• Teens think violence is normal now

    I am especially upset with Telemundo network and violent, drug trafficking soap operas. Every time I flip the channel, somebodys head is being cut off, someone is being hunted with a bow and arrow, guns, sex, money, death, blood, guts, pain, and narcissism all over the screen, being injected into the souls of innocent children and teenagers. What the heck is going on. It makes me sick to my stomach litteraly. I'm thinking of starting a movement to end this garbage. If someone can help or guide me that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Zero violent TV & movies

    Every producer and director she go to prison or be executed for 100 years diarrhea television every second it's offensive and abusive to every audience the last 100 years a television should be destroyed and every director and producers should be imprisoned or executed because every second is evil programming

  • No more violent movies!

    When i was 18, my brother was playing minecraft with me. My dad was upstairs watching a violent movie. I went upstairs to get a snack and i saw a guy slamming his car door into somebody's face. I told my dad to turn off the movie, and he did. But violent movies are still a problem. So no more violent movies!

  • Movie making is an art.

    Movie making is an art. The level of imagination a human mind can reach is incredible. So, this imagination should be put into art, to entertain people. It depends purely on the people whether they like to keep it as an art, or show their stupid 'artistry' in real life and do something unethical. Such people should be stopped, you can't blame art for this.

  • They aren't going to be banned, that just won't happen

    You can't hold a movie accountable for a person's violent actions just like you can't say, "my sister made me break that vase mom!" Everyone has their own free will. Sure watching a violent movie may make you have violent thoughts or it could just scare the crap out of you and make you afraid of people like it does to me. Honestly you really can't ban a genre of movie for being too violent, if anything, if it's really bad they would most likely censor it a bit.

  • Violent movies are never going to go away.

    Violent movies are never going to go away. Violence and sex sell more movie tickets than
    everything else. Sometimes, people watch
    movies in order to live vicariously through the characters they see on the
    screen. People want to see movies filled
    with violent situations that they will never personally experience. That’s what makes movies so exciting.

  • Violent Movies Serve A Purpose

    There is no link between watching violence on TV or in the theater to acting out real violence in day to day life. The examples some use in arguing for a ban are outliers. There is no epidemic of violence because of entertainment, and most people suggesting a ban are just trying to impose their own cultural sensibilities on others.

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