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  • No, university shouldn't be free but should be affordable.

    Something is wrong because going to college is too expensive for most people to do on their own. It should not be free but cost should be regulated. There is too much fluff in the administration of most universities. Of course, it would be great if university could be free, but then vocational colleges should be given the same perk so that people could choose their path.

  • More Taxes For People

    If universities are going to have no tuition fees needed, then the government would highly likely fund the schools. We all know where the government gets THEIR money from: taxes. Since a whole lot of money has to get to hundreds of colleges, it would not only be having people pay more money for taxes, but it would be unfair. That means more middle- and low-class families will suffer, and possibly lose their jobs, cars, houses, etc.

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