Should we allow environmental agencies to be sued for causing pollution?

  • Yes, Courts cannot stay away from climate change much longer if politicians or environmental agencies continue to fail in their responsibilities.

    Already, a scientist is forecasting the extinction of humanity in just 100 years from now. Yes, it is that serious, but should we listen to political prostitutes, who do the bidding of the rich, we already know what that means, to the bitter end. I wholeheartedly believe we should be able to sue polluters as individuals, towns, counties, states, regions...

  • Yes, environmental agencies should be sued for causing pollution.

    Businesses and individuals alike can be held liable by the government when they cause pollution; facing steep fines and penalties. Therefore, environmental agencies that cause pollution should be held liable for their actions as well. People impacted by pollution caused by a government agency should have the right to sue that agency.

  • Yes, environmental agencies should be allowed to be sued if they cause pollution

    Yes, environmental agencies should be allowed to be sued if they cause pollution. A monetary fine is often the only thing that gets agencies to do the correct thing. A law suit would signify that the agency did something wrong and if it did not want to be sued again in the future, it should take steps to prevent the things that led to the suit from happening again.

  • They are about the environment.

    Sometimes these agencies that are dedicated to saving and preserving the environment cause more damage than they do good. If they cause harm to the environment then they should be held accountable in the way they hold everyone else accountable for the harm they cause to the environment. They can't have it both ways.

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