Should transgender persons be allowed to join the military

  • Equality to One Equals Equality to All.

    What differences do you see between these people? The gender? How does that place them in a different category then the rest. Who makes the decision to place each person bases on race, gender or trait. What I see they are human beings, people with thoughts and emotions. They have beliefs, they have dreams. Just because they are people who don't accept the gender they were born with doesn't make them any less of a human being then all of us. They are citizens of the country, and they want to protect their home just like the rest of us, so why not allow them to fight for their home? Studies aren't always fact, Most are proved false. We can't put our eyes only on the data of outcome, if we do, then we might neglect the real thoughts of transgenders. Transgenders are no different. They might change their body image, their voice and like, but it doesn't change their thoughts. They are still the same. If one being has the right to fight in the military, then every type of person, race, or gender. They should be able to join the military, and not judged for what they are, but focused on what they were born as, Humans, citizens of the country. For this country is not just ours, its for everyone, including transgenders, and they deserve to fight for their country, for the place they call home.

  • Equal rights; Equal fight

    Our country was founded by men and women alike, on the belief that all men are created equal. If this is true than by excluding transgender persons from the US military and depriving them of the right to fight for their homeland, than we are violating the constitution. It is simply ridiculous that our nation would shun a whole group of people away from the military, simply for their gender preference, which is a personal and private decision.

  • Former Service member

    Having served in the military, simply put, the military is not a place for social experiments. The same could be said of women in combat roles. Could we do it? Yes. Is America ready to have women come back in coffins? What do you think women POW's go through that men usually don't? Transgenders, whether you like to admit it or not, have serious mental issues. The suicide rate before genital surgery is around 40% and after surgery....It's STILL around 40%. I'm sorry but we don't need confused she-mans in the barracks getting lathered up. It is a recipe for disaster!

  • I don't hate transgender people, but the science shows something different in this situation that might change it.

    Like I said, I don't hate Transgenders since I don't have any problems with them, but studies show that about 90% of Transgenders have depression, and about 50% have suicidal thoughts. Sure, we shouldn't expect that since the small samples happened to have people who might suffer from depression, but these samples come from different parts of the country. So unless it's just happens to be a rare time in which people who happened to have depression were oddly picked for the sample, I'll have to go to a safer route, that's my personal belief.

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