• Yes they should.

    University fees should be reduced in not only Germany but everywhere in general. I think that University fees are much too high and usually results in people not being able to go to college or be able to get higher education. We need people to get more educated to help ourselves later on in life.

  • The fees are always too high.

    Although not quite as bad as they are in other countries, such as the United States, the university fees in Germany keep spiraling upward. In no time we'll have students reduced to debilitating poverty if this trend continues. We need to force universities back into serving the students with good value.

  • University fees should be reduced.

    University is one of the backbones of a great society. If Germany wants their populace to stay educated and a strong country then they should definitely reduce university fees. Many Germans go to other countries in order to get cheaper schooling. Germany should consider reducing their university fees to encourage more students.

  • University fees should be reduced in Germany.

    University fees should be reduced in Germany. In fact, they should be reduced everywhere because we are preventing our future generation from getting an education that they need and deserve just so that the University can make a bigger profit margin off of everyone. This is unfair to everyone and especially to the students.

  • No, students should contribute too.

    No, university fees should not be reduced in Germany, because students need to have some kind of contribution to their own education. A student who contributes significantly to their education has more incentive to take their education seriously. They will also think twice about joining a program that is not suited for them. Fees in Germany are already quite low.

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