• Kids need uniforms in all levels of school.

    Children don't like uniforms in schools. So what? Children don't like a lot of things about schools. We don't leave it up to them to choose, because they're immature and incapable of making a lot of life choices. School uniforms reduce bullying, increase obedience, and keep schools orderly more than not having them.

  • Yes wear unifroms

    Schools should enforce a uniform policy because its easier for everyone and it means that students will be identifiable and it gives them a sense of responsibility. Students these days in all honesty do not have much responsibility. Most teenagers aren't expected to do normal household jobs, let alone take pride in their school and their uniform. If students aren’t made to wear a uniform, it will give them a sense of pride in their school, it was also mean that they are responsible for looking after their uniform. Hence if they do not look after their uniform, they would pay the price quite literally because the element of the uniform that was damaged would need to replaced with a new one.

  • Yes, uniforms are helpful.

    Even if it is just a casual dress code uniform like a certain type of slacks or skit and top, a uniform would be a good thing in high schools because it would encourage a more serious attitude. And it would be good for eliminating competition with those youngsters who can afford more high end things.

  • Uniformsshould be worn in high schools.

    Uniforms should be worn in high school. Having everyone wear uniforms reminds students that they are in a school. It prepares them for real life when people must wear formal clothes for their jobs. It's important for kids to learn the difference between business and leisure times. Uniforms will make them have more discipline.

  • Yes it should

    Well i think uniforms should be worn at school and it is more of a hassle when u wake up from bed and have to pick out a new outfit it wastes lots of time and it could even make u late for school so thats why uniforms should be worn at schhol

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  • No they should not.

    Uniforms should not be worn in high schools. I think that when a person is in high school they need to be creative and be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they need. I think that having an outlet and creativity helps people to stay out of trouble and find better methods of handling emotions.

  • Don't Wear School Uniforms!

    Unfortunately, school uniforms are becoming more widely used in high schools. Students shouldn't be forced to wear these uniforms, though. They provide no extra benefits for the student or the school. Plus, schools charge high rates for these uniforms and then expect some magical change to occur within the student body.

  • Why does it matter?

    As long as there are limits, why shouldn't kids be able to wear what they want? Some people look better in some things and some in others. This could cause more teasing and bullying. School uniforms also make a kid dread school, therefore making it harder to concentrate in school. Sometimes the school uniforms require girls to put there hair up, when it doesn't matter.

  • Uniforms should not be worn.

    Uniforms should not be required to be worn by high school students. High school students are a lot more mature then middle school or elementary school students. High school students should be allowed to express themselves in any manner they want to as long as it fits some simple guidelines.

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