Should U.S. citizens be required to show a photo I.D. in order to vote?

  • We need id at polling places.

    We need I.D. To drive, to obtain employment, to purchase an automobile, to purchase a firearm, to purchase alcohol, to buy or rent a house or apartment. Opponents of voter simply want people to be able to commit voter fraud. You know that we need to show id at polling places so just like this.

  • Yes, it cuts down on fraud.

    Yes US citizens should be required to show a photo ID in order to vote, because it would cut down on fraudulent voting. Citizens should be required to show ID because it will make it harder for people to claim a false identity at the polls. An ID is not that expensive, and the states could have programs to help low-income people get IDs.

  • If you don't understand why you are WILLFULLY ignorant and I can't help you.

    We need I.D. to drive, to obtain employment, to purchase an automobile, to purchase a firearm, to purchase alcohol, to buy or rent a house or apartment. Opponents of voter simply want people to be able to commit voter fraud; I.E. ACORN, illegal aliens etc. Those people tend to vote Democrat because they get food, and money and housing and Obamaphone that they don't have to work for. That's the real reason for all opposition to voter I.D. Laws. You may not want to admit it but deep down you KNOW it's true.

  • Ya!

    Voter fraud would eliminate voter impersonation.
    We have photo IDs for lots of other things, the burden is so low - lots of people have photo IDs.
    People who choose not to vote are sending a message - we can’t make the decision for them.
    Plan: when you register to vote, you also get a free photo ID - states that require registration to vote prior to the election day shall require photo ID at the time of registration, which will be provided at no charge to those who don’t have it.
    This would elevate the value of the vote.
    When OPP says there’s almost no voter impersonation - we are talking about the big picture, politics have become aggressive; and who knows how many others?

  • Yes, requiring voters to show a photo I.D. would significantly reduce voter fraud

    Requiring U.S. citizens to present a valid photo I.D. before voting would greatly reduce the incidents of voter fraud, such as illegal immigrants voting or people voting under fraudulent names. The staff at polling locations would merely have to verify the identification, which would not significantly hinder the voting process or cause any major problems on voting day.

  • Yes, if we fix how we give out photo ID

    I have no problem with the idea of having to show a photo ID in order to vote. However, in practice, everything becomes more messy. Various minorities and other groups have a harder time getting a valid ID and thus are disenfranchised. This seems like the real problem-- I don't support using photo ID laws as some sidelong way of disenfranchising "undesirable" voters.

  • Why not show ID?

    One illegal vote is all it takes to void my legal vote. Be proud to show your ID. Obtaining ID shows you take voting seriously. If you can't make the effort to get an ID, then you probably don't realize how blessed you are to live in a country whose citizens can vote. Value your vote and get ID!

  • You should show I'd to vote

    The democrats have rigged the system long enough allowing dead people, illegal people living in the us, prisoners, and probably even dogs and fish to vote. This will stop some of the corruption. We have to fight for our rights as Americans! We have to take our country back from the above the law, corrupt politics!

  • Must Show ID

    Voting is an Americans most important duty to this country and to democracy. Why would that be any less important then picking up concert tickets at will call, boarding an airplane, seeing an r-rated movie, or buying cigarettes??? What I dont understand is why you wouldn't want to show your ID? What do you have to hide?

  • Should U.S. Citizens be required to show a photo I.D. In order to vote?

    Yes! I need an I.D. To fly. Hell, I can't join costco or Sams club with providing an address and letting them take a picture of me so I can provide my photo ID to go in and buy Toilet Paper!!!!!! But I can vote for a person to become president of the most powerful nation on earth and I can do it without proof of who i am?

  • No id for you

    I like to support argument cause i can and i need 50 words and im almost there so i cant submit this, 27 more to go before i can submit, almost there, about another 15 to go and were done but 7eah id is dumb we dont want none. Done..

  • It is nnecessary

    What is showing an ID going to change? I bet you think its going to stop voter fraud, Wrong! You have a better chance of being struck by lighting or winning the lottery before you catch someone with voter fraud. If anything else making U.S citizens provide photo id will make matter worse.

  • What voter fraud?

    There's a certain Americanism, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." There is absolutely no need for a photo I.D. to vote because of two reasons, one, there are many other generally acceptable forms of identification that are used (birth certificate, water bill, medicare card, social security card, etc). And two, the amount of fraud is so absolutely ludicrously low that there's no need to force a person to go out and get an I.D. As for facts, in Ohio during 2004, there was a voter fraud rate of 0.00004%. Last I checked, that's not an amount that could possibly turn around an election. Voter fraud already risks five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. And for what? One extra vote.

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