• Turkey should be in EU.

    Some people confuse Turkey with Iraq, Iran, Syria etc. Some people even think that Turks are barbarian. However, I live in Turkey. I'm not a Muslim, I'm an Agnostic. I'm not terrorist or barbarian either. I respect human rights. There are so many people like me out there. There are ignorants too. It's same all around the world. You can't just say ''No, because they're Muslim!'' It is simply a discrimination! And it's against EU's standards, right? Turkey has a potential to be in EU: Maybe not now but in near future I believe.

  • Since part of Turkey is in Europe, they should be able to join the EU!

    Although half of the country is in Asia and half of the country is in Europe, being that half of the country is in fact in Europe, it should be able to join the EU. I believe that this would aid in the strengthening of the Western economy.

    Posted by: Kri5Java
  • Turkey should be allowed to be a member of the EU if they choose because they are a part of Europe.

    Turkey should be allowed to be a member of the EU if they choose because they are a part of Europe. People can say that it's otherwise, but the geographical boundaries are chosen by man, not by nature in a very obvious way like the other continents. If Turkey wants to join, denying them seems more racially motivated than geographically.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • I agree that Turkey should be given membership in the EU.

    Membership is the beginning of cooperation, whether it be a child's group or a country and it demonstrates a group's desire to forget the past and move towards diplomacy. Isn't that what we need most right now? Imagine the worst case scenario, that Turkey doesn't behave. Wouldn't it be better to have that country as a member, where other members could apply "peer pressure"? This should not even be a debatable question as I see it.

    Posted by: SterColn
  • Yes, Turkey should be given membership to the EU.

    Shouldn't they? They are an important gateway for Eastern European trade between the East and West, as that region has always had a stake in global commerce due to its central location and shipping bottleneck. The problem may be that they are affiliated politically with interests that may not be in the best interest of the rest of the EU. The European Union is designed to stimulate trade between as many European countries as possible and to this end Turkey would be a ripe candidate. Commercial trade purposes would make such a membership a good option if everyone could get over certain political issues.

    Posted by: R33AIas
  • Turkey is growing and EU needs to stop recession. And Turkey is able to match EU criteria.

    European economies are still shrinking, if EU wants to survive they have to find a way to stop it. Turkey could be the answer, it is said that Turkey is too big to swallow but its scale may speed up our growth. They are competing with China and Brazil in term of growth. We all know that Turkey have to work hard in order to match human rights criteria of EU. But with a little support i believe they can achieve that (they've already achieved a lot). This little support could not be bigger than our support to Greece and Cyprus. In terms of culture and the level of development, I spent a year in Turkey for business and i saw that it is not different than Greece but far better than Bulgaria. The only REAL problem they have is terrorism. I am sure after they give equal rights to minorities (Kurdish in this case). Turkey is able to join.

  • I agree admitting turkey in EU

    First it has a young population clearly Europe is ageing. Secondly geo strategic position in connecting energy routes. Thirdly history shows that Turks are indeed European power. If Cyprus can be in eu then more than half of the country in European territory.Admitting turkey in Eu will make NATO completely operational with Cyprus inside.As Cyprus is outside NATO.

    Negative effects if turkey is not admitted.
    Cyprus might be divided permanently.
    With WTO already removing trade barriers turkey might inclined to pull out of customs union and can compete without European rules in European markets like India and china. Which is not going to be helpful.
    EU if UK pulls out will be weakened militarily considerably without turkey.

  • Turkey has the power of a young population and strong economy.

    I think the young population power in Turkey will be the hero for EU's future. As you all know, the EU struggles in an economic way due to Greece, Cyprus and Portugal. Instead of these countries, I would rather have Turkey due to their economic power. I am a French citizen who studies economics and I strongly believe that it's going to be advantageous to the EU in the future.

  • Turkey should be given membership to improve economy and geopolitics

    I believe Turkey's membership not only will bring economic opportunities but also will increase the EU's position in the Middle East. Turkey is the world's 17th economy and competes with India and Brazil in economic growth. Turkey's live and well-connected economy and social life with North Africa and the Middle East will bring valuable strength to the EU in the region. Also a Turkey that turns its back to Europe with Russia will make Turkey less and less important in the world in the next decades.

  • I believe it would be advantageous to all involved for Turkey to be given membership in the EU, because it would open a greater market and more communication with other members of the EU.

    Turkey has made great strides in its improvement of the country, and should be given membership into the EU. Not only are they a great asset to the EU market in general, but they also have a lot to offer in their vast military and transportation sectors. Turkey has been a staunch fighter against terrorism, since September 11th, and they offer a large army with which EU allies could take advantage of, if Turkey was an EU member. Also, it would strengthen trading and negotiations with the countries south of Turkey and Europe, if Turkey was working together with the EU to consolidate the world economy and to help it grow.

    Posted by: AbsorbedWilliams
  • No, the majority and governing body are Muslims, and Islam religion controls the politics and call for blood.

    In the Qur'an, there is a clear and insistent call for jihad (holy war) against all who don't believe in Islam till they convert to it. You can find this in the Sorat Eltoba in the Qur'an. As for Turkey becoming a member in the EU, which they consider infidels, it would create lots of problems for Europe.

    Posted by: R0xbarm
  • Due to Turkey's violation of civil rights, it should not be allowed to have membership in the EU.

    Turkey should not be granted membership in the EU since they have terrible civil rights violations that affect their own people. They have also invaded Cyprus in 1974, in violation of international laws. Until they correct the violations of rights against their own people they should not be included in the EU.

    Posted by: babydoll93
  • Islam will dominate Christian Europe if Turkey joins EU.

    Each and every Muslim wants to dominate the world and make Islam a world religion. If Turkey joins, it will be a gateway for Islamic extremists to access Europe as Turkey has borders with Islamic countries in the Middle East. The Islamic terrorists will manage to enter Turkey illegally and to Europe legally. Block Turkey. IT MUST JOIN EUROPE.

  • Turkey is not fit to be given membership in the EU.

    Turkey being an Islamic country, it should not be given membership, although it is the first secular Islamic country. Moreover, Turkey does not deserve to be a member of EU because of its human rights records by having massacred the Armenian Christians in the 19th/20th century the way Hitler had killed the Jews. As an Islamic state, it will be inappropriate to allow Turkey join the EU lest it may influence Islamists within the EU to cause some problems to other members, due to Al Qaeda activities.

  • Turkey IS NOT a part of Europe

    We should not allow Islamic countries in EU - end of story. They would be a huge treat to EU, with their population growth they will outweigh Germany in 10-20 years. DO YOU WANT Turkey to have the most votes in European affairs? I DO NOT.
    Don't Germany, France, UK have enough of Turkish people already?

  • You MUST be joking

    They have the political culture of the Middle Ages. Underdog is throwing journalists and lawyers who oppose his regime in jail. He is acting violently towards peaceful demonstrators, and is intimidating dissenting intelligentsia by causing them to lose their jobs.

    Erdogan is a democratically elected Islamist dictator. This is an indicator that people of Turkey, culturally, are not ready to accept Western values. Europe is West. Turkey is Orient. It should stay where it belongs.

  • Spreading Islamization across Europe.

    Because this will cause an influx of mass immigration Islamic people. Western live-style and Islamic way do not match. This is a tragedy waiting to happen. It's not just religion, it's the way of life; we already have problems in Scandinavia, the UK, France, and Germany with them. They just won't assimilate, instead they are trying to enforce their laws on the local people (including rape of an unveiled woman)

  • I do not believe there should be an EU, therefore I want it dissolved.

    Turkey should not join the EU because the EU should not exist in the first place. While the premise of the EU is good, it is ultimately bad for interests through out the world. Each nation should be sovereign and treating each nation as a state marginalizes local government and creates a bureaucracy that is hard to break if the system fails to work properly.

    Posted by: R3ubHockey
  • They should not

    They have a low employment rate, and will flock to England and steal our jobs!!!!!!!!! Isn't it obvious, they'll soon have a massive say on what go's on in our lives, and who wants that? They are also a lot of muslims, and Europe is a strictly christian society , so do not let turkey in the EU

  • Terrible idea that will fail

    The EU has enough problems with financially unstable countries in it. The fact that Turkey is relatively poor and Muslim country will create MASSIVE problems in the EU. Its just an absurd idea that I cant believe is even being debated. If Turkey was admitted the backlash would be enormous from European Countries and I could guarantee that it would cause the breakdown of the EU with the richer countries pulling out of the union.

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