• Video games are very fun and can also be educational and build teamwork

    I am in school and it is proven to show that it could be a good thing for kids. They can play with there friends and can develope better hand eye cordination. Kids will have a fun way to learn and a much more fun way to hang out with friends

  • Yes video games can be allowed

    Your mother was wrong. Video games aren't bad for you. They're actually making your life better.

    Despite hand-wringing over a supposed connection between violence and video games (hint: there isn't any), numerous academic studies indicate that playing video games has many psychological and even physical benefits.

    Taken together, it turns out video games actually make you a better human being.

    1. 'Mario' Is Like Steroids For Your Brain

  • Yes to video games

    One of the reasons we like or love video games is that they are relaxing. They can help cope with stress, and, for people that feel that they are losing control over their life, games like minecraft, or, games that you have complete authority over, will be good for you. We can use video games to escape reality, in case you need, like, a cool-down from working.

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    Video games can teach you history, and other subjects that are taught in elementary school, middle school, and high school, and other schools. A district has been teaching history by Mine Craft. They are also teaching math by Cool math games.Com. Video games are also really fun to play with.

  • Kids love gaming and when they play they usually focus very well

    When people play video games they relieve stress and make them happier and when they play with friends they can cooperate in a game like csgo and make new friends sometimes even best friends. When i watch people play games, which is also very entertaining, also get very happy and laugh a lot.

  • Kids love gaming and when they play they usually focus very well

    When people play video games they relieve stress and make them happier and when they play with friends they can cooperate in a game like csgo and make new friends sometimes even best friends. When i watch people play games, which is also very entertaining, also get very happy and laugh a lot.

  • Yes video games should be allowed in school

    Video games are really great and they can really help a kids imagination if a kid plays their video game at school they can play it at recess they can also learn to cammuacate more often and your parents wont have to care about your game because if you didn't wanted to get stole don't bring it to school

  • Video games are entertaining

    You teachers think that school is fun??? It's not!!! It's a nightmare, no fun stuff at all. All you do is sit there and listen to some teacher lecture the whole day. All we can play is sports and the ridiculous hopscotch games or whatever! What are the teachers thinking? We're not a 3 year old who doesn't know what a computer is! We know ho entertaining it can be more than the stupid activities or field trips the school has. In conclusion, we kids need freedom to play or entertain ourselves. Doing all your stupid assignments and projects is the worst! Give us some entertainment what I mean is real fun entertainments! The first on the list of entertainments is video games !

  • Gaming can improve social skills

    Gaming can help kids socialize more. When I play video games with my brother, we bond, and talk to each other alot. When we beat bosses, It feels like a big accomplishment! Kids could play Minecraft, and learn to use teamwork to beat the Ender Dragon. Gaming is GOOD, and I think using it in the classroom will be a benefit to all students.

  • Not all games are mind numbing

    Games like portal,minecraft,mario and many other puzzle games have been proven to actually make you smarter and i know this because in 2013 a test was taken one group took the test then played the games then took a different test then the next group played the games then they took the test and the ones who played games first got higher test scores then those who played games after

  • It rots the brain

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  • In school? Um no, I don't think so.

    I cannot believe I am actually needing to say this, but no, school is filled with enough distractions and I support not allowing students to bring gaming into the classroom. For god's sake, why not focus on the little bit of learning while you're in class, put your social media and gaming away for 8 hours and actually learn something.

    That way, there may be hope that at least SOME American students aren't destined for a life of retail slavery, destitution and inability to pay for Furher Obama's "Affordable" healthcare.

  • Video games should not be allowed at school

    It can be bad for your future because if you play too much hand-held video games, one day, you might need glasses to see the world around you, and the teacher could take it away from you and destroy your hand-held console. Also, you can ignore the world and that could be fatal for your life. One more thing, Your hand-held console could wind up to be either stolen or lost forever ( unless you can find it or get the thief ).

  • Video games have enough of our children's time in the home

    No, video games are entertainment and should be kept as such. If they are not being used as an educational tool, then they should not be found in the school. They are distractions and with our country falling behind in education, we should keep our eye on at least getting the basics.

  • Video games in school???

    Video games should not be allowed in school because kids probably play with them under the desk while teachers are talking or teaching. The video games kids play are also not allowed in school because they should get up and be active instead of playing games because if someone's friends are playing video games then that will stop the friends from being active.

  • No they should not

    Kids don't need video games at school, they can play them at home. There is already too much that needs to happen at school that if video games were there as well there would not be time to get it all done.

    I am not saying there are not benefits to video games, but live without them for 6 hours a day.

  • Two words: More Work

    Yes, having video games at school can be more work. Children will have to worry about it just to be safe it doesn't get stolen. And teachers may have to change their whole lesson plan just because a website isn't working. Crazy right? Besides, you can live 8 hours without iPads or computer. There's always unlimited time to play video games at home right?

  • No way, video games can't be allowed.

    Video games will cause more work for teachers. What happens if the website they were planning to use was out of order? There goes your lesson for the day. And let's face it, video games are not the right way to teach. To much work for the teachers, and less education for students.

  • Games are good for you

    Video games are proven to make you more agile and happier it could make kids more excited to go to school. Video games teach you how to mange stuff solve puzzles and have fun doing it and if that doesn't sound good to have happy kids I dont know whats wrong with you.

  • It is bad for people

    People state that video games make your brain addicted so you do not want to leave the game you are currently playing. It is bad for the human mind and you will forget what you are really supposed to be doing. Schoolwork will not be on their mind and they will be off task

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