Should universities mandate health insurance for college students?

  • Yes, universities should mandate health insurance for college students.

    I believe as involved as college is, students should have more benefits. There are plenty of students who can not make a living because of college courses. They are often left without health care and that is not right. Universities should help by mandating health care coverage for their full time students.

    Posted by: DistinctJamar63
  • Universities should mandate health insurance for students, because everyone should be covered for basic medical care.

    Health insurance protects against a financially devastating medical calamity. Even routine and basic medical care can be costly. This is especially true for a young population of people, most of whom are already in financial debt. Mandating health insurance instills responsible living behaviors, protects against financial ruin, and does not force this young population to have to make any tough "medical vs. career" financial decisions.

    Posted by: NedCar
  • Mandatory health insurance benefits college student residents.

    I'm in favor of universities requiring health insurance for students living in university housing. Although college students are a fairly healthy population, they are prone to accidents and to diseases taking advantage in the crowded dorms of sleep-deprived humans. Sexual activity can be very high on campuses, too. Universities are wise to make sure that health care is as convenient and accessible as possible when the need arises, and that is best done with mandatory insurance coverage and on-campus clinics.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • Universities should mandate health insurance for students because its the right thing to do.

    Universities, and the government at large for that matter, should mandate health insurance for all. Health insurance protects students, a high risk group, from huge out of pocket expenses due to illness or injury. Since students may not otherwise be able to afford health insurance. The universities should include the cost of insurance in tuition, so that it is covered by financial aid, such as grants and loans.

    Posted by: Fr4Giga
  • In order to keep everyone safe, diseases need to be taken care of quickly.

    I work at a university, we have students from different countries and regions of the United States. Students come into contact with each other in classes and also while studying. Any communicable disease needs to be taken care of quickly, so it does not become an epidemic. That is why universities should mandate health insurance for college students.

    Posted by: B4ncDictator
  • College students generally don't take care of their health, so it is better to mandate health insurance.

    Yes, I agree that universities should mandate health insurance for college students. Generally college people don't take care of their health but they realized it later. So to protect from various health related diseases, it should be mandatory for the college people to take health insurance and also helps them to take care of their health and makes them more responsible towards their health.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • Students should have insurance throughout college.

    While in college, students are at risk because they are not working, or parents do not have insurance for them and medical attention may be needed, especially when students are living at school, so many germs, so many diseases going around. Simply living close to someone may be enough to get another sick. It should be mandatory for students to have insurance or maybe even have medical insurance of some sort wrapped up in their tuition. It is unjust to expect unemployed college students with classes to worry about, to have to worry about how they will get the medicine they need to take care of their next bad cold or flu.

    Posted by: TatumH
  • It would help a lot of students.

    I see a lot of students with different illnesses come through, some do not have insurance and most of the time they are stuck paying out of pocket for prescriptions and lab services. If they mandate insurance at least the students will have the resources to get the treatment they need without a lot of out of pocket expenses. The university is not trying to get you to pick their insurance plan, if you have an insurance plan that you would like to continue with you can. They are not saying you are required to purchase the school plan they are saying that you need insurance coverage.

  • If you think health insurance is expensive, wait till you have to go to the hospital without it.

    The argument that you should not have to buy health insurance because you "are poor enough already" is very short sighted. If someone gets sick, is in an accident, or has to go to the hospital for any reason (which is highly likely in college), you will find that you have more than paid for your insurance premiums through your health costs. The law regulates that you have to buy car insurance to drive your vehicle, why should purchasing health insurance be any different? People who don't have health insurance are taking a major risk that is likely to lead to financial problems for them in the future (and if those debts aren't paid, they are contributing to the ever growing rise in health care costs for everyone else). Let's be responsible.

  • Long-time USF Employee & Public Health Graduate Student

    The USF student body is approximately 50,000 students. the only upside is that we can finally get away with having really low premiums. From my understanding, our student health service is decent. However, the USF community/health service should present a strategic plan to prepare and meet the university's marked increase in patients. Capacity and level of service, along with reasonably low premiums, is my concern.

  • Why should college students have to pay for insurance when other "unemployed" people don't?

    I live in Massachusetts and have returned to school out of frustration in not being able to find another job after being laid-off. Mass requires all college students to have health insurance, and they have to pay for it themselves, whereas if I were an unemployed guy just sitting on my butt not enrolled in college, I would then receive free healthcare.
    Not to mention that what passes for insurance is a joke, it is terrible coverage, doesn't cover anything useful. I have a specific eye condition that won't be covered, so not only will I be forced to find $1500 for a plan that is useless to me, but I will also be forced to find ANOTHER $1500 to directly pay for my eye treatments that the useless insurance doesn't cover...Total BS.

  • Poor students cannot afford the college healthcare premium

    Salem State College wants nearly $1300.00 in health insurance premium from a very poor student who lives in public housing with a disabled parent who receives a very small SSDI income. Mass health wants to throw her off their insurance because she is now taking 9 credit hours, instead of 6. Salem State University has given her a punitive financial aid package, forcing her to get unsubsidized loans! They will not give her, already awarded Mass Grant, nor Work Study (she qualifies), nor SEOG. They will also not give her a fee waiver. The financial aid office at Salem State University says that they only give the Mass Grant and other aid to students who are NIGHT STUDENTS and live at the Dormitory or are Veterans. Clearly this is discrimination of the worst kind against poor college students who live with their parents. She has no money for food, nor transportation. She cannot get food stamps because MA does not give students who do not get work study food stamps!

    There is no one to turn to. The system is RIGGED against poor students who live at home. Salem State you should be sued for blatant discrimination. Having said this, try and take care of the Asbestos issue at your school. Asbestos causes CANCER. Broken bricks, ceiling in faculty offices release ASBESTOS which CIRCULATES through the HVAC system through out the building. You are criminal in that you knowingly allow the asbestos, a well known carcinogen to circulate through the building. Shame on you.

    No, colleges should not demand health care insurance. Mass health should pay for poor students who cannot afford insurance premiums.

  • The elephant in the room

    Why is no one asking the red flag question? If health insurance is mandatory for full time students at Universities, it will be paid for with federal student loan money. Do you get it yet?!??? You cant claim medical bankruptcy if its paid for with federal student loan money. In other words, you may have mandatory insurance, and you may still have to drop out of school due to a series accident or illness. Although, now not only the college debt is with you forever, so is the medical.

    Posted by: Bern
  • Even Commuter Students Have to Buy It

    An argument that I have heard is that universities don't want a bunch of uninsured kids living on their campus. Well, us commuter students are forced to have it, too, even though all we do is show up, go to class, then go home. In addition, the requirements are absurd (I don't have any mental conditions that need treatment, I probably won't any time soon, and even if I did, why is it any of their business?) and their plan is expensive, especially when you consider that they are catering to people who are mostly in their 20s.

  • I already have insurance!

    I have insurance that meets my needs even if it doesn't meet the needs the school thinks it has the right to have. I also have two children who need insurance as well so I can't just drop my old coverage and switch to the one the school is getting a kickback for forcing on me. Paying for a second policy that I don't need is out of the question with my budget as a single mom. I'm going to school to try to get my life on track, not to throw away money on things I don't need or want. If the school can force me to have their insurance so that a large medical bill doesn't cause me to leave school, what's to stop them from forcing me to use birth control in order to prevent a pregnancy that would lead to my leaving school? Or forcing me to ride the bus so I'm less likely to die in a car accident? Or refusing to allow my credits to transfer to another school so I have to stick with them until I graduate?

  • What does health care have to do with education?

    Regardless of the institution, attending college allows all students at every school to learn from one of life's greatest shared teachers: experience. While everyone's lessons will not be the same, learning to navigate life and be successful on your own is one of the most valuable takeaways of young adulthood. For most, college is the first time we are presented with the opportunity and challenge of making good choices in accordance with our responsibilities and needs. Health insurance is an important asset that not everybody has access to. Forcing students to buy health insurance creates an additional barrier to the college experience for those who cannot afford it. This makes the process more expensive and stressful. Moreover, it doesn't encourage making good choices; it simply mandates following the rules. Giving students the option of what to invest their money in, encouraging healthier lifestyle choices, fostering good decision making, setting goals and embracing the concept of consequences are some of the best lessons that can be taught college students in preparation for their lives ahead. Government mandates tend to seek remedying problems with short-sighted, overly simplified and ultimately counterproductive demands instead of fostering meaningful progress through a shift in ideals.

  • A rip off!

    Colleges forcing students to pay for the health insurance provided in their college is absolutely wrong! Students should have the right to decide whether or not they want a health insurance. And if they do, they should have the right to choose whichever they want, and not being forced to choose a specific health insurance that was chosen by the college. I completely hate the health insurance provided by the college that I go to, it does not cover dental, optical, or basic visits to the physician. It only covers emergency cases. It's a complete rip off!

  • Everyone should try as hard as they can to get insurance elsewhere

    If every fulltime student can get health insurance through an agency that isn't associated with a college then all of a sudden the colleges won't be making any money off it anymore. Its true it is just a cash cow for them. Try and use the insurance and mostly likely you will get denied unless you go through their entire process which usually starts at seeing a clinic on campus. Their insurance cost top dollar and is piss poor insurance

  • Stealing From Students

    They do not allow students to choose which company, or even plan is best for them, REQUIRE enrollment if you have anything other than medicaid (one of the requirements to waive is no co-pay or cost to the student, drug coverage, everything) even if you are already insured, and the most insulting part... They do not pay when students try to use the insurance. Several students at my school tried to use the policy within guidelines and found payment was refused no matter whom the issue was discussed with at the school, hospital, or insurance company. What a great way to start off life on your own, but with debt and bad credit which is what is happening. Go LU tigers! Don't get hurt.

  • We already have sufficient insurance!!

    My son is covered under my insurance plan. The University wants me to pay so should I take him off our insurance? As a teacher, I'm locked into my insurance for the year and can not make changes. Therefore, I'm forced to pay for duplicate insurance and not using either plan! What a waste! $2,000 down the drain.

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