• Societal views on relationships have changed, and marriage as a result

    There was a time when marriage was seen as a building block of society, predicated on child-rearing or the potential for child-rearing. At that point, marriage was even seen as a way to combine families, to strengthen alliances, with the merging resulting from having a biological child that was seen as the sacred combination of bloodlines.

    Relationships are no longer like that. They are about finding love, mutual respect and goals, and rights in the eyes of the government when it comes to benefits, recognition, building of social programs, etc. This idea is wholly compatible with the idea of a relationship between two men, two women, even several people for those who are of a mind. As long as said union is between consenting adults, why not...?

    Given this shift in the cultural framework, while I do not agree with forcing churches to marry people they do not wish to marry in the eyes of their faith, marriage in the eyes of our government and our culture seems reasonable.

  • Gay should marry

    Many rights are given to us in the Bill of Rights. Like the right to bear arms, the right to hold assembly, freedom of religion and so on. So why can’t gays marry each other? The Ninth Amendment says, “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. "So knowing that, again I ask why is it that homosexuals cannot marry and be happy the way that we do. I mean just because they have a different sexual preference then the rest of us does not mean that they do not deserve to be happy. They are still humans they way that we are, they bleed like us, they cry like us, so why cannot they marry the way that we do.

  • I'd be proud to be gay, even though I'm not.

    All the things that homosexuals go through, they're braver than what we give them credit for. I mean, look at how the government treat's them; some states not allowing them to marry, adopt, being able to donate blood... Ect. What's next? Is our government going to go so far as to burn them on crosses because they're religion states that they're 'sinners'? This is America, and we have about 50 other religions here that support gay rights. How about we listen to them?

  • Why not allow same sex marriage?

    I believe that if someone loves another human being no matter what sex there should never be any restrictions! The fact is love is love and if anyone feels like it is inhuman to legalize same sex marriage and that man and woman were meant to be. That is pure cruelty to stop the love of a woman and woman or a man and man!

  • Let them be with who they love

    When people say that because you are gay you shouldn't be allowed to marry i must disagree, people cant control or choose their sexuality and its not right for people to feel like they wont be accepted over something like being gay. What people do in their bedrooms is none of our business. Why do people have problems with this? They're not asking you to be gay, are they? And why is it such a big deal anyway? How is it affecting you?

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  • No preference !

    Personally I'm not against or for gay mariages, because its very controversial therefore people should have no preferences. I think people should do anything that pleases them and isn't illegal. People have their own rights towards their proper opinions. And deverse to have their own rights and shouldn't be made fun of.

  • Equal Rights Are Deserved

    I do not see any reason why we would continue to disallow people to marry when they want to. In the United States, married people on paper, officially pay higher taxes, which is good for our government in the long run. I believe marriage is a personal choice between two people, so, beyond that, I don't feel like people should make decisions about what is right and wrong for others.

  • Yes, there should be same sex marriage.

    All adults should have the right to marry the person they wish. It is a matter of equal rights. Many heterosexual marriages are civil ceremonies anyway - not all of them are religious. Many religions are actually in favor in same sex marriage, and that seems to be the only argument against it. Even if all were, though, people should be able to be with who they love and have equal rights.

  • Everything is ok

    I feel that marrying who ever you want is a human right. If you cant choose who you want to love then I find it violates the basic human nature to love. I mean it seems like one type of marriage is ok and is accepted but another is wrong and shouldn't be legal. Anyone who says same sex marriage is wrong is a homophonic. Everyone should have the right to do what they want and marrying a person of the same sex is ok.

  • I follow god

    God made Adam and Eve not Adam a Steve.
    When you walk in a store and you see two guys kissing it is discusting. The bible says all gays will go too hell so it you turn straight you will not suffer the pain in hell. God does not hate you until you have done something wrong.

  • Everything is NOT okay

    First of all MAN and WOMAN ARE made for each other . If a right is given to them to have marriages to same sex why not allow murder to not be a crime. Yeah sure love has it ways but what type of love is this. Suicide rates are already sky rocketing. Just watch them go up even further. Why?! Because its totally normal to be the kid with two moms or dads??? No... I should know how it feels to be made fun of being a nerd....... I CANT EVEN IMAGINE

  • Not an equality issue. Vocabulary issue!

    Whether or not same-sex "unions" are permitted, marriage has a solid definition, having been recognized for all of human history. It has a specific meaning and purpose; a civil union between a man and woman. Redefining it would cause that useful, defined term to be utterly lost. Consider, the meanings of words are important and are essential to communication. Marriage has a specific meaning, having existed for thousands of years, and same-sex “marriage” seeks to redefine that word, to change its useful essence. Marriage, a specific union between a man and a woman is precise. A civil union between a man and a man would need a different term to describe it, simply because it is not the same thing as the universally recognized idea of "marriage."

    By this logic, homosexual people in actuality already have the right to marriage. They *do* have the right to get married, that is, to civilly unite with a person of the opposite sex. That is what marriage is. By the definition of marriage itself, civilly uniting with a person of the same sex simply would be a different action, a different union. Therefore, same-sex "marriage" is an impossibility, as it is impossible for me, as a lady, to be my sister's brother. Brotherhood is defined specifically between male siblings, and despite wanting my relationship with my brother to be recognized, changing the meaning of brotherhood doesn't aid my relationship, rather, only destroys the intended purpose of the word "brother." I hope I have not digressed too far, and hope I have effectively communicated why changing the definition of words is only detrimental to communication and efficiency, and while currently I will make no stance on my opinions of same sex unions, they should, in conclusion, not be referred to as "marriages."

  • No it should not

    People say it is not a choice to be gay but it is . People say gay people not getting married is not a rule but it is God's rule but why do people call. Us bigots when we don't agree with gay marriage is wrong and annoying just cause we disagree

  • Understand your need but there is a bottom line

    You may not able change your sexual preference but you should understand as a species, your very existence will endanger future generation if you are accepted as equal. I lack the word trying not to "offend" you but the same sex marriage is not just necessary and should not be recognized. Wish you find your happy life but please do not push further.

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