• Because it's about them too!

    When you vaccinate yourself or a child, not only are you protecting them, but others around you who may have a weaker immune system. Some believe vaccines have been linked to autism, however no scientific correlations have been made. I'm all about freedoms and choices, but not vaccinating is infringing on others right to safety and health.

  • It has shown to be very useful and effective.

    It has shown to be very useful and effective. It can prevent a whole row of diseases. And it has eliminated and sterilised us from many diseases like the black death, child paralysis... But of course. In my opinion, there should be different compulsory vaccines in different regions. It has no sense to vaccinate a tropical population against the cold, if you know what I mean. But of course there is no vaccination against the cold.

  • It helps the sick have less of a chance actually being sick

    As someone with a rare sickness and no spleens it is easy to get sick my family every year have to get there shots to prevent me from getting sick. Some kids cant get it or are to young so they have to rely on there herd or neighbors to already have taken the vaccine so other don't get there sickness that's how most sickness start.

  • Vaccinations should be mandatory.

    Vaccinations should be mandatory. Vaccinations can protect your child from any number of diseases. Diseases that used to kill thousands of people can now be completely avoided, all because of vaccines. Not only are you protecting your child you are protecting yourself and everyone your child comes into contact with. When you vaccinate you are making your child immune to all kinds of illnesses and you are preventing the spread of that illness. Getting you child vaccinated can also save you money and time. You are preventing doctor visits and hospital stays, both are very expensive. Vaccines are very safe and effective and are used to protect the masses of people who you come into contact with. In poor countries people do not have access to these lifesaving tools but here in America we do, so why not use vaccines to our advantage. Some people might say that vaccines are unsafe and unhealthy, this is untrue. Vaccines are 100% safe and effective. The CDC says that getting your baby vaccinated is their first line of defense when it comes to deadly diseases that can break out at any time. Vaccinations should be mandatory in order to protect your children, yourself, and everyone around you.

  • Slipper slope to a less freedom filled U.S.A

    This country was founded by freedoms. It was earned by those who fought for them. "Give me liberty or give me death." Right? Why take away this freedom? It's both religious and of personal preference. By mothers and fathers doing what they think is best for there children. What doctors say isn't right for all people.
    Freedoms are all the same when looked at from the overview. Declining vaccinations is the same as declining a seat at the front of the bus. The same as the choice of how you marry what you eat. All vary different but intern the same. All freedoms that can be token away. Speaking of freedoms what about the CNN "Fat tax".

    The term medically exempt means that you can't get vaccinated due to medical reasons. Most people who are medically exempt are those with cancer or with auto immune. Forcing vaccines onto people that it could literally kill. Auto immune can actually be triggered by vaccines. Cause a hole slew of problems such as childhood arthritis.
    Now that I've got those two out of the way lets move on to what's inside these "Medical wonders". In many of these vaccines contain human and animal fetus.
    Not only that but a whole cornucopia of other questionable substances. Such as Sodium Chloride or table salt. Table salt has been proven to "harden" arteries and Is an ingredient being put into your veins. Think about what is going into your body. Don't allow this to become mandatory.

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