• The U.S. Is spoiled in comparison to other countries

    Teachers Unions prevent the firing of nearly any teacher that has worked long enough for the school. I lost several years of learning due to a less than helpful french teacher that constantly wend off topic and gave biased grading. But the Teachers Union continued to support her, and it took around 15 years for her to finally leave.

  • The too damn greedy. All they care about is ripping American wallets.

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) has been our top story over a month and early last month they went on strike for 4 days. BART is a train service that serves the SF Bay Area and carry about 400,000 people per day. Unions were going to strike again this week but the Governor adverted the strike for least week. While most of us commuters can breathe easily, we still have to wonder what will happen next week. Unions want a 21% pay increase cheaper health insurance, and they only pay $ 95 dollars for health insurance. Most of us are paying over 150 a month. BART said they would give them a 7% pay increase sound fair, but they turned it down because they want more.

    The job is easy to do and only requires a high school diploma to apply. The trains are automated and driver only announce stops and open doors, and they getting paid around $ 60,000 a year to do this and want more. I know people who has high school diploma doing security only make $ 31,000 a year.

    If they do get that raise the fares are going to skyrocket, we cannot afford anymore fare increase. Children will need their lunch money to get to school and that is bad. All unions need to be removed, and fire them all and replace non-union workers.

  • Treatments with the workers:

    These workers wake up everyday get ready just the same and go to work.They go to support their family or do it just cause. But what some workers have to go through is terrible.Maybe they have a boss with picks with them just cause or because there a bully but people shouldn't have to go thru something like that does the "all men created equal" ring a bell?

  • A damage to productivity

    By allowing unions to strike with impunity, the government fails to maximize the long term productive potential of the economy. Not only is this caused by the strikes but they inflate wage rates exorbitantly resulting in higher unemployment. By my reckoning the banning of trade unions would lead to a rise in employment, albeit with lower wage rates.

    A common rhetoric of the supporter of the union is the benefits they brought in the past, however this fails to look at the current scenario. I undoubtedly agree that unions did provide benefits to society, however their time is running short and they are becoming a hindrance to the economy. It is not as if we would suddenly revert to seven day worksheets and child labor as these have become social norms and there would be public outcry at their reimplementation.

  • People are stupid and greedy.

    The everyday man or woman is self centered and does not understand what makes sense. There views will for there benefit only. By giving the "people" power the world will go to shit. Give the power to the people who know what they are doing and not the school dropout miners.

  • Greed Equals Inflation

    If we continue to keep these union workers across America, they will end up destroying the US economy with their greedy demands, entitlement, and lack of performance VS how much they get paid. I'll give this country 20 more years until most cities here will end up just like Detroit.

  • Greed & inflation

    If we continue to keep these union workers across America, they will end up destroying the US economy with their greedy demands, entitlement, and lack of performance VS how much they get paid. I'll give this country 20 more years until most cities here will end up just like Detroit.

  • Unions are a punishment tax for workers

    Unions had their place and then they went political. Should they be banned? I'll say yes if they remain as they are right now. They are nothing but a Democrat Party source of campaign funding. They made some unreasonable moves which helped drive out companies. They support a political party that prefers to "bring jobs in the front door, sell "look what I did for you" buttons, and escort them out the back door by hitting them with unreasonable regulations. Unions need to stand up to companies and to politicians. If it wasn't so damn one sided and owned by Democrats, their political power would have clout if they could get both sides to compete.

  • Labor unions no longer serve a purpose

    When labor laws did not exist and poor workers were being mistreated by employers, these unions were a strong unifying force for the downtrodden fighting the corporations. However, as time passed, laws protected those workers and ethical standards were introduced. Now these unions try to get their workers as much security and money from their employers for the least amount of work, causing businesses to avoid unionized states like the plague.

  • Unions have a confusing and contradicting message.

    When they first started the point of unions was to set limits on work hours, get young children out of work, to stop striking, and to help the employer know who was working and who wasn’t. Now the unions are there to help the strikers and fight the employer. The whole point of the unions was to fight the employers. That is why we made laws like the Taft Hartley Act. This act puts restrictions on unions and protects the basic rights of employees. One of the restrictions includes, “Employees had the right to refrain from participating in union or mutual aid activities except that they could be required by their employer to join in with the union.” (Pre Wagner) this was put in place to restrict union activities but now the unions have gotten larger. As the old saying goes, “Give them an inch and they will take a mile.” That is exactly what the unions have done. We, the people, have let the unions do. What do I mean by that, you may be wondering? I mean that we let the unions get away with not abiding by these laws and now they have taken that one time and ran with it.

  • Unions are needed

    Unions are needed because they help with getting equality in their work place. Unions not only help with getting workers paid equal money as well as fixing their wages. Unions are much more than just getting people money it helps with the spread of money in the government. This is a much needed organization to help with american government.

  • The union does the labor

    The union workers are what is keeping the US economy alive because the union transports all of the materials we use on a day to day basis. Which makes them need just a little more pay if the union workers are having to work longer than what is expected for them to work.

  • Against Constitutional Rights

    The right to gather in support of one another is a simple unalienable right given to us by the Constitution, so banning that would be against that. Unions by not be right in the ways that they want, but there's no law against making wrong decisions. Unions help people keep jobs, get better benefits, and make changes in their workplaces that no one individual could ever possibly achieve.

  • Banning unions interfere with freedom.

    Everyone should be able to stand up for what they feel. The unions in the Harlan County felt they was mistreated, and I'm sure there are other unions that feel they are mistreated, and maybe not. But I don't think unions shouldn't be banned because we have freedom of speech and if that's banned they can't speak or do how they feel. Protests help open eyes.

  • Pros of Unions

    They achieve common goals such as protecting the integrity of its trade, improving safety standards, achieving higher pay and benefits such as health care and retirement, increasing the number of employees an employer assigns to complete the work, and better working conditions. The Unions are basically helping us out to.

  • Unions should not be banned

    Unions should not be banned, unions could be use for a lot of reason,has to do with the stage you are in your life. What people do not understand is Unions is always going to be about improving. Unions will always be treated equal and treated fairly for everyone, help to increase your income.

  • Unions are essential for a strong and healthy economy!!!

    I'm surprised by all of the ultra-moronic arguments against unions on here. Seems like some corporate/conservative shills have been paid lots of money to propagate the LIE AND MYTH of unions being evil.

    LISTEN, COORPORATIONS AND BUSINESSES ARE PURE TYRANNY. Every business is a microcosm of a fascist dictatorship. You report to a boss who can do almost anything he/she likes with you. If you dare go against your boss and defy what they say, you can get fired. If you don't work hard or fast enough, you can get fired. If you complain about the pay or time off, you can get fired. Unions, as supported by the government(s), are THE ONLY bargaining chip that the working poor and middle class have to improve their lot as employees. Without unions, children would STILL be working in factories and you could be fired if you were in a job that put you in harms way and were injured. Make no mistake about it, a unionless country is the rich's, the business owner's, and corporate america's wet dream.

    Starting with Reagan, we've seen a smear campaign against unions. Why? Well, the rich and the business elite were tired of those pesky poor and middle class workers asking for a fair wage, a little more time off, and a little better health benefits and saught to take away any gains made by the poor and middle class in these areas. This smear campaign against the poor and middle class workers has been so successful at portraying unions as evil, that even the workers who have benefitted enormously from unions have been persuaded to vote against their own interest and do their master's (bosses/business owners) bidding.

    The reason income inequality has been so rampant these past few years is a direct result from unions being systematically destroyed through conservative lies and corporate propaganda. At least people are finally waking up and realizing that UNIONS ARE THE BIGGEST ASSET/BARGAINING CHIP THE WORKING POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS HAVE against corporate America's/capitalism's exploitation of them.

  • Get a job

    Corporate powers? Very simple my simple minded friend. Corporations can pay what will yield a margin on their sales. If they can't, they fail. Can you do a spreadsheet? Very simple.
    If workers are willing to work at the wages that will provide a simple margin, they will be employed. If they won't, with or without unions, they won't.
    If unions post wages that are above what is above that employers can pay and post a margin and overall profit, those businesses will fail and the workers will not be hired.
    Pretty simple really if you can understand maths up to 2+2.
    So, how precisely do unions help those who cannot be hired at the wages that will allow the business to succeed and hire them?
    Oh forgive me, I'm just a simple minded PhD in economics.

  • They will always be necessary.

    As consumers we always try to screw companies out of money. Most people choose to shop at places like KMart over smaller business even though we know they can't compete for prices. People will do anything to save a buck, even if they don't really need it. Why would ever expect an employer behave differently. In Australia our government tried to eliminate collective bargaining in order to make the unions irrelevant and employers happily took the opportunity to slash workers pay.

  • CAN unions be banned?

    I personally think that most unions are terrible for the economy and the government should take efforts to reduce union influence on public policy. That said, the government cannot ban protests and strikes, so a ban on unions would be virtually ineffective since the people who used to be unionized can still apply political pressure on their employers and the government.

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