• Mandatory Voting would give the "right" to vote to many who can't

    Many poor and disadvantaged people can't vote because they can't take the time off work. Mandatory voting would give us true representatives of the people!

    To those who say it infringes on their rights, what about the people who have no "right" to vote because there's no law that allows them to take the day off to vote.

    If we had mandatory voting maybe Americans would pay more attention to the representatives we elect.

  • Not mandatory to vote

    It is a Right not a mandate. Just like the 2A, it is an individual's choice to own a firearm.
    Frankly, too many people strictly rely on the mass media to tell them how to think .... Too scary if they vote too :)
    Whether it a left or right wing media.

  • To Vote or Not to Vote

    Making voting mandatory will be extremely difficult to put into action and enforce. It would use a large portion of the taxpayer's budget that could be used elsewhere. It would also alienate citizens who just don't want to vote. This would also create a problem for citizens who don't have the capacity to make an educated voting decision. To conclude, mandatory voting would be expensive and unnecessary.

  • Voting should never be mandatory.

    No, voting should not be mandatory in the U.S. Voting is a right and a privilege, not a mandate. People should only vote when they feel they are well-informed and ready to make a wise decision. Mandatory voting would result in uneducated guessing as well as intense resentment. It would also be the first step in a slippery slope toward mandating which person each voter must select.

  • No, voting should not be mandatory in the U.S.

    Voting should not be mandatory in the United States. Americans take pride in being the land of the free. If we allow the government to force us to vote, we are no longer free. If a person doesn't agree with their candidate choices, he or she should not have to give their vote to somebody they don't fully want representing them. We should be able to opt out of choosing the lesser of two evils.

  • Absolutely no mandatory voting

    As great as it would be if everyone was knowledgeable and voted, that just isn't the case. We don't want people voting who know nothing about the issues. It also is against what we consider a democracy to make people vote. Are we going to fill our jails with nonvoters?

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