Should we allow teens of at least 13 years old to see R rated movies?

  • As long as they know they can handle it

    These days, it's not really hard to find pirated copies of R rated movies. Besides, you don't really need to protect them that much. I mean, if you were watching a movie like sex tape at 8 years old, a few people might raise a few questions. However, if I'm 15 and will be fine watching Deadpool, I'll probably be fine.

  • I doesn't matter

    Because we will eventually see it at there house so it should not matter. I'm 13 and my mom doesn't care what I watch. So any 13 year old should be able to watch any movie in the movie theater. If we have to pay we should be able to watch any movie we want because we spend OUR money on the movie.

  • Yes, they should know right from wrong at 13 years in age

    13 year olds should know right from wrong , as their parents should teach them. They are teenagers, and they are going to want to see more mature movies other than The Smurfs or Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Not saying they are going to want to watch sex...But they are maturing and growing older. If they feel comfortable with it than they can watch it. Just be cautious about the sexual content and profanity.

  • Not that bad

    Yes, I do think that we should allow teens of thirteen, or even younger to see these R rated movies. Most of them are not that bad, and they are not going to cause any trouble for anyone by letting these teens go and watch them, teens can handle it.

  • Yes, we should allow teens of at least 13 years old to see R rated movies.

    Yes, we should allow teens of at least 13 years old to see R rated movies, because it is not the movies that damage peoples thought processes. People are to quick to blame the media and entertainment industry, but fail to look at the two single most important factors in why a child will be grow and be the way they are. That is parents and environment. These two factors are what can really damage a 13 year old, but it will only be the R rated movie that everyone wrongly blames.

  • The real danger is G rated movies

    R rated movies are hardly a problem for children, and certainly not those aged at least 13. The real danger is G and PG movies that present wrong conduct as acceptable. In the movie Aladdin, for example, Aladdin is a thief but reaches the end of the movie filthy rich, with no transformation or comeuppance. Many people fear that children will learn atrocious behaviors from R rated movies, but it is precisely because those behaviors are so atrocious that they are too unambiguous to be misunderstood. Many people today believe that it is ok to steal if you are poor, but we do not have the same problem with views on murder. Also, sex aside, the conduct of the protagonists in R rated movies is almost universally superior to that of the protagonists of G rated movies. There is no moral case against smoking or drinking. Even killing people who try to kill innocent people is morally preferable to stealing from the innocent.

  • Yes, they should be.

    By the age of 6 or 7 I understood that entertainment was entertainment and what happened on television wasn't real. I think most kids would realize the same. An R Rated movie is not going to cause a 13 year old child any damage. Besides, they'll find ways to watch them anyway.

  • They cannot handle it.

    No, we should not allow teens of at least 13 to see R rated movies, because there is content in those movies that they cannot interpret as fictional. Young children see the sex scenes and the swearing, and they think that these are normal behaviors. They will copy the behaviors that are not appropriate for their age.

  • R rated movies are for the mature

    A lot of young teens like to mimic what they see on television and in movies. The last thing you want is teens being exposed to graphics, language and R rated movies at such a young age. This leads to bad habits and eventually decisions that can get young people in trouble.

  • Why we shouldn't

    We shouldn't let them because we wouldn't want are kids to be exposed to it and learn those bad things that we have probably not ought to teach them yet they will probably have dreams and grow up doing those things and go to jail with us all sad and felling bad about showing those things to them and now them being in jail or something

  • No is to strongly

    Rated R movies have a lot of hard scenes for mature people can identified right or wrong .Can you imagine a little girl pregnant or you little boy in jail for did or mimic something that he saw in rated R movie if we are trying to avoid la violence we have to be more carefully with this kind of movies

  • There's a reason it's rated R

    No. Do not. I've seen the article ''Deadpool isnt for kids" and when I viewed it I died. No. Don't let them see dead pool. It's gory. It's foul. It's got language. And it ain't for kiddos. Please do not watch that film. They will die and drink alcohol forever.

  • Nopedy nope nope

    It would damage their minds, traumatize them. I know because my uncles and my aunt used to watch rated R movies when they were little, and now they are messed up. (Either that, or it's just that my family is cray-cray.) Also, children are very sensitive at that age. They'll soak up everything. Trust me. I'm a kid.

  • It's rated r for a reason.

    What do people not get? Entertainment is responsible for most of societies problems speaking from sociological point of view. Just look at the stereotypes hollywood has created... Can't people see how entertainment isn't good in many ways? It is obvious to me most rated R movies have to do with these four main concepts; sex, drugs, money, and violence. This being said, this is something for parents to talk to their kids about as they mature, not for kids to learn about while they are still immature.

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