• I would feel safer...

    Do I believe that every teacher in every school should be given a gun tomorrow? No. I believe that teachers who have shown a strong commitment to teaching and have shown themselves to be mentally sane and have received the proper firearms training should be allowed to carry pistols on them in school. When it comes down to it, someone outside of a school with a gun is going to find their way in, and law enforcement can't be trusted to show up in time to prevent a massacre. I currently attend high school and I know that I would personally feel safer if my teachers were properly trained and carrying guns.

  • In Some Cases...

    In schools where dangerous situations are likely to occur, I believe that it would be right to arm teachers. If teachers were armed in schools located in "rough" areas where crime is prevalent, they would be able to protect themselves and students from intruders, dramatically lowering chances of tragedy. In addition, armed teachers would be better protected against any dangers students might try to inflict on others - in school shootings would be even less likely to occur, and kids would be safer. However, this would only work if responsible teachers with proper training were armed. Don't give a weapon to every teacher; just to teachers who would not misuse them. If every teacher had access to weapons during school, then other tragedies could occur. This is what schools would have to be careful about; choosing which teachers, if any, should be armed in the schools.

  • Effectiveness of response

    The average response time of a police call is 28minutes, the average respnse of a handgun is 1750fps. What would you rather have protecting your children? I think a few teachers being armed in a school, after intense background checks, and sanity test would help the safety of our children in the public school system

  • I would feel way more protected.

    I am an eighth grader and I always feel insecure and unprotected. When the shooting at Sandy Hook happened, my grades dropped a considerable amount because I kept having scenarios pop up in my head and I couldn't concentrate. If my teachers were armed, it would make school feel safer. I mean, looking at the teachers that schools hire today, do you really think that they would intentionally harm a student? I mean, sure, they pick on the students but that doesn't mean that they would want to kill us.

  • If they so choose, receive specialized training, then sure.

    Why not?

    The last line of defense that we can have for our kids is an armed person willing and ready to defend them if the unspeakable happens. I am way more comfortable with the image of a teacher holding a glock, protecting her class than I am with that same teacher cowering in a broom closet, waiting to die a la Sandy Hook.

    Perhaps that was a rude image to bring about, but Im serious - I'm sick and tired of people lacking the tools or permission to mount a credible challenge to maniacs.

  • Faster response time

    First and foremost, not all teachers would need to carry guns, just those who wish to carry a weapon and it doesn't even have to be a gun that shoots bullets, instead a stun gun ( tazzer) would suffice. How long does it take for a police officer to get to the building? Or even swat? Too long, teachers are almost always one of the victims in school shootings.

  • Shooters are cowards.

    If we arm teachers, shooters will be deterred by the fact that they will be met with imminent and sudden opposition. They strategically pick gun free zones like concerts, schools, and churches because of the easy ability to attack with little to opposition. Teaching kids gun safety and posing an opposition to shooters, will have a direct drop in mass shootings.

  • Yes we need this

    It would help protect the children, currently there is no way for teachers or students to protect them selves in the event of a shooting. This would save many lives. Donald j trump once said we must protect the children and f you are against this you are against protecting children.

  • Safety is Key

    I know people are saying that some teachers do not want to be armed because it could pose a 'threat' or be a 'distraction', but think of this; it takes what, an average of 15-20 minutes for police to arrive on scene, depending on where the school is located. Now, if a few teachers who chose to take specialized training and routinely practice and take a mental health exam wanted to carry within a school campus, they should be allowed. Instead of waiting for police to arrive on scene, teachers could be in the halls or in a classroom protective the children and/or eliminating the threat this is before them. That is the point in an active shooter situation, eliminate that threat before it can do major harm to others and/or property.

  • The Lives of A Minor Are At Stake.

    A child could be killed and not only that but a techer standing up for their student attempting t protct could be killed and all you had to do was allow teachers to be armed and that teacher could essentially save their students. Obviously you would need to set rigorous requirments so only the mot qualified teachers were armed.

  • Teachers don't want this either.

    It is not a teacher's job to be armed security personnel. It is also a massive EXTRA danger in the schools- if every teacher has a weapon in the classroom, a student is far more likely to be able to get a hold of said weapon. What you'll get is an INCREASE in school shootings.

    Teachers do not WANT to be armed- they want to do their job, which is to educate. For the record, they don't appreciate that parents expect them to raise and babysit their kids either.

    Never mind the fact that school shootings are so rare that it averages to one per school every 6000 years.

  • Not a good idea

    Children can be easily influenced and have on many occasions shown violence on a terrible scale, however we can't pretend that teachers are not also prone to this. I have heard of old teachers at my school who have made wrong decisions worse than the students. Also, teachers are not prepared to use firearms and having it at the school in the first place is asking for trouble. Anyone can have the potential to go over the deep end and cause chaos, and putting guns IN schools is certainly a bad decision.

  • Dont fight fire with fire

    If one makes weapons a common sight the students may get used to it, making them want to carry weapons themselves. The Americans should not get more people armed with guns, seen as the US had almost 13.000 people killed by handguns in 2011, witch is 80% of the murders in 201. Teachers that are carrying guns could signal that the school is a dangerous place for children. Although there have been some examples of shooting episodes, we must not forget that the US is a country almost as big as Europe

  • We don't need to

    Arming teachers won't solve any of our problems. People are scared that someone is going to come into their school and shoot them, so what seems like a rational solution? Put more guns in the school. With an avid surplus of weapons in the school if this is legalized it will be easier for a criminal to get a weapon and use it without having to bring on to school. It'll just make the situation worse.

  • No. No. No.

    Of course not, there mat be students that may get curious and try to get the gun.Teachers aren't reliable. 72.4% of teachers would not likely bring a firearm to school, even if they were allowed. 91% of studenrs feel safe.This is why no firearms should be kept by teachers. No.

  • Teachers are not Soldiers

    No, teachers should not be armed. Yes, there are new stories of children killing teachers and other students in schools, but this is not the norm. We also see teachers harm students, so should the students be armed? Security should be improved in schools and rules and regulations should be enforced, but to arm teachers would be bring undue issues on school grounds. Not to mention, what if one of student got to the teacher's weapon?

  • Utterly Moronic Idea

    Kids hug their teachers, for a start, "what's this Miss?". A damaged kid knows where he can get hold of a gun at school, you think a teacher can overpower a disturbed, violent young man? And stop him taking their gun? Sigh. Even hardened coppers have trouble with violent individuals, and they have years of experience, ongoing training, and backup. What we need, is less guns. All assault weapons taken off the market and banned. Please, it's time for the adults to be in charge. Teachers with guns = more violence and murder.

  • Teachers are trained to teach

    Teachers are trained to teach, not be security guards. Having police on the school property is a better idea. A teacher can be frustrated with grading or dealing with students and might break. Giving training, ammunition, and weapons to each teacher is very costly. Students can also find access to the weapons and will cause trouble. Arming teachers is a risky chance not worthy to take.

  • Teachers do not need guns to protect students

    People who owns guns, mostly own for two reason. 1. Hunting or 2. To protect themselves. Letting teachers have guns on school property is just asking for something bad to happen. Don't get me wrong bad things happen all the time. But you're inviting it to happen with having a gun. What happens when a student gets ahold of the gun or if the teacher is mentally unstable?

  • More guns means more shootings.

    I am assuming that the OP was referring to arming teachers in America which I still think is a bad idea but for most of the world it is working fine. America finds it in a strange position with the prevelence of gun ownership at virtually all levels of society and if that wasnt the case teachers wouldnt have any reason at all to be armed but that being the case I still disagree. More guns means more shootings full stop. Having guns in school means people have access to guns around children and that is not a risk anyone should be taking.

    Teachers shouldnt be armed the solution to school shootings is better gun regulations and better education across other sectors.

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