• Yes, it is okay for Utah to elect a transgender Senator.

    There is nothing wrong with electing a transgender Senator as long as she is qualified in the eyes of the voters. If the voters of Utah like the transgendered candidate running for the Senate, then yes, they should elect a transgendered Senator. Actually, a person's gender identity should not have any bearing on whether or not she should be elected to hold office.

  • Yes, they should elect whomever is most qualified for the job, regardless of their sexual identity.

    Sexual identity has no bearing whatsoever on how effectively one can do their job, so Utah should stop focusing on the fact that the prospective senator is transgender and focus solely on their qualifications. Many terrible leaders have been heterosexual white men, and plenty of good people have been transgender, and vice versa. What matters is a person's skills, qualifications, and position on the issues that matter, not their sexual identity.

  • Utah should elect a transgender Senator

    Utah should elect a transgender to the United States Senate. . She is running a campaign based on a progressive platform that can help people. This includes a $15 per hour minimum wage, paid family leave, legalized marijuana, criminal-justice reform and free or reduced tuition at public colleges. Regardless of her being a transgender, this can help many people struggling economically.

  • No, they have to elect the most qualified person.

    The state of Utah should elect the transgender person if they are the most qualified. I believe the incumbent Senator, Mike Lee, is more qualified though. Mike Lee is a Tea Party leader, who has been a constant defender of the Constitution. He and Ted Cruz have done filibusters together defending various constitutional rights.

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