• The United States should stop trade talks with the European Union.

    The United States should stop trade talks with the European Union. The United States would benefit from negotiating its' own trade deals rather than negotiating only with the European Union. Our country we needs to increase our GDP. Currently our GDP has been less than 2% per year for a number of years. If we negotiate individual deals with countries, I think our country would benefit greatly.

  • Trade talks bring progress

    Even if nothing formally comes of a trade talk, it is always important to keep the door open. It's really important to make sure that we always keep an open door with Europe to fend of future international conflicts. Open trade talks also help us react quickly if a certain type of crop fails or there is some other kind of urgent problem.

  • No, the US should not stop EU trade talks.

    The United States should not stop trade talks with the European Union. Free trade between nations is important for building wealth throughout the world. Free trade helps both nations become richer that trade between each other. Therefore, trade agreements between the United States and Europe are essential for continued economic development and prosperity.

  • We can never stop trade talks

    With a partner as big as the EU, the US cannot afford to stop trade talks until some type of workable agreement is reached. Brexit has made things a lot more difficult, but we can't just pretend that we don't live in a world economy. We have to keep talking or risk having no agreements at all.

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