• Nothing but Beneficial for humans

    Speaking on behalf of what is best for the world, searching and finding extraterrestrial life could be very helpful for humans. If these beings are much more intelligent than we are then we could learn from them, they could help us in our research for cures to medical diseases, solutions to greenhouse gasses, and many more things. If we find these beings then it could expand our knowledge in many ways; to put it into perspective, say you had never left your home and you had no internet or TV, then, suddenly someone knocked on the door and brought you outside and showed you many things that you never knew existed. Our argument for why we should search for extraterrestrial life has limitless answers and most of our reasons can’t be explained because we simply do not know the limits. Even if we don’t find any other alien beings, just searching through space expands our knowledge immensely. We could make other discoveries on different planets like water or energy sources. Searching for extraterrestrial life is about more than just searching for Aliens, it’s about opening our eyes to what is around our small world. For example, if we went to mars and discovered that there were sustainable possibilities then we could terra form the area and expand our growth as a human population. SETI is something both exciting and beneficial for the human race
    Some arguments against SETI is that it is non-resourceful or a waste of time and money. However, if we do find beings with superior knowledge and can help us with medical issues, environmental issues, etc. can anyone really put a price on that? Another argument is that it could be dangerous, what if these beings are hostile? If humans were to hold back discoveries based on how dangerous it might be then we may never had went to the moon, our development could be severely held back simply because of dangerous risks that were never taken. Humans need to get out and explore even more, considering how small our world is.

  • Should we find it??

    I think we should look for extraterrestrial life, because if we did not, how would we know if there was any living thing beyond humans?

    Even if it takes millions of dollars to find them, what if we do?? If we find them they may have great brains. THey might have brains must more intellegent than ours. They can help find cures for cancer, tudor, or anything else even though it sounds silly.

  • Of course we should

    It would be ground breaking and would be a truly monumental moment for humans. A great thing about being human is having new experiences and finding out new things that we did not know about. I personally think that in the entirety of the universe that other life forms exist and that some of them will be reasonably advanced as well. Finding them could really answer a question that millions of humans probably ask themselves at some point in their lives.

  • Alien life and research

    If we do find aliens then that would be an advantage for us. We would know that there is another type of living species we don't know about. I think we should continue to search to see if we could find another species of life form that we yet don't know about.

  • It will shift our entire outlook

    It will most likely be simple, microbial, single celled, and probably prokaryotic, but would open up the possibilities for the start of life on earth (panspermia) as well as the presence of life on other worlds. The next task in this direction would then be in the search for multicellular and more complex organisms, which is when it gets even more interesting.

  • No not yet.

    I love the universe and the idea of extraterrestrials but searching for them is unresourceful for now. I mean our tech is great to our standards but on a universal scale it is not very advanced. We can barely go past the distance of our moon. I think (and if NASA was funded better by the government, like at least 2% instead of less than 1%) we should first work on cleaning out or metal ring system that has been created from crashed satellites and other man made space debri. Then I have heard some ideas for better space stations in orbit. And the possibility of mining asteroids. Also the mission to mars would be nice. We need to expand the human race to another planet and terraform it like mars. Hopefully once we explore space, we will take better care of life. Then hells yeah we could try to search for aliens. That would awesome! But baby steps guys. Baby steps.

  • Right now? No

    Maybe in the future when our technology is strong enough. But there are a few obstacles to finding life:
    1. If it's not close by, we probably won't find it. Our telescopes can only do so much.
    2. It's gonna be a cool discovery, but hardly would affect us, since we can't do anything with it. We simply wouldn't have the tools to get the specimen.
    3. We don't know what life could be. Life on Earth could be drastically different than other life. Life could be a conscious cloud of gas, or a rock. But it won't be anything we've seen before.

    If they are more advanced than us, they simply may not want to talk to humans. They might see us, like we see a zoo. Or they may not want to screw us up. All in all, it is a pretty fruitless attempt right now.

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