Should violent video games be banned or should we at least enforce stricter rules on purchases?

  • Video games should not be banned but should be taken care of.

    Many kids are playing games that are not for their age range. Kids are playing games with ages 16 and up while the kids playing it are way younger than what the age limit should be. But many other people don't enforce that rules, and violent video games end up in negative things happening to the kids, and in them being more involved in to Violence.

  • Video games shouldn't be banned, but there should be more strict rules.

    Video games can provide healthy benefits, like perhaps faster reaction times. But when children are exposed to violent video games, it affects them (no, it doesn't turn them into a murderer). Children can see what a protagonist does in a violent video game. The "good guy" is committing violent acts, and this reinforces the thought that says it's okay to be violent as long as it's done with good intentions. The child sees the other characters okay with violence, and thinks, "They're okay with it. They're good people, and they're using violence to solve problems. They're heroic and brave."

    My main point is that we should reinforce the rules on age requirements for video games. I do understand that video games have some healthy benefits and are fun to play, but when it comes to children, I believe it's better to take the controller away.

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  • Violence is influenced if you believe it is

    You do not need to raise any age limit when nothing is wrong, it is only wrong if you think it is. There is no evedence of violent video games provoking any violent thoughts or imagination, even if there was, that's like saying if you're reading a sad book and you get depressed, sad books should be banned. Seriously.

  • The Rules Are Fine

    Within the United States you have to be a certain age to purchase adult rated games. These rules are generally followed by the retailers and I feel that these restrictions are just and serve their purpose. I do not believe we should further restrict the sale of these items because what we have is enough.

  • I think things are fine the way they are.

    There has not been any credible evidence that show that violent video games lead to violent behavior. Many times someone who plays violent video games and is showing violent behavior would have had the same behavior even if they weren't playing the game. I think that it is up to the parents to control what their children are playing.

  • Violent games shouldn't be banned

    Violent video games shouldn't be banned. They should not have stricter rules enforced upon their purchase either. This is because studies have shown that violent video games are not the cause of violent action by individuals. People should be free to enjoy violent content, as almost all people are mature enough to do so.

  • We should be more strict.

    Violent video games do not need to go as far as being banned just have a more strict guideline for purchase. If a child is trying to pick up a violent video game like GTA maybe enforce the fact that a parent has to sign off on the fact they know it is violent and accept that their kid can play it.

  • Violent video games should not be banned or enforce stricter rules on purchases.

    Violent video games should not be banned or enforce stricter rules on purchases. It should be left up to the parents of the children if they want to purchase and allow their children to play these games. I do not think violent video games leads to violence on the street.

  • Come on man!

    This is what I hate. A Harvard study has shown video games shows no sign of causing violence in anyone except the severe mentally challenged. Parents know if they are mature enough or kids are mature enough. I play call of duty when I was 8. The rules are great the way they are now. That would take away our right as Americans if they would ban violent video games.

  • It's not down to the game companies.

    My belief is that it is NOT down to the companies to "lower" the violence in their video games, but instead should inform parents what type of game IS for sale. A child under the age limit, should not be playing a game that is 18+

    When you hear of children going on a shooting spree, you have to ask - why are these guns so readily available for them? Where did they obtain it? What was their motif. Only then can we start to look at a solution.

    Children are often expected to be "non-responsible" for murdering people when they blame video games, so therefore they should hold the parent or guardian who purchased that game for said child, responsible.

    People don't realize that when they buy "Call of Duty" for their kids, they're exposing them to violence at a younger age.

    Games aren't too violent - kids are too sensitive & parents are too lazy to monitor their children.

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