• Whatever it takes to heal a nation

    Everyone is guilty of doing something they regret and probably should admit to and even apologize for. Imagine how difficult a task this is for a country as a whole. The Armenian genocide was certainly a tragedy and for many of the victims and their families the process of moving on and healing can only be accomplished once this awful event is admitted to and apologized for, much like it would be for a single person.

  • No, Turkish people should not admit to rmenian genocide.

    In my opinion, this debate will be ongoing. However the Turkish government denies that a genocide took place due to the fact that thousands of Turkish Muslims also lost their lives in the conflict. If Turkey has not owned up to any type of genocide in the past and is not now, it would simply feel foolish for them to suddenly do a complete 180.

  • No they should not

    Turkish people should not have to admit to Armenian genocide. Yes, there was a planned systematic genocide of almost two million Armenians during the First World War, conducted by the Ottoman government, but the government does not represent its people, it governs them. It should be the government that admits nad apologises, not the people.

  • Turkish people should not admit to Armenian genocide

    Turkish people should not admit to Armenian genocide because it is too broad a blanket to cast over all people for the selective genocide of a race of people, committed by only a few. No way that somebody should be cast in this light if they do not agree with it.

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