• Yes, the U.S. should continue to impose sanctions on North Korea

    North Korea is an unstable country run by a dictator who is openly hostile to the U.S. It is necessary to continue to impose sanctions and hold a defensive posture against North Korea. Sanctions are intended to remind the country that we oppose their human rights abuses and their nuclear weapons.

  • Yes, the United States should continue to impose sanctions against North Korea.

    The United States should continue to impose sanctions against North Korea. Sanctions are the most effective tool we have to get leverage with the isolated regime. Furthermore, the United States should work with other Global powers to hit the North Korean leadership with financial sanctions; crippling their personal net worth. This would have a more devastating impact than the current sanctions.

  • Yes, they should.

    Santions seem to be working and putting pressure on North Korea. It is unfortunate that the people of North Korea are suffering because of some of these sanctions, but the truth is that unlike Cuba, the average North Korean would not benefit much from these sanctions being lifted by the US.

  • It hasn't helped

    The way the United States defeated communism was to open Russian up to the west and show the people how much better things could be if they embraced capitalism. The Russian people decided they wanted to live that way. If the United States allowed economic activity with North Korea, it would trickle down to the North Korean people and they would be less impoverished.

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