Should Volunteer Civilian Groups Such as the Minutemen Patrol the Borders?

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  • Borders patrolling need qualified security.

    I don't Volunteer Civilians Grounp should be patrolling the boreders, simply because it requires lots of training and practice to watch the security of our borders. I think it would be easier for the smugglers and traffickers to get in the borders. It would also be unsafe for normal Civilian to guard the borders cuz we never know what happends out there.

  • The minutemen should not patrol the borders.

    No volunteers should be in charge of patrolling our borders. I believe that allowing the minutemen and similar groups to patrol U.S. borders is a bad idea and could have tragic consequences. It can lead to corruption, with volunteers taking pay offs to allow drugs and illegal into the country. It could also lead to unnecessary violence by these untrained volunteers who don't have the training on how to handle conflict.

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