• They eat up imagination and creativity

    In the olden times there were no video games or stuff like that. That does not mean they did not relax. Video games are addictive and bad for our eyes. What happened to our humble board games? So I say that video games should be banned because we don't learn anything new from it. Instead I say that we should try something innovative. Video games are a waste of electricity and money, which we are going to run short of...

  • Nature is better than a screen

    Nature is better because your either climbing tree or relaxing in the sun. When playing on ps3 or xbox all your doing is tapping a button to move someone or something . There is also bad language, violence and nudity. As in nature there is none of that. So your kids don't say bad words or become violent


  • Violent games ban

    I wish we could ban them because they are a danger in the brain. I saw in a page that 2 teens were killing children on the cause of the violent games. NO VIOLENT GAMES ON THE WORLD PLEASE THEY ARE A DANGER THEY CAN AFFECT A CHILDRENS LIFE! :D

  • Videos games definetely should be banned!

    Some kids learn violence which then they will use and talk about in class. Also, sometimes games can damage their retinas and affect their future. Finally, Sometimes kids get to addicted to videogames and spend all their educational time to play.In conclusion, this is why video games should be banned.

  • Waste of time.

    No one gets anything out of them, kids (and adults sadly enough) waste their lives on stuff like this. Read a book, play a sport, do something with your life that benefits you or others. Wasting time in a virtual world gets you nowhere and has you miss social opportunities that could build character and help you later in life.

  • I'm an addict

    I'm an addict and they have ruined many years of my life.
    Of course it's impossible to ban them, but non-addicts should be more aware of just how dangerous they can be. I hate myself when I play too much. It's like a drug, like heroine- you can't think of anything else. You non-addicts probably think I'm being silly. Well, just stop, think, and imagine your life in the doldrums. You don't need domestic violence, hunger, homelessness or drug-addiction for it- computer games can ruin your life.
    Wake up people and smell the coffee- computer games are dangerous.

  • Yes they should be banned

    They can really cause people to get hurt and also to cause other people to get hurt. I think video games should at least get banned to people or kids under the age of 17 or even older. Video games are bad influences to kids and even to grown ups.

  • More good points then bad

    For the record, studies have shown us that video games actually increase people's coordination along with thought processes, also for the statements on killing people because of video games, if someone kills someone their already fucked up, murder is always a premeditated situation. So no video games should not be illegal

  • Disgusting behavour wit

    I know multiple people who have played videogames and have commited suicide because they have lost, games like league of legends and pacman are so challenging and powerful that it takes over their lives and they get very frustrated and annoyed and end up making a hangmans noose to get over the sadness of not getting 10000 points in sonic the italian plumber or whatever that game is called. Children also use the controllers as an electronic vibartor and have shoved it in there bottoms and caused many anal disfunctions please stop playing videogames while you are still young

    pece out GAYmers hahahe l o l

  • YoYoYo It's Meh

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  • Absolutely not and why?

    Are there seriously people out there who are campaigning to get video games BANNED?
    No, no, no, and a side of no.
    Videogames are a harmless outlet for many things. Creativity, a challenge, role playing, and even learning!
    Most of the heat comes from parents over their children, and that is absolutely no ground to get games banhammered. Parents need to actually look at the game their kid/ teen is begging for, and educate themselves on what it contains. It is also a matter of knowing your kid. Are they mature enough to handle violent games? I strongly believe that it's on the parent when it comes to a child in their care.

  • Video Games help sex life

    People can learn more sex position like the 69, the reverse cowgirl, the strong man's specialty, blowjob, standard position, elevated, etc. You can get all of these.Positions by playing games like Mario, Zelda, Rocket League, Toontown, and even the face blasters game inside of the Nintendo 3DS. You can also get free viagra subscriptions, by playing video games, my boners went from 5.6 inches, to 14.3 inches. Don't ban them pls.

  • They are not harmful

    E is a rating 

    Looking at this whole page I see that every one is saying bad for kids. That's why they put ratings on the damn game(E for every one,T for teens,M for 18+).So stop complaining its bad for kids when there is a damn age rating on the game for your kids.

  • They are not harmful

    E is a rating 

    Looking at this whole page I see that every one is saying bad for kids. That's why they put ratings on the damn game(E for every one,T for teens,M for 18+).So stop complaining its bad for kids when there is a damn age rating on the game for your kids.

  • Why should it be banned??????????????????????????????

    Some video games are a good way to communicate. Children learn from them and is a good way to educate yourself. It requires teamwork and lets you work thing out. You don't have to go anywhere but stay at home. It is also a way to relax at home everyday.

  • Just noooooooooooooooooooooo because whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Everyone should say nooooo because children learn from video games and the parents of the child should obviously check what the game is about and to check if it is age appropriate. Also the parent of the child should supervise the child at all times while she/he is playing it.

  • No ban video games!

    Why would you ban video games? Video games teach children to be creative, and not destructive. If you don't want your kid to buy video games that are violent GO WITH THEM!!! Video games are like a fantasy world for kids to forget all their worries, and concerns. Parents who don't let kids play video games are killing their imagination. Kids need video games to think outside of the box, like when they are inside of school, the whole point of school is to be creative and who you are and to learn more. I mean sure, there are a lot of video games out there that show innapropriate content, but that's why they have a thing on each video game that says like for example: E ( Rated Everyone).

    # Video games live forever!


  • Yes They Should Be Banned

    Video games should be banned because, videogames are a waste of time kids and adults waste all of their time playing video games and get nothing done. Playing sports or reading a book it benefits you and others. Video games hurt your eyes and they make your imagination fade. Video games should be banned because kids learn bad stuff from inoppriot video games. Staying outside near nature and away from violent inoprriot video games that have swears nudity and all those bad things and if your kid is outside with nature realxeing there is no swaers or nudity that you will see. Playing video games are bad because kids just want to play play play and they forget how to act nicely to people and start acting rude. Video games should be banned because they learn stuff and then might use it in class.

  • There is a rating

    Looking at this whole page I see that every one is saying bad for kids. Thats why they put ratings on the damn game(E for every one,T for teens,M for 18+).So stop complaining its bad for kids when there is a damn age rating on the game for your kids.

  • They can help life

    While games are addicting, they help people make better choices, react faster, and make a desicion in a split second. They also fulfill three main needs in life- creativity, relativity, ans astractability. They are major in those three because many people feel lonely, there life is filled with nothimg without them

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