom based upon which sex they associate themselves with. Not to mention the fact that the law would easily be abused by perverts and pedophiles.

  • Yes they should

    I think they should because they were born with what they have and they need to accept it cant change it now. If they chose the opposite gender than they naturally born with they might get made fun of or worse. So that is why they should be forced to use a particular bathroom.

  • Use What You're Dressed For

    I prefer the simplest answer for transgender people using public bathrooms. If the transgender person is dressed more as male then they should only use men's restrooms. If the transgender individual is dressed more as a woman, then they should use the women's restrooms. I don't think this is something should make a bug deal out of, just something for common sense.

  • As a trans boy: YES.

    I am a 12 year old trans boy. I am currently forced to use the girls' bathroom at school. It sounds weird, but it would be so much more comfortable to be able to use the bathroom that I choose. Everyone uses the bathroom to do the same thing: do their business and leave. Everyone else feels comfortable in the rest room, so why am I not allowed to feel the same?

  • Unless they have had a sex change operation

    If you have had gender reassignment surgery, then by all means use the ladies room. If not, then don't. But if it's one of those single-person bathrooms that have gender signs like at gas stations, and nobody is waiting, i think anyone of any gender or sex should just go for it.

  • What's in your pants doesn't define who you are.

    I'm sorry, but it's true. Simply because you were born one gender, doesn't mean you should be forced to believe that's your only option for you to define who YOU are. If you think of yourself as a female, go use the female's restroom. No one should have tell you that you're not a woman, or you're not a man, simply because of the role you were assigned at birth. Many members of society today still have a problem with that. But what's so hard about accepting who you are inside AND out? If were born one gender, but see yourself as another, why do you have to be so unhappy to fit into the roles the world around you says what they THINK you'd fit best? What ever genitals you've got in your pants (or in your skirts!) shouldn't identify who YOU are as an individual. And it sure as hell shouldn't define what door you're allowed to walk into to relieve your bladder.

  • This Endangers Transgenders

    Forcing transgenders to use particular bathrooms is encouraging violence. Transgender PoC in particular are at a very high risk of sexual assault, rape, and hate crimes than any other group. Public venues are the second most common place where transgenders are attacked which includes bathrooms. They are just people trying to use a bathroom. Let them go in the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identification.

  • So many cis people are worried about being attacked by trans people in lavatories....

    But sorry to say this to all you transphobic people, but 70% of transgender men and women in a 2013 study reported violence and harassment in public lavatories, while there has never been a reported attack on a cis person by a trans man or women.
    As for the ""special privilege,"" using the bathroom of your gender identity is not a privilege, its a right.
    Stop acting like trans people spout about and reveal their genitals for all to see (when its really cis strangers harassing them about their parts.)

  • Not your body, not your buisness.

    There is more of a safety issue for the transgender person in the stall next to you rather than you. They're there to do the same thing you are. Relieve their restroom needs, and leave. As a transman let me tell you it will make a woman much more uncomfortable when i, a young man with facial hair, a deep voice, and a masculine stature, much more uncomfortable than any man I have been in the same restroom as. You only think it's a good idea because you have yet to be in that situation. It isn't your call if you're cis gender where another individual can take A leak.

  • More leaning towards no.

    Transgender individuals were born either male or female. That is their SEX. Not all people are born into the world feeling like they should be what they were born as. Thats when GENDER comes into play. People need to differentiate the difference between sex and gender. I was born a women and feel that I should be a women. In some cases others are born male but feel they should be a women. If a man turned women feels as if she IS a women then she IS a women. She thinks like a women, and acts like a women, so is a women. So if a transgender person feels uncomfortable feeling forced to use the bathroom based on what is under their clothes when their whole being is of a male or female, then that's wrong. I'm a women and would feel uncomfortable to walk into a mens bathroom. A transgender male or female would feel the same way. At the end of the day, you are who you are, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable.

  • Be forced to, No they shouldn't, they should use the one that makes them feel more comfortable.

    No one seems to bring up the scenario: what if you are a female in the female bathroom and person looking like a male (with a beard, wearing male clothes, and has a deep voice) comes walking in, and heads into a stall. Would that female or you feel comfortable with that. Now what if I said that person who looked male was born a female. Now would that female or you feel more comfortable because you knew that or do you still feel uncomfortable because someone who looks completely male is in a female bathroom.

  • Genitals do not dictate a person's gender.

    It's ridiculous that people are still debating this, people should be able to use the bathroom that they feel comfortable using. Using the bathroom of their biologically assigned gender can trigger dysphoria in many transgender people. Even gender neutral bathrooms are better, there should be a lot more of those in the world.

  • Let them choose.

    Who are we to decide these things for them?
    I had an uncle who is now my aunt and I have never been more proud of her.
    If they can give her the opportunity to change her entire gender, I'm sure she is mature enough to be able to choose to use the female bathroom.
    I can not even believe there is a debate about this!
    Just like ever, have a bathroom for males, females and the disabled patrons that use it.
    Transgender people are humans too and a lot of people tend to forget that, which is inhumane and rude. They deserve to be acknowledged for the strength and courage they show when going public with their new look and people like us should be happy for them.
    People who have the nerve to say that they can't feel the emotion a real "man" or "woman" would feel, go to hell. They have more emotions than anyone else because they want to be accepted for who they REALLY are, they can love, they're capable of providing love and they also need to know that they will always have a place in this Earth, and for gods sake, they can use the same bloody bathrooms as anyone else.
    Anyone who is completely against someone of a transgender nature using their bathrooms, shut up, go home and use yours.
    They are PUBLIC toilets for a reason. ANY member of the PUBLIC can use them.

  • You need to understand the reality of Transgender.

    A transgender person must be accepted as the gender they choose to identify as. What is more important that whose genitals are in your restroom is whose EYES are in your restroom. A transgender woman, even though she may still carry male plumbing, is seeing the world through male EYES. And she is wearing a dress. Do you want her to wear her dress in your men's restroom? Do you think she is going to be safe there?

  • Its not right to have a Transgender Toilet. What has happened to Equality and Diversity in the UK

    A transgender person I believe doesn't feel they were born in the right body. A trans-man, believes he should have been born a woman, hence why he would go through the courageous process of having a sex change..The change procedure therefore makes the trans-man a woman and therefore should be have the right to access the woman's bathroom.

    In the not fair and does not promote equality when the person is treated as person without a sexual identity!!. A freedom to have a sex change= A freedom to Access facilities of current sex identity!

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