• Vote yes on the second amendment

    Although because the second amendment of the US Constitution guarantees law-abiding citizens the right to bear arms you'd think that Congress has already voted on gun control, it will be interesting to see how many of them know what the second amendment actually says about the rights and obligations of gun ownership. The second amendment and existing case law already define what legal gun control is,but let them vote anyway.

  • Gun control: it's about time!

    The news of the Orlando nightclub shooting sparked another debate about whether the United States Congress can - or should - pass laws restricting access to guns. I think that they should. Criminals and terrorists should not be allowed to have access to machine guns with which they can perpetrate more crimes.

  • Yes, they should do their jobs.

    It is infuriating and embarrassing that our elected officials, who already work only about half the year, refuse to do their jobs. The fact that they refuse to even vote on something, and waste everyone's time by filibustering to avoid it, should infuriate everyone. We are all paying these people's salaries, and they won't even do their jobs. If they don't want gun control, they can vote no. That's their job.

  • They should be forced to vote on gun control

    Gun control in the United States has become such a huge issue, one that cannot continue to go ignored. Too many people in the United States have lost their lives because of inaction on Congress' part, and more and more people will be killed every day nothing is done about gun control.

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