• It is your right

    You have the right to get education. It will give you more knowledge, so when you graduate, you will have the knowledge needed to get a good job. Therefore it makes it possible that there could be less homeless people in the world, if everyone has access to good education.

  • University should be free.

    University should be free. They should have to lower their prices or something because high school students are not being able to afford to go to college these days. With all the price hikes at all the universities it is getting ridiculous. I think students should be allowed to go to college if they want to without having to worry about price.

  • Education should not be bought with money

    I think the university should be free Because their is poor people that need education most of the popularity in U.S are in middle class and not alot are rich education should be more important and everyone should have it some people don't have money for a piece of bread education should not be bought with money it should be thought free

  • Knowledge shouldn't cost

    Education should be a privilege that everyone has a chance to experience if they choose to. It is unfair that someone who is brilliant but poor doesn't get the same chance at an education as other people. Many rich kids are sent to college for years and never learn a thing, they only abuse the experience while others would love for that opportunity. Education should not cost the student anything.

  • In a perfect world University should be free.

    In a perfect world University should be free. It would be a benefit for society for everyone to be able to get a college education for free. However, this is completely unrealistic as the government is not even providing ample funding to have a good K-12 education system, there is no way they would be able to fund a good continuing education.

  • Why Higher ed should be free

    The benefits of free college will benefit the entire nation, And not just the students who take advantage of it. Free college is both a private and public benefit. Since more of today’s jobs are knowledge-based, And require advanced technical skills, Free college education will create a better-educated workforce that would help fill many of the skills gaps that prevent America’s economy from growing faster. Free college will help students obtain employer-desired credentials, So more people would be able to take good-paying jobs that often remain unfilled. This could result in billions of additional dollars circulating throughout the economy because people tend to spend more money when they have higher incomes, And little or no debt, “student loans”. This would mean also that the government is taking in more taxes, Thus providing more money for the government to put towards paying for free public colleges. A free college system will provide many benefits to the poor and middle class, Who often times can not afford tuition, By providing a debt-free education that allows students to focus more on their studies rather than worrying about how to scrape together enough funds for each school term. This as a result, Will help more students graduate on time, And take on important high-paying jobs right out of college. The average American college student with student loans averages around $15, 510 in debt prior graduation.
    Graduating with high amounts of student loan debt has been shown to reduce a person’s chances of owning a home, Getting married, Having children, And accumulating wealth. You might ask, How might the government pay for free college? This is where the opposite side of the argument comes in. People against free college argue that the government will have to raise taxes for tax paying citizens in order to pay for students tuition. While this might be an option, People for free college provide points that the increased tax rates will only apply to America’s wealthiest millionaires and billionaires. Some other ways the government might collect money for tuition are: closing corporate tax loopholes that allow companies to legally avoid paying all of their taxes, Implementing new taxes on Wall Street transactions, Diverting most of the public money spent on student financial aid to free college tuition instead, Decreasing the military budget, And stopping wasteful government spending. Some might also argue that if free college existed, The credentials of a hard worked for college degree in a job interview, May no longer hold the same meaning to employers if the degree is readily available for anyone. While this may be true for some employers, It is not true for all. Most employers nowadays are looking for job applicants to have the technical skills and job training readily available prior college, Providing free college will fill these employers needs. This means that the unemployed percentage overall will lower, And their will be more homeless, And lower class families going to college for the first time, Thus improving Americas lower class. -jumper

  • Yes! Free education for all

    Education is a right all humans should be entitled to. Education is priceless and should be available to all people. Education for all would enable more people to contribute and participate in their civic duties. The benefits of free education extend past students and help the rich. Lower income taxes would be required if more people had houses as a result of more people working, all because they received a higher education.

  • YES! Free Colleges For All!

    With free education more people would get off of government assisted programs. The act of government spending also is good for the economy. Education is priceless and should be available to all people. Education for all would enable more people to contribute and participate in their civic duties. The benefits of free education extend past students and help the rich. Lower income taxes would be required if more people had houses as a result of more people working, all because they received a higher education.

  • So you could get a good education

    Because if some one wants an education and they do not have money to pay there education and they want to study for a good job so they could get payed very well and you could help your family and they will be happy and you to and you could pay your rent and you food .

  • University should be free

    Many poor families with a lot of potential don't have the opportunity to go to uni because of money. It also give you a lot of debt that you'll have to pay of for maybe the rest of your life. Many jobs need degrees to get into you're dream job but they can't get that without the money

  • It is already to a certain extent

    University is already free to a certain extent.Some University's only require for you to have finished
    secondary school, and the best University's in the world can be free if your smart enough,
    and if your not up to there standard they wont accept you no matter, how much money you have

  • No, There won't be any motivation to work harder

    If university was free and you didn’t have to work for it, don’t you think you would take it for granted? Say university costed money (like it does now), you would think, “Well I saved for years for university. I’d better do well for all of that would go to waste!”, Opposed to, “Well, I didn’t work for this at all, this is all free, It doesn’t really matter if do well or not.” Naturally you will treasure something that you worked for more than you get for free. If you don’t understand what I mean, think about this. Do you take food for granted, your house, ar even you parents? Studies have shown that 98% of Americans take these for granted. This includes running water, a bed, air conditioning, and much much more. If you worked hard for these, don’t you think that you would treasure if more? The same goes for university. If it is free, people also tend to take advantage of it, and it would also bring down the overall quality of the university and the students who actually take their studies seriously. For example, if courses were free, some students might go to classes drunk, or high, and that would affect the teacher which would affect the students too. You could also keep taking courses when you failed them, and so you could sleep in, not study, and not try, because you could redo it all over again.

  • You should pay for uni/college

    I would love to go to college / uni for free, but if it was who would pay for teachers? Who would pay for resources and materials? Most importantly who would pay for the building itself?
    College and uni is not absolutely necessary so it shouldn't be free.
    If it wasn't free more students would want to be there it would be more of a happy environment .
    Uni should be a privilege not just another 4 years of education.

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  • You will learn something

    If u go university and pay for it yourself u will learn a lesson so just get over it and pay for university and also the taxes wont rise and the government wont be in debt so what do u think maybe u should change your mind about free university

  • Taxes would rise

    You would not have to paid which means that the government would have to support and supply the school which cost money and then they would have to get people to pay more to support the university and that money would come from the people of Australia. :)

    bye people

  • Please no it will be bad

    Rise in university numbers results in greater pressure for university resources and if the government is struggling in economic debt then university education and research could suffer too. The government won’t be able to provide all the necessary materials. The cost would be too great. If the government Eaton, Sarah Elaine. (Eaton 1)
    “Free University: An Overview.” Canadian Points of View: Free University, Jan. 2016, p. 1. Canadian Points of View Reference Centre, EBSCOhost, search.Ebscohost.Com/login.Aspx?Direct=true&db=p3h&AN=44645682&lang=en-ca&site=pov-can. Accessed 8 Nov. 2017.

  • Students will not be motivated

    If a student does not have to pay for their classes then they won't feel the pressure to succeed in their classes, they'll just be able to retake the class if they need to. If they find the class to hard, or keep sleeping in, they can just fail the class and take it again later.

  • No, Definitely Not

    Students may take advantage of university if there education is free. This will bring down the others who want to be there and take their studies seriously. It is unfair to those if students show up to their lectures hungover or even still drunk. At least, if people pay for university, they know they will not be wasting their money!

  • No it should not be free and heres why (these are Canadian statistics) By: Julian Molano

    Making universities and colleges free would only be beneficial for students during their education and not beneficial for any other group of people. This is because the cost of universities and colleges would have to be payed for by the working age people taking millions of dollars from their own profit and increasing taxes on all other things. It may seem beneficial in the eyes of students but once they finish their education and further pressure their carriers they will see income taxes will be well above 20 percent for any amount of income. This increase is caused because of the high costs of education. It cost an average of twenty-two thousand dollars for one year including the cost for housing, textbooks, and other expenses in both university and college education per student, then this multiplied by the nearly two million students who attend universities and colleges each year in Canada would a amass to a total amount of forty-four million dollars per year, and how would the government pay for this? By dramatically increasing taxes and forcing the working class to pay their own hard earned money on the education of students unrelated to themselves, this extra spending of taxes money would also cause a shortage in funding on things such as healthcare and the building of Canada infrastructure. Needless to say, the expenses would be too great and it would not prove beneficial to the population as a whole.

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