• Yes they should.

    I don't really understand the argument that having a school full of un-vaccinated kids is somehow dangerous to your kid. Maybe I don't really understand diseases or vaccinations that well, but if the science behind vaccinations is so sound, and your kid has been vaccinated, who cares who else has been vaccinated?

  • Yes they should

    Everyones body is different. Most peoples bodies react positively to vaccines but some peoples bodies do not. People should have a choice as to weather they and their kids get vaccinated. Kids who are not vaccinated should be allowed in public schools and private schools. Vaccination should be a choice.

  • Unvaccinated children should be allowed in school.

    Unvaccinated children, although somewhat dangerous to the public health, should be allowed in school. Even though vaccination is highly recommended, there are parents out there who do not believe in vaccinations, whether it be due to religion or personal beliefs. These parents and children should not be excluded from school because of their beliefs.

  • No, it's too dangerous

    Unvaccinated children unfortunately pose a very potent risk to other children and the public at large. We are now seeing diseases that were irradiated decades ago coming back with a vengeance, due to the fact that so many children have not been vaccinated. I understand the concern of most parents who are still worried about vaccines and autism (which has never been proven) but the positives outweigh the minuscule risk posed by vaccines. We have to protect the school aged children by not exposing them to kids that have not been inoculated.

  • It is Dangerous to Allow Unvaccinated Children in School

    While parents have the right to choose whether to vaccinate their children or not, they also must understand that it would be dangerous to allow their children to go to school where they might unintentionally spread a disease to other children. This would not be fair to the children whose parents spent time and money to have them vaccinated.

  • No, because schools promote science, not pseudoscience

    The scientific consensus is that children should receive vaccines unless they're physically unable to, because the benefits to themselves and humankind as a whole greatly outweigh the risk of adverse reactions. No recent, peer-evaluated, expert source suggests otherwise. It would be morbidly ironic for a place of learning to be where some of the most vulnerable members of the population, children, are exposed to easily preventable diseases because of unscientific reasons.

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