• Its Global Business now

    I think it will be very limiting to restrict your business to one country. With technological advances, its very easy to expand business worldwide. This is definitely going to help with economy. I know it creates a problem of US people not getting jobs since they are outsourced. But there are so many jobs you can do online these days that originate in different countries. Its time to grow with growing world.

  • Nothing wrong with them expanding outside the country, however...

    Being able to offer your services to a demographic that isn't in your native country is great. However, I feel that this shouldn't take away what you already have established in your native country. Meaning that you shouldn't just get up and take your company overseas just to operate somewhere else, you should operate there in addition to operating where you are as you'll benefit more from having a reach in mulitple locations and not screw over your employees.

  • US Companies Need to Build Reputations

    It is arguably the hardest part of the job industry. Everyone feels they need to be paid a large salary to keep up their large homes, cars and expensive toys. It is becoming too hard to start a business, employee Americans and stay in the United States. However, if US companies go outside the US, they are able to pick up land, buildings and employees at a lesser rate to operate a successful business.

  • Companies in the United States should not be able to outsource into other countries.

    They should not be able to exit the United States because when large companies leave they take wealth out of the economy and put it into another country's economy. According to The New York Times, when a business moves into a country with a low standard of life, the business brings higher income and raises the standard of living (“Small Business, Joining a Parade of Outsourcing”). Some may say that when a business leaves to a country of low income, that it is a good thing. However, most do not think that although it may help the country or area the business moves to, it will hurt the overall economy of the United States when a large company leaves to another country. Businesses should not be allowed to exit the United States because it takes money away from the economy.

  • Jobs are needed in the United States

    When US companies take their operations outside the US we lose jobs in this country. To me this is wrong. Now if the company wants to branch out and just have another factory or subsidiary in another contry than it would be all right for them to do so. But I am not in favor of taking jobs away from those who need them here in the United States.

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