• Minors Will Play

    Violent games can often be seen by the eyes of children under the age specified on the game. Sometimes they are even supplied them to play! I think this can make your child think that killing and fighting people is okay. They should not be taught that for obvious reasons!

  • Comparing to Real Life

    I know this topic seems to be a boys vs. Girls kind of thing, but I don't know what we would think, playing violent games. It seems to be that after violent games, were purchased, right off the bat, the minds of people became more violent, than the usual. Just look at GTA. It's a inappropriate game, for heavens sake. I've seen in real life, people at the age of 11-13 playing it. It just kills me inside that people are now just taking war, for granted. In my language, it seems their just saying, I'm glad it's over, now. If you don't agree with me, look outside into the real world. Are there going to be crazy people? Yes, but it will increase if you can't control your decisions.

  • Do you think its right if they accused all the time.

    I need help
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  • Making the world a better place

    I believe that violent video games should be banned because terrorist, kidnappers, thief, etc. Get their ideas from Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row because these "open world games" let them literally do what ever they want to and not get the consequences that they deserve instead of putting in some cheat code in that takes your warren away and your off the hook although there are police officers in the game they don't do the job that a actual officer would and the actions the police force would take to get you arrested or terminated with that being said violent games bring the worst out in people and if the law fails to get this under control how do they expect to make the world a better place.

  • Violent Games Be Gone

    Violent games will actually infect childres brain and sometimes make them go crazy. Maybe your child is good but he becomes a disrespectful child just by playing a violent game. If people still want to continue playing violent games let them. They'll just mess up their behavior. By Fawzy Lawal from kawameeh middle school located in Union NJ

  • Please don't banned violent games

    We should not banned the violent games because there is about 90% of teens really like video games and me too, so i think if we banned it it will be so unfair to the people who really like violent games. Anybody, will know what is the difference between violent games and real life but some people may think that is wrong. I hope that video games will not mess up your brain between games and real life, and please don't banned video games!

  • The violent games gives them the idea even if they weren't violent individuals.

    Take a look at kids brought up in violent homes or kids exposed to violence one way or the other, they usually grow up into violent adults if a life situation hasn't changed them. So are we going to wait for a whole city to get wiped out by innocent kids handling violent objects using ideas they got from video games? We should have a rethink.

  • The bannig of

    Violent Video games is a big invasion in the freedom of the media and a large step towards totalitarianism. If we go on the bandwagon of "BUT THEY CAUSE THEM SHCOOL SHOOTINGS" no they do not, they actually help people prone to violence to get rid of their aggressions. If we would want to abolish child violence, maybe we should stop selling shotugns everywhere.

  • Parents should intervene

    If I had children and did not believe that they were mature enough to play violent games such as: GTA, CoD, or Halos, to name a few, I would not let them play them. I think the problem nowadays is that some parents are giving their children the games not thinking about their age or the game rating, and that is where we need to change. I don't think its the games' fault for influencing kids, I think it is the parents' fault for not realizing that their child/ren are not old/mature enough to play violent games.

  • It is unreasonable

    Its unreasonable to ban violent video games. Violent video games are not the cause of violence its just easier to blame them instead of taking responsibility for what we do. To some people they are even an escape and an outlet whenever I'm pissed off I play Predator Vs. Alien its the most bloody game I own and it takes all the frustration and anger out of me and then I continue my day and everything is fine. I have even made two video games myself and I find it increases my understanding of computers and technology. Video games aren't a problem we need to ban like drugs its something we use to unwind and relax.

  • Parents should decide

    If that child is mature enough they will understand that what they are playing is bad, and they should never do that. If that child is not mature the parent should step in, and not let that child play those video games. They shouldn't be banned from everyone. Some people are mature enough.

  • Only if you ban ALL violence in media

    Banning one source of violence is not a valid method of editing the content seen by the public at large. Violence is pervasive thoughout the media. Imagine how empty the television will be when every cop show, and comedy that includes violence (he hit him in the junk with a baseball, hahaha).

  • Games don't make people violent lag does.

    I have played violent games all my life and I am an extrememly calm person. Most people who are mentally stable can leave their aggressions in the game, and can seperate the game violence from real life violence, BUT you know what does make people violent? Lag. Nothing makes people rage harder than lag. It makes me want to punch everthing.

  • Video Games Don't Make Kids Violent

    If a child is violent they will be violent either way. If anything, it can be a good outlet for violence and aggression. Anybody, child or adult, with a mentally sane mind knows the difference between shooting people in GTA and shooting people in real life. If anything the thing that desensitizes kids to violence and killing is the media and news that revolves around it, and I doubt you are going to ban that.

  • No. It's free country

    U can't do that is wont be fair for every one that want to play. Not also fair for teens that are eighteen years old and want to have some fun. So in my opinion I do not want violent games to be banned . So no. I hope everyone agrees with me

  • No it should not

    Video games are not as violent as people let on. They offer good thinking and tactics for games like battle field 4 and runescape. But they don't no the good part of those games. Some people see death and bloody gore. But some games like Minecraft offer so geography hints like how to build a house and castle. People should not worry about what there kids are playing and just lay off

  • Not At All

    When I get home from working and classes everyday, I like to relax and unwind. Maybe play a little Battlefeild. Wait oh no! I see people killing each other in a game, that means I should go out and do it to! No, no one thinks like that. Anytime someone goes off the chain and goes on a killing spree dumb Liberal's always blame it on something. Latley it's been games. Games don't cause people to go cause mass murder and crime. It's peoples defunctional brains that do that. Its a human flaw, not video games.

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