• No this isnt a thing about it being unfair woman cant stand up. Thats stupid

    I think its innapropriate for males to have to show there parts to everyone else. Its downright idiotic and dumb. Men can just stand up over a normal toilet, its indecent, i doubt any people could have the opposite arguement with an actual reason, but ill stay to listen just in case

  • Um. Why would we do that?

    Fact is, have you seen the result of a man trying to pee sitting down? It's a mess ladies, and no one wants to wipe that mess off of the bottom of the toilet seat. Trust me, it really is better for both of us. Removing urinals would be counter-productive.

  • Build troughs instead!

    Just because this is such a ridiculous question/idea, I recommended building toughs instead of urinals to save space and materials.

    In some countries, including China, Indonesia, and Thailand, they don't have urinals, or even modern toilets. They have have a hole that is intended for fecal matter instead. Down with modernization!


  • It's About Time!

    I cannot tell you how long I've been wanting urinals eliminated! I don't see any reason to support them. There's no privacy, they take up valuable space for a full toilet. I work at a place that has only two bathrooms: one for Men, one Women. The Women's bathroom has the exact same amount of space as the Men's, yet they get two toilets with doors for each. We get one urinal, one toilet. So, if two women have to go #2, there's no problem. If two men have to go #2, there's a wait. There's no rule against men sitting down to use the toilet, even when only #1. And, if you just HAVE to make a huge, loud, splashy mess for everyone to deal with, stand up. The fact that we only have 29% supporting banning urinals tells me how lame my country is. People are so angry about change, yet there's nothing to stop change. Think for a second. Reason. More toilets means more uses for all who need to go.

  • Stop looking, you make me nervous!

    A lot of guys get stage fright at the urinals, they go all tense and struggle to pee. And quite frankly I have never understood why we are forced to have an audience. If men are so comfortable with urinals then maybe we should do away with the cubicles as well. Just have a row of toilets so we can chat while we poop! Vote for privacy, vote for self respect and ban the urinals.

  • What the **** are you talking about

    Why would you ban urinals?

    They are a simpler way for men to urinate. Women can't do it, but so what? That's like saying, animals can't eat in posh restaurants so those places should be banned. It just doesn't make sense. And some urinals have board-type things between them so that men can't see each other's parts

  • Do not ban urinals!

    The argument to ban urinals is fucking stupid!! It's faster and more efficient for a man to use one to relieve themselves. Lines to urinals move a hell lot faster than toilet lines. The talk to do away with urinals is only to protect transgender men who don't have a penis. Making every man pee the way they do is their attempt at equality. Problem is the majority of real men still prefer urinals if they are available.

  • Environmentally friendly, efficient, faster, more sanitary

    Less water used per flush, most modern utinals don't flush at all. Faster, avoids long bathroom lines, those that need to use the stalls don't need to wait for others to finish with them. Urinating in a urinal is more sanitary and removes the risk of sitting in someone else's urine. I HAVE NEVER, IN MY LONG HISTORY OR PUBLIC RESTROOM USAGE EVER SEEN A MAN BEING FORCED TO USE A URINAL AGAINST HIS WILL. For those who would prefer, they simply wait for a stall. There's no shame in that. A man should be able to choose how he relieves himself.

  • Why ...Why ?

    Makes no sense at all...

    Men are not going to sit down just to urinate...

    Are men going to have to wear tampons too ? Sure some might as some women might stand while Urinating !

    Odd how left wingers are complete idiots !! Men are Men and Women are Women !! I feel sorry for the Women who are jealous that men can stand during Urination..

  • Why? This is the pressing issue of our time?

    In order to enact a policy there should be a good reason to. Making us all stand up would just make it more inconvenient. Is this really the government's role to tell us that we should or shouldn't use urinals? I think that of all the pressing issues in the world today this is at the very bottom of the list and we should focus our attention on other subjects?

  • Ummm???? Why?? I dont think so!!

    Dude, it would be a HUGE waste of time to ban all the urinals. Who freaking cares that girls can't go in them!! Dude, urinals are man heaven. You can NOR ban those! Who cares that girls wont be able to pee standing up! Not my fault! DONT BAN THEM! Please! Lol

  • Why would you even ask this?

    If you're a male, then you've probably experienced a situation where either 1. All the cubicles are occupied 2. The cubicles are out of order. 3. Some idiot has locked it from inside and got out.
    The urinals aren't ever "Out of Order" and it doesn't have a door for someone to lock it as a prank. It is quick and easy because you just need to undo your fly, release the juice, then walk away. It avoids queues being made.

  • Don't need banning.

    I never use them because I like my privacy and I just find it really off putting but most people use them so why ban them, there is always an option between urinal or cubicle and plus, men suck at flushing generally, at least urinals are self flushing and you don't have to see other peoples waste.

  • No reason to

    Well there is always a conventional toilet in the restroom for going number 2, so you always have an option. So banning it is just stupid. Urinals are also much more effective for use of space, and easy to access. As a result it allows the restroom to function more quickly and efficiently. If somebody doesnt want to use a urinal besause he are worried people are going to look at their junk or whatever thats stupid and no reason to out right ban urinals. As i have previously stated it is simply an option, conventional toilets are available too

  • Does it really matter?

    I never saw the point of urinals because there are normal toilets, but banning them just seems like a huge waste of time to do. Let people decide to pee there or not. And besides, if urinals were banned, there will be less toilets, which means people will have to wait more if they have to go.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-03-07T21:22:47.347
No. The existence of the urinal is not "male privilege". Even if it were, though, instead of removing this "privilege" from males, find a better alternative for women.