• Hitler used war propaganda.

    Hitler's speeches were propaganda, powerful and able to make people believe that what he was doing was right and that the Jews were wrong.His posters were red because he knew it would attract people's attention. If it all happened back then with the help of social media it would be easier now. Do we really want that to happen again?

  • War Propaganda should be outlawed.

    Americans are told that other governments practice censorship and propaganda, not realizing that their government does as well. During World War 1, Americans used propaganda to support the war effort without reservation. During World War 2, Americans used propaganda to increase support for the war and urged greater public effort for war production. During the Cold War, Americans used propaganda to prevent communism from influencing the country. It affects people because the truth is hidden from them. It manipulates people’s minds into believing in the way of the user. Propaganda is used to sway the minds of a certain group of people. Americans are given the truth of everything, no matter how terrible. They should be given the knowledge of the cause for which they would be possibly sacrificing their own lives.

  • War propaganda should be outlawed

    We are in the age beyond war propaganda. Propaganda is unfair to the people and it exploits the less intelligent ones. War propaganda should not be necessary if countries are only taking military action when it is completely warranted. There is no need for war machines, that era is gone. There are only conflicts.

  • No, Freedom of Speech, The Solution is Peace Propaganda

    Propaganda is the propagation of some idea or another through the media. This is protected by the first amendment. The solution is not to ban war propaganda the solution is to promote peace propaganda, to appeal to the better half of people and to promote peace and highlight the evils and inhumanity of war.

  • Censoring 'war propaganda' could lead to censoring of more speech

    The problem with such a law is that it would be difficult to define exactly what is 'war propaganda'. Theoretically, anyone voicing an opinion on a current or potential conflict could be accused of spreading 'war propaganda'. This obviously has the potential for abuse as the government could define and redefine what is 'war propaganda' in order to silence critics.

  • No, war propaganda should not be outlawed

    Not all propaganda is negative. Propaganda is simply a form of communication that attempts to influence the opinions of others. There are times when war is necessary and in order to go to war, the citizens of the country have the right to know the reasons and why. In addition, it is a form of speech. Freedom of speech is our 1st amendment right according in the United States of America. Restricting this right means restricting other forms of speech which takes away our freedom.

  • Don't Take Away Our Right to Freedom of Speech!

    Liberals in office are slowly stripping away our liberties and rights that have been granted to us by the Constitution. I personally don't care for war propaganda but people have the right to publish it regardless of what I think. We've already begun losing our 2nd Amendment rights, how long will it be before we lose all the rest?

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