• It's disgusting and we should be ashamed of ourselves for allowing it.

    Schools should not be centers of profit. Jesus would probably turn the vending machines over if he was around today. Schools should come with healthy snacks and beverages available to all. And it should be free. We have enough profiteering in America today. At least we should keep it out of the schools.

  • They Should not be banned

    Sometimes kids will forget their lunch and need something to eat or they don't have breakfast or have a small breakfast they need something to give them energy for the rest of the day. Also it is good for vending machines to be allowed because it will teach kids the value of money.

  • Obesity and diabetes

    Vending machines can cause obesity and then cause type two diabetes . At least once a day a student gets a soda in class and without parental allowance, so life threatening causess and no allowance on unhealthy and surgery foods at least once every day and most children will take this chance and get tons of surgery foods

  • Yes. They are a piece of school property waiting to be vandalized.

    I am still at school andf every day i see students rocking the vending machines and trying to get food out that they didnt pay for. Plus all the time I see something get stuck so students will try to get it out without their money being paid for it.

  • Schools Shouldn't Need Vending Machines

    Most public school generally offer two meals in one day. Breakfast is usually available before classes start and lunch is offered as well. Students, if taking advantage of these meals, should not feel the need to eat extra food, therefore I believe vending machines should be banned from schools. Students shouldn't need access to additional foods, during the school day.

  • No they should ban vending machine

    Lot’s of kids get diabetes from those sugary junk food. Just even one small bag of candy that is 60 grams there is around 40 grams of sugar. And it’s there own responsibility to bring a snack. So that’s why vending machine should be ban from school and high school.

  • It's not healthy at all it will never be healthy you have to be healthy to not die

    You are needed to be healthy to be alive it is the worst thing to die so always be healthy you should always be healthy because if you eat healther then you would live way longer it is the best thing t stay alive you need to be a kid when your still little

  • If we put helthy food in them then we could be helthyer.

    The mor that people eat candy or suger the more students are likly to no pay atention. If no candy is in the machenes then we have a hier likly chanse of eating in class and this is not good for the student because they might get disstracted in class.(sorry for the speling errors i'm not that good at spelling.

  • Vending machines are dangerous.

    At ages 14-18, high school students tend to hangout with lots of friends, and they get peer pressured A LOT. This results in lots of mischievous behaviour, also known as fooling around. A common example would be rocking the vending machine, trying to get snacks that they didn’t pay for. As an outcome, the vending machine tips over, and what used to be a snack machine now turns into a lethal weapon. Statistics show that vending machines kill more than 30 high school students per year. In comparison, more vending machine deaths occur than shark attack deaths!

  • Why does it matter

    If a kid is late for class doesn't mean that the school has to get rid of vending machines for everyone. It's the kids fault you can still have vending machines, the kid needs to be smart and more aware of time. The kid must be responsible for their action

  • No they should not.

    Through out the day I might want a snack. But because of some fat kid I can not. Just because the kid is fat doesn't mean that we should suffer as well. But just because a kid is fat enough to bounce of a wall doesn't mean that vending machines should be banned

  • Yeah schools could use them.

    The people who say yes probably also buy coffee in the mornings. Maybe put in water and some sodas with very little sugar. I mean the kids don't need nos, redBull or monster energy. Just let them have Pepsi or lemonade. In either case, sodas will never be completely banned.

  • No it shouldn't be banned and this is why.

    Kids that didn't eat in the after noon can get something out the vending machine to eat. It will get more kids energy to go threw the day because if kids didn't eat they would not make it threw the day and you would not get your education at all.

  • Many reasons why

    Many schools need some extra money for supplies and stuff and this could help with that. Then some kids don't have lunch for school they could buy something from here, or if they forgot their lunch they could get something from the vending machine, then if they didn't pay the school they could buy something from the vm.

  • Should not ban

    Schools should not ban junk food because students like me get hungry during class and need snack before next period so we can get energized again and work through the whole day .If it is because of fat some people aren't fat......That is why I don't think they should ban vending machines

  • They shoud not.

    Vending machines should not be banned from schools. Just because some kids are fat, does not mean that all of the student have to suffer. Removing the vending machines will not help the fat kids lose weight as they will just eat a ton of junk food when they get home.

  • Vending Machines should not be banned from schools

    Vending machines should not be banned from schools. This is because of the fact that vending machines provide an alternative way to acquire food for students. Students should be free to get food from vending machines, as the vending machines provide them a valuable service. The vending machines also create revenue.

  • No they shouldn't.

    There are a few reasons that vending machines should not be banned from schools. One of the big reasons is for diabetic children. Sometimes they may have forgotten to bring a snack and need one right away. Also the vending machines do not need to be banned, they just need to include a few more healthy choices.

  • Vending machines can be stocked with different items

    No, I do not believe that vending machines should be removed from schools. If you have ever been in school, you know that at some point you feel as if you are starving. Vending machines can provide the snack that ties the student over till he or she goes home. It is very hard to concentrate when you are hungry. Furthermore, all students are not obese and vending machines do not have to contain all bad foods, some snacks such as pretzels, can be healthy.

  • No, not banned.

    I don't think that vending machines should be banned from schools, but I think that they would set a good example to students by filling it with many healthy foods. This way, students will be able to eat things that are good for them and still have the ability to have some snacks in school.

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