Should water bottles be allowed in schools?

Asked by: kyhag
  • I think they should be allowed.

    They help kids stay hydrated through out the day. Drinking water has many benefits to the human body. I would really hope to see the day they allow them at my school. I don't want to get in trouble for carrying one. Drinking out of school fountains can get you sick, which is NOT cool!!

  • Of course they should be allowed.

    I've never heard of schools banning them and I think that would be just ridiculous. Water is a basic necessity and thirsty students must have some way to stay hydrated. Of course, if the bottles contain non-water beverages, the beverage should not be allowed, but the bottle itself is harmless. Bottles should also be mandatory for water fountains, as is the case of most schools in Hong Kong. Drinking directly spreads infectious diseases. Drinking fountains should be for refill only.

  • Obviously yes, it would be cruel to ban them!

    Of course people should be allowed to take bottled water to school. You will always have immature children throwing the empty bottles around and there will be a mess made occasionally but it's a lot better to have that than have kids being dehydrated throughout the day as they may not have enough money to go buy a drink. It also helps for if they Physical Education because it means that they can take the water with them and it allows them to keep hydrated and exercise better which will have positive impacts on their health. They shouldn't be allowed to drink fizzy juice/energy drinks though as they are just filled with sugar and they will make things worse rather than better.

  • Bottled water is perfectly fine

    We need bottled water we are not always gonna have water fountains around, also one thing that no one brings up is that water bottles are recyclable,so you people who say its bad and say that it creates problems because of throwing them in trash or littering you can just recycle or reuse

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  • Why not have them in school

    If they arent in school precious education is lost to taking breaks to drinking water in the hall way instead of pulling out a water bottle and taking a sip. Kids in our generation of middle school spend alot of time in the hallway losing knowledge by the second. Just having a bottle of water can save 30 seconds of each class boosting our oppotunities to be something great in the world. By the way if there are 3.5 minutes of learnging time lost, thats more than our passing time

  • Water is a human need.

    A water ban is like a breathing ban. It endangers the health of students and is unnecessary. My school would be sued for health hazards if they imposed a water ban. Water is a necessary part of being a living, breathing human. It is a right to be able to have water.

  • Of course water bottles should be allowed.

    The idea of this debate becoming a serious is a clear idea of how health and safety is getting out of hand in our society.

    And seeing is the opposition isn't really taking this seriously, there obviously could never be a strong argument for water bottles being disallowed in schools.

  • Should bottled water be banned from schools?

    It's estimated that 30 billion single-serving bottles of water are gulped down each year in the United State. Some people think that bottled water is good however some people know that bottled water is just purified tap water. I think bottled water should be banned in schools.
    There are many reasons why bottled water should be banned. One reason why bottled water should be banned is from knowing that 25% of bottled water is tap. In the CNN video, Most Bottled Water is Tap, one lady said that she was bamboozled and hoodwinked. Another lady said that she would never drink Aquafina after realizing that Aquafina doesn't come from a spring or reservoir like the brand name says. Another reason why bottled should be banned is because it is bad for the environment. The Mayor from California said in an article Goodbye, Bottled Water “More than one billion plastic water bottles end up in California’s landfill each year, taking 100 years to biodegrade and leaking toxic additives such as phthalates into the groundwater.” This quote is showing that plastic water bottles don’t biodegrade as easily. Tap water doesn't biodegrade at all. The final reason why bottled water should be banned is because some bottled water is expensive. Brands like Fuji cost 8 dollars or more in hotels.
    On the other hand, some people think that bottled water shouldn’t be banned in schools. One reason why people think that bottled water shouldn't be banned in schools is because we should have an opinion whether to drink bottled water or tap. By banning bottled water, it takes away the option to choose their choice of beverage. However, bottled water is too expensive to drink. Most of the bottled water is tap and takes 1,000 years to biodegrade. Bottled water also leaks toxic additives into the groundwater, which is where people get their tap water from.
    As you can see bottled water should be banned in schools. Bottled water is bad for the environment, expensive and really just glorified tap water. In fact, Martha Coakley already banned bottled water in Concord Massachusetts. We need your help to make sure that bottled water is banned from schools.

  • My experience will change your perception on this debate...

    It's a serious story so don't judge me too much. Well one day i was the only kid with a water bottle, all the other kids kept asking me for my water bottle. But it was mine and mine only, i started to beat the poo out of anyone that came close to me and my water bottle plus i beat the poo out of my carer but that's another story. Any way water bottles bring out our inner demons and i think they should be banned.
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  • They Shouldn't be allowed.

    No more bottled water in schools! Bottled water should stop being made because it is a harmful thing to do to the earth, and students will litter and their bottles will end up in a trash can. You can poison plants and waste water. Most people can just carry water in their personal water bottles such as hydro flasks, like most kids do. Therefore, people can make the world more healthy. No more bottled water!

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