• Yes; innocent U.S. lives must be valued at all costs

    The U.S. should be prepared to meet the demands of terrorist groups to protect its citizens, though negotiations must be direct and concrete. Following the release of any hostage(s), the government must make it clear that repeated captures will be answered with military presence, as the threat of facing the strongest forces in the world is likely to discourage future hostage situations where money may further the power of the terrorist group.

  • The US needs to pay ransom

    Americans who are taken hostage overseas should be a top priority for the United States government. Paying ransom for these hostages shows the world that America takes kidnapping seriously and is willing to do whatever it takes to get them home safe. This is why the US should pay ransom for the latest American taken hostage.

  • No way ...

    If we pay for a few hostages then it sets a principle that we will pay for them all which will just Lead to more people being taken I think we should help get them but not pay for them to Be released it makes us look weak as the USA

  • No, they should not.

    It is important that the USA stick to foriegn policy and not negotiate with terrorists or pay ransome for hostages. It does not matter who the hostage is or why they were taken hostage this is a useful and effective strategy that protects the USA from becoming a target for hostage takers.

  • The United States should not pay ransom

    The United States should not pay a ransom for the latest hostage. It sets a bad precedent, and it will result in more hostages being taken in the future. Although it is tempting, particularly when talking to the family, in the long-run, it hurts the country and the citizens, putting people in more danger going forward.

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