• Improvement of the human race

    Animal purge themselves, food chain, strongest, fastest, smartest only survive. Human race: we keep the sick artificialy alive, we keep those who can't produce and ben active member of the society, we keep the dumb by putting stupid rules in place and dumb warning label. We would get rid of those flaw in the human race. Improving the living quality of everyone.

  • Living A Good Life

    Imagine , if we actually did have a purge life would be swell , for those who can survive through it .
    At the beginning of the movie , it says 'unemployment is at 1%' can you imagine how great a majority of us would be living ? We'd be able to afford protection just like the Sandin's .
    By allowing everyone who chooses to participate in the purge for the short 12-hour period , we would all live in peace the other 364 days . I don't know about you , but that sounds pretty grand .

    Posted by: xkr
  • Less crime around the U.S.

    If we had an annual purge, I believe the crime rates would decrease dramatically. I'm not saying that it would disappear completely but I definitely think it wouldn't be as high. Considering most people don't want to go to jail. Also it would take out some built up anger that normally causes people to do physical crimes to other people. People would realize "Hey if I wait till the purge I can get away with the crime I want to do."

  • We are overpopulated

    I dont think killing people is good but the purge isnt just about killing. Its ALL crime like stealing and again im not saying its good but it would allow people to get what they need without getting in trouble .It would also help out with our overpopulation problem. So yeah it would be a good idea in a way

  • I believe it should exist

    Why not have a purge? I mean, yeah it sounds awful to some but if you really think about it... Life goes on as the strong survive (survival of the fittest) so why not have one day out of the year where everyone who wants to release their emotions, pent up frustrations, and anger Because i'd go to the military bases and steal a tank and kill everyone i don't like.Crime rates outside of the purge would drop.

  • In a SECLUDED area

    I think there should be a set place where all the killers etc can come if they want to do such a thing. This gives the children etc to be safe and go to a safe place if needed. This way, only the KILLERS who plan on killing kill other killers with will kill the amount of killers that kill helpless people.

  • I've actually thought about the idea before the movie.

    I've toyed with this idea before, and to be quite honest, I kind of like it. You take the entire population, and have them to anything illegal that they want free of consequence once per year. It would sure give me a good excuse to see if my '01 Malibu can actually hit over 120.

    -"But it would increase crime!"
    For one thing, you can't have crime if there are no laws. Secondly, even if it does, how much will it? When the Netherlands legalized Marijuana, it's use remained stable even though the threat of imprisonment is gone. Lastly, I would assert that the reason why many people don't do the violent crimes (like rape and murder, if not most non-violent crimes as well), is because they don't see it as morally just (cue religious dogma), and therefore no amount of lawlessness will make them commit those crimes, therefore crimes won't significantly increase.

  • Wow, what a terrible idea

    Ok so let's just say it's NYC on Purge night. The homeless are scrambling for shelter and people are readying their weapons. The night goes on with robbery, rape, murder, etc. The next morning, the city is in shambles. Every store has been damaged and looted. The dead bodies of men, women, children, and animals litter the streets. Blood is still flowing down the sewers. Those who are still alive have one of three feelings: nothing at all (small percentage), scared for life (those who saw loved ones die), or terrible guilt. The economy is destroyed because both store owners and their stores have been destroyed. Not to mention the moral codes that are engraved in our conscience have been shattered. So yeah, the purge is an awful idea.

  • It could work

    Ok so first of all, to those that say there is no overpopulation or global warming... OPEN YOUR EYES! Second, people base their view off of the actual movie, which mainly surrounded death. In real life, 999,999 out of every 1,000,000 people would want to try small things such as speeding, drinking underage, gambling, smoking pot, etc. and that 1 in a million would be able to kill what, maybe 2 or 3 people. Come on it would work.

  • The purge would give people an opertunity to commit crimes that they wouldn't have commuted otherwise.

    The fear of getting caught or going to jail is probably one of the only things keeping Americans from committing crimes in the first place.If you take that away for a day, not only will the criminals be loose but people that wouldn't have committed in the first place too. It would also put everyone in uneccisary danger. If the crime was spread out, there would be less terror than if it was all in one night. The purge is a stupid idea.

  • The country would be utter chaos after

    The country's economy would be non existent after the purge. The cities would be the worst place in the country, Because after the purge the bodies of the night would be everywhere and plague the city. If the US had a night of anarchy then no other country would trust us.
    Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=fZyMI7AIj_g

  • Think of the lives ruined. . .

    Yeah, People can release their anger or some shit. But imagine all the fucking psychopaths, Child murderers, Pedophiles. Think of all the people murdered, Raped, And families destroyed. Think in the eyes of the people getting brutally murdered and the murderer getting no payback at all. This is a horrible idea. . .

  • Y’all are demented human beings

    You freaks condoning the premise of this Hollywood filth need to start an occult, Sit in a big circle with the red punch laced with poison singing cumbayah, And drink up. Talk all you want about your sick twisted ideas amongst yourselves, But do us all a favor and off yourselves. Let me be very clear, You are all that’s wrong with the world. Your temptations to entertain anarchy as a societal norm is repulsive, And you are a byproduct of the mass psychosis Hollywood wants you to be. If you can’t snap out of this twisted fantasy, Please go F’ing kill yourself. . . .

  • Cities in shambles

    If you think about it, The aftermath is worse than horrific. People would lose jobs due to the metal impact, Their companies could be blown up, The economy would be terrible. The 1% unemployment rate is there a couple of days before the purge happens, Meaning they had a full year to build new shops etc. However for a good 3-4 months after the purge, It would not be 1% unemployment, But around 50-60%. Also the fact that no one would go to work for at least a week to get their lives back together, Think about how that would affect companies. All this without mentioning the moral side effects answers the question. No, You should not have a purge.

  • Definitely no purge

    If you have ever watched the purge hen you know how terrifying and horrific it would be if we had one in real life. This would also leave our towns in a terrible state after the 12 hours of the purge. This is an absolute waste of time considering ever having the purge, I bid you all a due

  • Set aside the murder, it would tank the economy

    The reasoning for it is irrelevant when the MASSIVE amounts of bank robberies committed screws the economy. There is no way the government would be able to insure that many businesses and banks. The idea behind it is flawed, most violent crimes are crimes of passion, where the perpetrator of the violence snaps and does said crime. Someone who cracks is not going to wait until a specific date to get their crazy on, unless you're a psycho, thus meaning there would not be a significant drop in violent crime all year round. Pointless.

  • Are you kidding me

    People can be killed for minding their business or being involved. It's a lose lose. Damned if you do or don't type of situation. Also you know people may kill doctors and other professionals we need. There are crazies out there who don't think about he repercussions of their actions and that's why laws are in place

  • It will destroy our homes

    The purge would put what we have been working for the past decades would also cause the people that have trouble (physically and mentally) to protect themselves throughout the purge, also people say that they would never want to cause pain to another human being but some people would do anything for a materialized possession.

  • Wouldn't be beneficial

    It would not help the human race at all even if the animals do it to each other how would it benefit us. Since we could do any type of crime such as steal things and kill people what good would that do. If we robbed the bank what would you do with the money. You could buy things but would that make you rich what would it do for you and how about you killing innocent people how would you feel if your loved ones got killed because of this

  • Fucking stupid idea

    It's fucking stupid. Wouldn't decrease the rate.Of crime in the slightest, despite what the film will have you think. Millions will suffer for one night. It will create more crime than what it says it aims to prevent. At the end of the day, it's a shitty idea from an even shittier series of horror movies.

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Sparkay says2014-07-12T09:59:50.827
I would cry in a corner wearing jug armour with a sniper/rifle and a katana/raygunmark2
molly.holden says2014-07-31T20:46:05.700
If there was a purge I would steal clothes and be fly as hell once the purge is over
wefuntw says2015-10-02T10:19:09.330
If I am the Chinese or Russian leader, I will agree with the American purge very very much! Any powerful nation could invade U.S. and win easily when you Americans are busy killing each other, making your own country a war zone with countless dying in streets.
dj123w1 says2016-05-06T00:49:03.607
If you were to kill a killer even for a good cause, there would still be the same amount of killers on this earth.
wefuntw says2017-08-30T09:06:44.557
For those who agreed Purge, do you agree to be killed? You and your family to be wiped out? If not, you do not agree with Purge.