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  • Yes we should

    It would make the world a better place. We wouldn't have to worry about laundry, nor would we have to worry about clothing being a status symbol. Except in situations where it would be impractical (ie too cold) why not be nude? We have over sexualized our culture by tying nudity to sex.

  • Cripple Body Shame.

    More people know more about How their Smart Phones work, than their Own Bodies. Others pay to see the nakedness. Then those who make profits from the nakedness. And those who shame others about the Imperfections of Bodies. Not All Bodies are the Same, Unless your a Twin/Triplelet,Etc. Every Body Is Beautiful.

  • We would be exposed to the elements

    We wear clothes not just to cover our genitalia, or look proper and decent, we wear them as protection against the elements and to keep our selves from getting hurt.
    Right now, lets say you trip and you pant leg snags say a piece of metal, your pant leg will be torn, but you will be fine. If we were to all be nude, then if you trip, it will be your leg that is torn, not the pants.
    Plus clothes help keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Inuits developed parkas to keep them warm, as they lived in the Frozen tundra, meanwhile people in the middle east developed robes and lose head coverings to keep them cool in the desert. Those outfits aren't just for show, they serve a legitimate purpose.

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