• JEWS! Jew jews

    My man hitler didn't finish his oath and I can't be fucked going to court for my man so lets just all shit in the same bucket ay? I say that the purge is a brilliant idea in places like birmingham and Bradford then the turbanators wouldn't stay in the UK

  • It’s time to begin the purge.

    Survival of humanity is through fewer humans. Natural population control does not exist of the same level now. Culling of the heard does not occur to humans. Disease is largely controlled and through disease is nearly wiped out. Humans have hunted their predators to such a point that in western society the odds of killed or even attacked by a predator is non existent. Even tribal wars and disputes don’t happen which has lead to mass population. Let the Purge be the annual culling of society.

    Alternatively we could allow assisted suicide for free to any and all people who so choose.

  • Pro purge anti drug addict

    My town used to be really nice, But in the past few years there has been a huge influx of homless and section 8 drug addicts. A purge would give us hard working Americans the chance to clean up our streets and shut down the druggy hand out program that is attracting them like flies to poop. People would die, But no one that will be missed.

  • Reduce global warming for a better future.

    The amount of people on this earth are destroying the community for fellow human beings, The future generations, And other creatures on this earth. If the purge were to exist it will reduce the spread of global warming and develop a better future and community as a whole. Thank You.

  • There are stupid people out there

    It would be better for the world if stupid people and useless people were erased from it. Health for the Gen pop and technology would increase by removing those who cannot come up with simple ideas or learn from their mistakes. The legalization of the purge would eliminate the people who use the system for their own benefit and whom also don't make a contribution to society.

  • Nffa -new founding fathers of america

    If we have the purge I would go straight to the border and kill every border patrol. The I'm coming for trump, going to the hood, and yeah it would remove all my hate and anger that I would have. I'll be ready for this if it does happen. (NFFA)

  • Nffa -new founding fathers of america

    If we have the purge I would go straight to the border and kill every border patrol. The I'm coming for trump, going to the hood, and yeah it would remove all my hate and anger that I would have. I'll be ready for this if it does happen. (NFFA)

  • Purge the stupid people

    The stupid people on this earth need to go they are making the world a dumber place and need to be purged and all of the criminals too it would be a grand place if these people did not exist I would be more than happy to help with my s and w .460 magnum!

  • Genius ideal purge

    All you have to do is look at society and you have answered your own question they made this as just another movie but the director didn't realize the ingenius of it the scum in this country has to be dealt with some how people will answer in other posts or should I say cry about innocent people getting hurt there are no inecent people in society like they say if your not part of the solution your part of the problem

  • Yes yes the purge is great

    Nah i know that i would be putting my fam in danger so u will always have to be perpared on stuff like that and the would be grate cuz it would drop the hate crime by alote less ppl less crime why dont ppl get that ppl say its sick and its really not i was born into a gang so i have no problem. But if i had to kill my freind or fam id kill myself

  • You stupid psychopaths.

    We are going back in time. The goal of modern society is to treat all equally as much as possible.

    This is Nazism at its worst. There is no overpopulation (at least not in this vast nation). It may seem overpopulated if you live in the city, but try out a place like Central California or Wyoming.

    There is no global warming. There is no climate change. The only problem is distribution of resources. People usually overeat and waste food, or get fat. Plus, a lot of it goes to cattle.

  • If it happens I'll kill every convict or murderer I see

    If it happens I'll be one killing off the evil. I'll arm myself form a group with one goal protect the helpless and innocent. I'll hang every convict and murderer out there. They'll fear the purge since it'll be the day when I can kill every low-life out there. I will purge evil.

  • Sickos will get away with child sex

    If all crime is legal, think about all the paedophiles that could rape your children, they'll get away with it, crime isn't just murder or theft.
    I mean, you wouldn't like it if a group of perverted men broke in your house and started raping your kids would you? That's just sick.

  • The purge is terribly flawed.

    The purge would increase the murder rate. Also, some of us really aren't so capable of murder, or let along breaking any other law.

    There are other ways to release our rage, but murder isn't one of them. Society can't function like that. Plus, violence doesn't do much other than hurting someone.

  • Whats the point?

    Having an annual purge could result in disaster. If all emergency are suspended for 12 hours then what happens if someone has a major illness and has a heart attack or something then that person could die because they are suspended. Although it was used as a way of separating the poor from the rich. Is that really fair?

  • A terrorist's dream

    This is an incredibly stupid idea. The fact that all emergency is suspended and ALL crime is legal is only a dream for any terrorist. I can only imagine how many people within and outside the united states would plant bombs all over NYC only to detonate wall street and other important buildings possibly sending the world into economic chaos. Businesses would be ruined, GDP would tank, and hospitals would be overcrowded with murder victims.

    What happens if someone obtains a bio-weapon and unleashes it on the purge (it would be perfectly legal) imagine the aftermath.

    No. Just no. I hate anarchists, and always will.

  • No its a bad idea

    If we had a purge, then our love ones would get hurt or killed. We would get seriously injured. It may sound worth it but its not. It may sound easy just to walk out and go steal stuff. But its not. You will see people killing and kidnappings. Or they will come for you. Our world will never be the same or have peace if we have a purge. Its just a movie. Would you really want risk your life and love ones just for the purge? Would you want to lose everything? Think about it and have some common sense.

  • Why kill innocent people for nothing

    I Know many people have a strong dislike for others but that is no reason to decide to have an annual purge. Yes the movie was good but it's starting to get out of hand everybody should just stop . There are already enough crimes in the work having a purge would just make it worse

  • A Purge is Just Extremely Illogical

    Even if you ignore the moral issues with having a Purge, all crime being legal for one night would be a terrible idea. One cannot conclude that the amount of crime committed on that night will be less than the amount committed in a year now-a-days. The only difference that we can deduce is that a lot of crime committed in one day will have worse effects than crime committed over a long period of time.

    Say, for example, that groups of people end up robbing banks all over the country, which is probably very likely. I imagine that the number would be pretty significant, which could result in the crashing of the United States economy. Why would we want to risk something like that for something that probably will not decrease the number of crimes committed?

  • It's not really fair no nonviolent people

    Maybe the people who want to participate should all go into a gated area together and leave people who don't want to commit violent crimes out of danger. I like smoking pot and doing other recreational drugs, but I certainly would never want to cause pain to another human being.

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Sparkay says2014-07-12T09:59:50.827
I would cry in a corner wearing jug armour with a sniper/rifle and a katana/raygunmark2
molly.holden says2014-07-31T20:46:05.700
If there was a purge I would steal clothes and be fly as hell once the purge is over
wefuntw says2015-10-02T10:19:09.330
If I am the Chinese or Russian leader, I will agree with the American purge very very much! Any powerful nation could invade U.S. and win easily when you Americans are busy killing each other, making your own country a war zone with countless dying in streets.
dj123w1 says2016-05-06T00:49:03.607
If you were to kill a killer even for a good cause, there would still be the same amount of killers on this earth.
wefuntw says2017-08-30T09:06:44.557
For those who agreed Purge, do you agree to be killed? You and your family to be wiped out? If not, you do not agree with Purge.